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As I write this recommendation, Sony has only one FE macro lens, and that makes the recommendation easy. The lens’s image circle will cover the smaller area of a crop sensor only. Here is an aperture comparison as illustrated by a 90mm lens: Narrow apertures are called on frequently for macro photography, and narrow apertures mean longer shutter speeds. You want a wide-angle (35mm focal length or wider) or an ultra-wide-angle (24mm or wider) lens to photograph the big scene, to capture a smaller scene in a limited amount of space, or, my favorite use, to create a close-to-subject perspective that gives the viewer a sense of presence in the image. The 180mm lens shows only a small physical area of the subject's background that is enlarged, magnifying the blur. The 10-18mm wide angle lens for Sony E-mount cameras The third wide angle Sony E-mount lens is the 10-18mm F4. Adorama Deals of the Day: Lexar 1667x 128GB SDXC 250 MB/s UHS-II/U3 Memory Card, 2 Pack – Only $54.99, More! Discover our high quality range of over 40 interchangeable camera lenses including A-mount and E-mount lenses crafted for a range of shooting situations. Excellent Value Long shutter speeds will often require image stabilization, a tripod, or flash to stop the camera motion blur. Background elements in the 60mm picture appear to be more in focus.   Most macro lenses have great general-use telephoto lens utility, including for portrait photography. Rent  ► What is the ultimate Sony FE (full-frame, E-mount) Macro lens? 1. This lens has a very wide angle perspective, with the focal length starting at a minimum of 10mm and a maximum of 18 mm. 2. Black Friday Kelby One Training Deal – Save $50.00 (25%) on Pro Membership! Fortunately, this is a good lens, and the price is reasonable compared to the others in the Sony FE lens lineup. We will look at the field of view difference and macro capabilities of this wide angle adapter. There are also more background elements showing because of the 60mm angle of view. Reasonably Sized, Nicely Built, High Performing, Optical SteadyShot, Relatively Affordable, Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro Lens, Adorama Deals of the Day Includes Capture One Pro 20 and a $25.00 Gift Card for Only $174.95, In Today's B&H Deal Zone: Peak Design Everyday Messenger 15" Version 1 – Half Price, Lensbaby, Vello Battery Grips, Sirui. Let's see. Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS Lens What is the ultimate Sony FE (full-frame, E-mount) Macro lens? A 20mm-wide subject will be rendered across 20mm of the sensor, 20mm is a significant portion of the imaging sensor width, and the subject will be made HUGE on your large monitor. But as with a wide aperture, a good-performing autofocus system can be beneficial in some macro photography uses and more often for other macro lens uses. It’s a small light lens.   And, that background will be more-diffusely blurred, as shown below. The aperture of this lens goes from f/4 to f/22. The Best Sony Full-Frame Macro Photography Lenses. There are always subjects available for macro photography. That said, a wide aperture makes creative blurs easier, as shown by the 90mm f/2.8 example below. Discover our high quality range of over 40 interchangeable camera lenses including A-mount and E-mount lenses crafted for a range of shooting situations. Buy  ► The results of macro photography are very fun to share. Deciding which focal length will work best for your macro needs is, as usual, part of the lens selection process. Longer focal length macro lenses will give you more working distance at 1:1, reducing the likelihood of live subjects flying or crawling away. Rent  ► The Sony FE 12-24mm F4 G Wide Angle Zoom Lens is a perfect pick for street photography because it allows you to get the right focal length without switching lenses.   ", Think Tank Photo Black Friday Sale: Save Up to 40% on Select Products. Macro lenses are very fun to use, macro subjects are everywhere, and the unusually close look at these typically-small subjects can be beautiful and intriguing. Nevertheless the Contax Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar T* 100mm f/2.8 is a great lens, but it fits better to the Olympus OM-D E-M1X. There are downsides to the longer focal length macro lenses including larger size, heavier weight, and faster shutter speeds required for handholding. However, they just about as blurred though these elements are far less magnified. The subject in the images above are identically framed using the same camera, the same aperture setting (f/16), and they have identical subject to background distances. It is important to understand that the depth of field at 1:1 macro focusing distances is very shallow. Or, move farther from your subject, and a wide aperture can be extremely useful for keeping a distracting background in a blurred state.

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