work sharp angle set review

... so you won't have to worry about the angle or anything else, and you'll still get a razor-sharp edge from a formerly blunt knife. All reviews. Work Sharp Angle Set We’ve always had good success with Work Sharp products and their newly released Benchtop Angle Set caught our attention. Another collaboration with Ken Onion, the Angle Set is a pretty handy sharpener in a self contained compact unit. And, one last topper: You can replace the “stones” if they get too worn out – that’s just excellent! You will get as close to a factory shaving-sharp edge as possible with this set-up. Reviews. The Work Sharp is really a miniature grinder with the added benefit of an angle guide, and this makes all the difference. Work Sharp Tools are well known in the knife industry for the electrically powered Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener – which uses abrasive belts and an adjustable angle guide to put sharp edges on knives fast. It definitely requires a certain amount of skill to use, which should not come as a surprise since this is true of any sharpening system, even the most rudimentary hand stone, but it is easy to learn and should not be feared. The suggested retail price on this new model from Work Sharp in $44.95 – and that is more than fair.

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