wishbone house italian dressing

Preparation instructions. Ranch Dressing Italian Dressing Original Western Dressing Customer reviews. 2.0 Tablespoon. 1 cup Wish-Bone House Italian Dressing Read more. Creamy italian dressing: Add 1/2 cup good quality mayo (Hellman’s or Best Foods) to the dressing. Ingredients Water, Distilled Vinegar, Sugar, Salt. Consumers who purchased the recalled dressing can return it where they purchased it for a full refund. 1 dollar and 94 cents $1.94. Tell your friends: You May Also Like. Serving size. wish-bone(r) dressings are made with nutritious oils that help better absorb the antioxidants vitamins a & e from salad. Delicious Wish-Bone® House Italian blends our classic Italian recipe with real Parmesan cheese to give your salads rich, neighborhood restaurant flavor. So far, the FDA says there are no reports of illness due to the consumption of the dressing. Pack Size: Single. Product description. Here are the ingredients. Roll over image to zoom in $2.00. about 15 Serving Per Container. Serving Size: 2.00 tbsp(30ml) Amount Per Serving . Light Italian Dressing. Available Sizes: 15 oz. Add to list Email Print Nutrition Facts. From a rich and creamy dressing to accompany a filling dinner salad like Caesar to a light and refreshing balsamic vinaigrette for a springy mixed green salad, there's a dressing … Shake well. Wish-Bone House Italian Dressing 15 FL OZ. * so a splash of wish-bone doesn't just add delicious flavor, it helps you get more goodness from your salad. Add to cart. make salads a part of your day!. Fresh herbs: Use about twice the amount the recipe calls for because the equivalent in dried herbs takes up less room in the measuring spoons. House Italian Dressing. Smartlabel Info. 12.9cents/FLUIDOUNCE. Refrigerate after opening. Buy Now. Wooooooooohoooooooooooooo I'm so excited I bought some Glutan Free rice pasta to make my favorite pasta salad with and Wish Bone is my all time favorite Italian dressing, so I'm psyched. Single. Sacrifice calories, not flavor, with this deliciously rich adaptation of our famous, old-world Italian dressing recipe. Now the corn starch and anti caking ingredients are what I'm hesitant about. Wish-Bone House Italian Dressing. Nutrition Facts. See ingredients, nutrition, and other product information here. Leftovers: This dressing will be good for up to a week in the refrigerator. Refer to the product label for full dietary information, which may be available as an alternative product image. Now the cheese is another story. Wish-Bone Fat Free Italian Dressing. Product details. Amount per serving . The recall affects Wish-Bone’s House Italian salad dressing with a best-by date of January 13, 2019, item number 004132100648 and case lot code 4913019S51. Product description Get more from your salad!

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