why i stopped selling monat

My hair was happier when I used something cheap from the grocery store so I stopped using their products for that reason. Close. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. She's working 12 hour days selling Monat, but now is bragging how she received an 1800 dollar bonus check for the month. The products at the salon I go to (or went to) are great and people love them, but they made me itchy and they just weren't for me. When you ask for a SDS sheet they want you to sign a waiver not to share the information. I also experienced severe itching when using hair care products for several days after use. i was so pissed about it as you can probably tell. My friend had gifted me a set and swore by it — so much so that she sounded like an expert herself. Why? The eye cream I purchased was rancid or spoiled it smelled terrible. They probably would have let it go, but I posted about Monat, a company that is a threat to the natural products they sell. The packaging is cheap, bottles don't seal well, tubes split open. I have used Monat products for about 1 year and the quality of products is not what they claim specifically the skincare (eye cream). They sell a shampoo so far off pH balance it strips color off your hair and causes hair loss. Yesterday, I decided to try out MONAT for the first time ever. That's right, Monat allows anyone to sell their product whether they're knowledgeable about hair or not. Then I looked up all the bad reviews for Monat to see if anyone had experienced the same as me. Why? Even if she only worked 20 days, that's $7.50 an hour. my ex best friend (best friend of fuckin 21 years and his cunt girlfriend ruined our friendship) is dating a girl who sold my sister monat, it ruined my sisters hair. She's working 12 hour days selling Monat, but now is bragging how she received an 1800 dollar bonus check for the month. somehow his girlfriends hair wasn't damaged, so i feel like she didn't even use the product she was fucking selling to my sister. This is a strong chemical. Tumbleweeds. I’ve mentioned this before, but basically I could go on a spree, talk 20 people into joining my business in one month (probably in a spammy-pushy kind of way), and I would rank up, earn a ton and then…. 151. So before August even hit I had stopped really selling it because the way they want you to do things is completely against my morals and personality, it made me uncomfortable. You do not need to be a licensed professional. To stop spammers and recruiting network marketers who do not want to grow a long-term business. I found everything and got so mad.

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