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The Ikon is basically their flagship, their top of the line knife. It’s just the way how easy you are with. All of them are forged knives with the exception of Urban Farmer, Pro and Gourmet which are laser-cut. The Grand Prix knives are made out of a single piece of German steel, that’s why they are called forged knives which has a nice big and full bolster, and the edge is sharpened on the P-Tech at 14° angle which is extremely sharp. It is utilizing the exact design as the classic ikon but giving you the off-white crème handle. The cutting length is 20cm, which is ideal for home cooks, not too long and not too short. While doing Wusthof Gourmet reviews, we have found that the it is pretty much similar to Wusthof Classic in overall profile and the handle design. The biggest difference between the Classic is the handle. This is one of Wusthofs more affordable sets. The knife does feel nimble because it is very light, it doesn’t have the same substantial feeling in the blade, and the handle like the Wusthof forged knives. Wusthof Classic Ikon Review: 12 Pieces and 15 Slot Wood Block. This knife set has been the best seller for Wusthof for generations, not years but generations. Still, the stamped knives have really come a long way, so you cannot say stamped knives are of inferior quality now, but they are more thinner, lighter, and more affordable knives as compared to forged knives. Please seek a professional for any real advice. If you like German style of knives, we would say Wusthof knives are the best knives in the world. The blade generally is a bit thicker at the top and kind of tapers down towards the edge of the blade. Beyond that you will need to determine which knives you want and if a complete knife set makes sense instead of just buying the ones you know you will definitely need. If you are comparing the Classic to the Gourmet the Classic is a better quality knife due to the handle and the forged steel. Depending on your family size you may need more steak knives. Because the classic is forged and handmade, the blade is much more resilient. There are a couple of different ways they have managed to lower the cost of the Wusthof Gourmet, and here we are going to talk about them. The Wusthof Culinar is a very distinctive line of knives, and this is the only line of knives available with a full stainless steel handle. This manufacturing process makes the knives less expensive to produce. This knife is sharpened at the Wusthof factory through the precision edge technology. Wusthof Classic is the original and the best Wusthof knife that is loved by most of the Chef’s around the world. This is the Classic Ikon which differs from the other Ikon sets. But with a forged knife, you can use a regular sharpening steel rod. to come. Like most of the German knives, it’s a full tang design with an integrated full bolster; the wood handle actually wraps around the front of the tang making it a completely uninterrupted surface which feels nice, smooth, and very comfortable. But they are a higher grade of knife from a knife maker that has been around over 200 years. You don’t last this long without being good quality and having a sounds reputation. The handle is made of Polyroxymethline, in short POM, which is just a fancy word for plastic. If the price point is a little high, or you already have steak knives, you can get the 7-piece version of the Epicure knife set here. A full tang knife uses a single piece of metal from the tip of the knife to the very end of the handle. Because of the thinner profile, blades may also require regular maintenance to protect it from getting rusted, how to remove rust from stainless steel knives, and for long lasting and durable performance. What is the difference between Wusthof Classic and Classic Ikon? If you are looking for a sharpener for your knife Wusthof makes one, and sells others in their knife block sets. This kind of handle allows you to have a maximum of grip and also allows you to apply the maximum amount of pressure using your thumb. Simply put the Ikon is a better design. It is in the line of Wusthof line-up since the very beginning. In fact, this is the same material epicurean uses for their cutting boards. The tang on the Wusthof classic is much thicker and much more robust as you would imagine, and the handle quality is much different. It has a full tang more obviously like all high-end knives. Simply put the Classic Ikon is a better design. The look of them is classic Wusthof so if you are looking for a good amount of knives at a decent price, this is the set for you. They’re elegant, functional, and built to last a lifetime. Here we are going to compare and contrast between Wusthof classic and Wusthof gourmet. While doing, The material used in the handle is called, Best Immersion Blender For Pureeing Soups, 2. It has a full tang handle. Now coming down to the handle, it is made of Polyoxymethylene, which is the same material found on the Classic Ikon Black, and Classic Ikon Crème handles. However they use the same steel on all knives, the only difference is whether you want forged knives (more expensive) or stamped knives (lower priced). Wusthof has a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. If you look closely, the profile of the Wusthof Classic knife is very similar to Wusthof Classic Ikon. The Classic Ikon chef knife makes our top 10  rated Best Chef Knife under $200. Wusthof makes several lines of steak knives. When we talk about German knife brands, Wusthof knives are the best among all and are considered the best cooking knives. Classic ikon crème or any knife on the classic ikon series are heat-treated to 58 on the Rockwell scale. Every knife is preciously sharped with a sharpening technology called Precision Edge Technology or P-Tech for short. Like Wusthof classic and classic ikon, Culinar is also heat-treated to a 58 on the Rockwell scale utilizing P-Tech. The Ikon knives are sharpened 14° each side, giving you the effective cutting angle of 28°. This knife set is a good balance between quality, affordability and function. Yes they are worth the money. Overall Review of the Wusthof Classic Ikon 12 Piece Set : Wusthof Epicure Review: 12 Piece Block Set. Forged knives are full tang, which means the metal goes all the way from the tip of the knife to the very end of the handle. We may receive a referral fee if you sign up through the referral links on this site. Broadly there are two types of Wusthof knives manufactured by Wusthof. These are essentially similar knives with small differences between each of them. The biggest decision will be if you should splurge over the Classic Ikon for this knife series or not. Both knives also have lifetime warranties, which is excellent, but we really think that for the price you’re paying for the Wusthof gourmet, it isn’t really the best knife set from Wusthof but the cheaper one. This page may contain affiliate links. The handle of the Wusthof classic is smooth, and it feels very nice while the handle of the Wusthof gourmet, while it looks similar when you put them next to each other, it is different and features a cheaper plastic. If you look closely, the tang actually comes towards the end of the knife but doesn’t come to the front of the hand, that gives a less substantial feeling in your hand, this feels a little bit lighter in the handle area as the blade itself is a little bit lighter then the forged blade. Forged knives and Stamped knives. For more information, please visit our Disclosure Page Butcher…. The best line is the Ikon or the Classic Ikon. So the Wusthof Gourmet is essentially the Wusthof Classic in a more affordable package. The blade width is 4.7cm with 2.5cm knuckle clearance. Stainless steel come-apart kitchen shears. Wusthof Knives are best washed by hand and immediately hand dried. Both knives do, however, have full tangs, which is excellent. Talking about the rigidity of the Wusthof Classic Hollow Edge Santoku knife, because it is a forged knife, it has a very bulky and very thick bolster, that goes in between the tang and the actual blade, and that makes the blade extremely rigid. Wusthof Classic Chefs Knife (top) and Santoku Knife (bottom) Our Wusthof knives review will cover the company, their best knives and knife sets and which ones are worth your hard earned money. This means if I take Wusthof Classic Santoku knife and try to shave my arm, it will be completely smooth in one pass. Moving on towards the blade shape, it’s a very classic chef’s knife pattern, but you can also get this in all your other kitchen staples including, the bread and paring knife. Wusthof knives are crafted in Solingen, Germany. The knife is forged and is made in Germany, and it does come with a full lifetime warranty like all high-end knives. The only visible difference is you get a full bolster on a Wusthof Classic chef knife and a bolster less design or a tapering bolster on a Wusthof Classic Ikon chef knife. The made in Solingen is a distinction because it is the home of German steel manufacturing.

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