why i love being a lawyer

You can make the same analogy for almost every area of law. I admit that these are not encouraging signs. In this article, readers will learn many of the good reasons for practicing law and how being an attorney is a hard-to-match career in terms of money, prestige, potential variety of work, and opportunities to get involved in politics, public service, and issues of national and international importance. Here are my top five reasons, in no particular order. Why I Love Being a Lawyer Danielle’s story: Trial lawyers never know how they might touch a life John Hullverson. Do you know Margaret Thatcher, Barack Obama and Mahatma Gandhi all studied law. Becoming a Lawyer The career I have chosen is to become a lawyer, in either a private practice or firm, or for the government. Being a lawyer is rewarding! First, people pay us to do dull stuff. I love the highs that my job gives me. 2012 March. Why I Love Being a Lawyer. The answer is only if you truly and seriously love being a lawyer. Find out the top 10 benefits of studying Law. The lows are expected so they aren't really lows. I know law school applications are down, the legal job market is tight, law school tuitions are exorbitant, and some law schools are even fudging their employment numbers. Why Study Law: Top 10 Benefits of Becoming a Lawyer . The ABA Journal asked for responses to the question, “Why I Love Being a Lawyer.” The responses were varied ranging from helping others to be self-employed and earning a substantial income. Being unaware of rights and responsibilities prohibits you to become the best that you can be as a fellow human. I love my job. Sometimes I stare at my computer for what seems like an hour before I can gather up enough motivation to write another brief or call another attorney. Written by Clio Team. I never work more than 40 hours a week unless I'm in a serious trial. The American Bar Association posed a similar question in its Woman Advocate Litigation Section. For my last article in 2017, I figured I’d reflect on why I love being a lawyer. Same. Whatever reason you have for becoming a lawyer (and you can want to be a lawyer for any reason) make sure that it fits with where you are applying and is logical. On a more positive note, being an attorney is way better than being a law student … The definition of a lawyer is an advocate or advisor in society, that is as an advocate, to represent one of the opposing parties in a criminal or civil trial, and as an advisor to counsel clients as to their legal rights and suggest courses of action. Trials are a blast. Otherwise it will kill you mentally. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is in the air—and what better time for lawyers to revisit what they love most about the practice of law? I make about 60K. The gravity of our profession has always motivated me. But let me take a moment to tell you why I think that being a lawyer, and going to law school, is actually quite awesome. A little piece of me dies everyday. My law school debt is minimal because I went in-state. It is worthy to say you want to work with people to uphold their human rights but that will not explain why you are being interviewed in a commercial law firm’s office. I’m about to tell you why being a lawyer is boring.

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