why do my bluetooth headphones sound muffled pc

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As audio website Darko.Audio puts it: “Bluetooth audio’s dirty secret is not that it doesn’t sound very good, it’s that it will only sound good if certain conditions are met.”. On the Properties window, go to the Services tab. Choose your Bluetooth headphones then click “Next”. Click the arrow pointing to the right beside “Bluetooth”. Here are a few ideas that may explain this: Your personal laptop may have better audio circuitry than either your work computer or phone. Right-click the device and select Properties. On your keyboard, press and hold the Shift and Option keys at the same time. Windows installs the appropriate driver to run your Bluetooth headphones the first time you try to connect it. In some cases, audio lag in Bluetooth headphones may be caused by outdated software drivers. An Audiophile Guide to Describing Sound – Glossary, Common Audiophile Acronyms and Abbreviations, Common Audio Technical Terms That You Should Know – Glossary, converted into an audio signal that we can hear, How to Reset Your Bluetooth Headphones [Ultimate Guide], [Foolproof] How to Connect Your Wireless Headphones to Any TV, [DIY] How to Make Your Own Noise-Canceling Headphones and Earphones. But there are ways to minimize it so it won’t be too noticeable. Select “Debug”, then “Remove all devices”. Question Headset sounds like I'm in a tunnel, sounds strange: Question Microphone in my headset is not picking up my voice when connected to PC but it works fine on my Phone. To use this feature to try and fix a laggy Bluetooth connection, follow these steps: The last option is to restart the Windows Audio Service which is a background task that runs all the time to manage all audio playback and output on your computer. And as mentioned above, using the Bluetooth 5.0 for both your source and receiver should improve audio latency significantly, so try to use devices that feature this latest standard. Audio latency is defined as the time it takes for audio data to travel from its source (computer, smartphone, mp3 player) to your headphones or speakers. Will future advancements in BT technology completely eliminate sound delay? Much like restarting your system might resolve a lot of problems, unpairing and pairing your device again might fix the stuttering as well. If it does then it’s highly likely that something, a device or other physical item is interfering with the Bluetooth signal or your device’s range has deteriorated. Interference refers to unwanted frequency signals that hijack and disrupt the clean signal between your source and Bluetooth headphones. Why Do My Bluetooth Headphones Have a Delay? Sometimes the most effective solution is the most obvious one. If the stuttering goes away, your device’s battery might either have developed a defect or it’s depreciated to the point that audio quality is suffering. Let’s start with the codec. Just got a pair of cheap bluetooth headphones, and while they work fine and sound great with my phone, when I pair them with my PC, the audio they receive sounds like it's coming out of a 90's cell phone. There are several Bluetooth audio codecs available and each one has its own unique formula for compressing and transmitting audio data. Try moving phones and tablets away from your speakers to see if it fixes the problem. Your wireless mouse, WiFi connection, television, and other similar types of appliances and gadgets that emit some form of radio frequency could negatively impact the flow of signal to your Bluetooth headphones. To get a better grasp of what causes Bluetooth audio delay and how to fix it, you first need to know about audio latency. Walls and other similar forms of physical blockage also worsen signal transmission. Like Bluetooth audio codecs, not all versions of Bluetooth are created equal. This will disconnect all Bluetooth devices from your computer. Hello , my headphones started sound very od but I don't know the reason , I've tried restarting , restoring , uninstalling audio driver , nothing. If there isn’t enough bandwidth to support a particularly large audio file transmission (e.g. Did it help solve some of your Bluetooth lag problems? On the drop-down selection for First Failure and Second Failure, select “Restart the Service”. In both cases, there doesn’t seem to be an obvious cause to the Bluetooth audio problems. But you don’t have to wait for that, really. You might also hear static or popping sounds. Right-click on it then select “Properties”. Reset your Bluetooth headphones and speakers then try reconnecting them again to your computer after a few seconds. [Solved].

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