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Shop, Hollow & Semi-Hollow The next thing you need to pay attention to is the mandolin tuning. Reverb Bump. They make the Morgan Mandolin more appealing. The Ammoon Electric Mandolin comes with a gig bag that makes it convenient for you to carry your mandolin. FREE Shipping on … It has a Mahogany back and sides with Spruce wood used for the top. The tuners are great as they perfectly hold the strings and produce excellent sound. The chrome plated hardware includes 20 frets in pearl dots. It offers ultimate player experience along with smooth and high performance. The mandolin is solidly manufactured that gives a warm and fantastic sound. This item: Savannah SF-100 F-Model Mandolin, Sunburst $229.99. The craftsmanship of the mandolin allows it to project bright sound. The sound that this mandolin offers takes you back to the old times. Here are some of the well-known mandolins available on the market. This Kentucky Mandolin looks elegant and its look is enhanced with the gloss sunburst gloss lacquer finish. Check out the items below that are suggested based on your search terms. The pickguard of the mandolin is white/black and chrome tuners. It is useful in providing extreme beauty and high performance. Savannah is dedicated to bringing classic acoustic instruments of the American folk tradition to players of all levels. Another option for great mandolins is the Stagg M50ZE Bluegrass Mandolin. The body of this mandolin is made from solid basswood. It has a bridge mounted transducer pickup with gold tone 12-point set up. Moreover, the mandolin is lightweight, weighing about just 2.4 pounds. The mandolin has exceptional craftsmanship that makes it well-built and compact. The neck of the mandolin allows you to have exceptional player experience without fretting. 1) Gretsch G9350 Park Avenue F-Mandolin A/E. Also, all of Savannah’s instruments are designed to be cost-effective with great workmanship. It has Maple neck that provides comfortable play and easy action. The dimensions of the instrument are 27 inches in length x 10 inches in width x 2 inches in depth. The Loar Mandolin produces a sound that is crisp, rich with high-end tone. The Rogue RM-100 Mandolin is a great instrument for both experts and novice players. This provides you clear, crisp and bright sound. The resonance that is produced by this mandolin is rich, deep and bright. The SA-100-BK fulfills Savannah’s design promises. Ships from and sold by Music Buys. It adds style giving the mandolin a vintage look. The mandolin has exceptional craftsmanship that makes it well-built and compact. It delivers increased playability and smooth player experience. You can get a wide range of high and low tones. Instead of using the search box, find your gear by clicking the product category tabs and other navigation links. We hope, this article will help you find the right mandolin for your needs. The top of the mandolin is made from solid carved Sitka Spruce. This makes the mandolin beautiful. This offers you a range of different tones. This means it gives you flexibility and easy playability. The top, back, and sides are made from Maple. The SA-100 can withstand the test of time, making it a great choice for investment. This helps in keeping the neck straight. Body, Make $229.99. Interviews & You can even keep it protected from all the elements. Next choice is The Loar LM-520-VS Performer Mandolin. The Ibanez Mandolin provides high performance and great player experience. The Savannah SA-100 Mandolin looks and sounds great. They produce great resonance and is easy to spring the tension. This is great for precise tuning and bright sound. The scale of the mandolin is 13-3/4 inches with the nut width of 1.13 inches. Another thing that you must focus on is the strings. It features 20 silver frets that are nickel plated. Orchestral Musicians Bring Whales To Surface – This Will Take Your... Elgar’s Nimrod Vocal Performance Will Make You So Emotional. The resonance produced is warm, deep and crisp. Rogue RM-100 Mandolin is an A-style mandolin that has a Maple neck. This Hilarious Conductor Perfectly Captures How Orchestra Rehearsals Go. It is a perfect choice for all levels of musicians as it has great construction, excellent sound, and fitting. The hardwood bridge has 2 height adjustments wheels that enable you to adjust the height according to your preference. The hardware is resistant to rust, thanks to its chrome plating. If it is, it will certainly make learning on it very difficult. The mandolin features 2 F sound holes, 1 volume control tone and 1 tone knob. It feels very comfortable to play and easy to move up and down. This mandolin features a Nato sides, back and neck with Rosewood fretboard. This makes it easy to change pitch and produce varied tunes. The headstock has 8 open geared nickel tuners that offer accurate and defined tuning. The bridge is compensated and adjustable that is made from Rosewood. Secure Transactions and Shipping Protection Dedicated Team of Gear Experts. The strings are made from a robust material that can withstand the rough use. This is Kentucky Mandolin is a great option for investing and learning more about music. The tuning machine of this mandolin is designed for providing easy tuning. The mandolin commonly used has 8 strings with 4 courses. This makes it interesting and attractive. The dimensions of the instrument are 27.55 inches x 0.63 inches x 0.09 inches. There are many aspects you need to keep in mind, the tuning of the mandolin, the style, and its construction. This mandolin is well-built that makes it compact and great value for musicians. It is great for delivering a warm sustain. This means that you can play this mandolin comfortably for a longer duration. The sunburnt and black finish makes it more appealing and exquisite workmanship enhance its look. The Ibanez Mandolin is an ideal choice for all levels of musicians. The exquisite craftsmanship provides the highest quality of sound and tonal clarity. The Stagg Mandolin has 2 knobs, 1 for volume and 1 for tone. Orders placed before 5 p.m. It features a solid hand crafted Spruce top with hand crafted Maple sides and back. It has an appealing look thanks to its red burst finish with high gloss. The strings of the mandolin are durable that can bear the rough and tough use. The neck of the mandolin is made from Maple with rounded V profile. The top of the mandolin is crafted from Spruce that has a high gloss finish.

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