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Reuters reported Friday morning that higher-than-expected second-quarter vehicle deliveries have Wall Street increasingly confident the company will post a profit in its quarterly report on July 22. Then there’s a section on perceived accounting issues which mimics the concerns raised by David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital, mainly questioning Tesla’s billing practices and accounts receivables. We want to hear from you. Investors betting against Tesla have lost $18 billion so far this year, including $4 billion in July with the stock up more than 16%, says S3 Partners. There are people out there who believe – or at least claim to believe – that the stock is worthless. If the answer is no, and you have cajones of hardened titanium, then you might consider shorting Tesla. No one cares about the [credit default swaps] as long as you’re growing. He is hardly the only Silicon Valley CEO to do so. There are two main reasons for that. It’s also expected that Mrs. Wood would have met with Elon Musk since she’s really putting herself out there with these price targets. Investors betting against electric car maker Tesla have lost $18 billion so far this year, including $4 billion in July with the stock up more than 16%. We’ve said many times before that the irrationality of the greedy herd will always be greater than your margin account limits. When it goes high enough that the short sellers panic and go to cover their short positions, the price gets driven even higher (this is called a short squeeze). That’s why Tesla is the top holding in the Ark Innovation ETF. Doug Kass, president of hedge fund Seabreeze Partners Management, says he has resisted shorting Tesla for years. No matter how high that price rises, it can always go higher. Sure, deliveries improved in the second half of 2019, and the company surprised Wall Street by posting a first-quarter profit. “The winner in autonomous platforms, and in any artificial intelligence project, is that company with the most data and the highest-quality data,” she said. As for the report’s criticisms of ARK’s trades, their ETF is an actively managed investment vehicle which could be playing this any number of ways as opposed to just long-and-strong. You can be sure that Tesla’s legal team has given that 101-page document a read, along with any money manager with chips on Tesla’s table. Here are the quarterly and yearly revenue charts from Yahoo Finance: You could certainly argue that revenues are temporarily slowing based on the above charts. All Tesla then needs to do is fight the litigation fires, fix the defects, keep their fearless leader in check, and eventually, they’ll become the leader in autonomous vehicles – again, a $7 TRILLION industry – because they already have 891,000 test cars out there gathering data and constantly improving their self-driving algorithms. Should S&P Dow Jones add Tesla to the S&P 500, those funds would be forced to snap up Tesla shares to avoid errors. The surge in the company's valuation has been so great that analysts and investors believe the stock is on the verge of being added to the S&P 500 in what would be a major achievement for both Tesla and its unconventional chief executive. Why? For the last several months we’ve been organizing the 1,700+ articles here on Nanalyze into a handy set of guides for our readers. Of course, there are others out there who believe you should sell all those shares because they’ll eventually be worthless. Pure-play disruptive tech stocks are not only hard to find, but investing in them is risky business. That was until about the middle of December 2019 when shares began to break out. There are 457,000 weekend warriors over at Robinhood that hold Tesla right now, and they’re trading the crap out of it. Like the report’s author, Mr. Einhorn also has put options on Tesla. We believe that it’s in the interest of retail investors to stay out of the fracas. Tesla's short-interest level (the dollar value of all shares sold short) recently hit $19.95 billion and is poised to be the first stock to hit $20 billion. Though betting that a stock will go down always has the potential for big losses, Tesla's rally in recent months has proven especially damaging since the name remains the largest short in the U.S. market, according to S3 Partners director Ihor Dusaniwsky. Firstly, we believe Tesla stock presents far too much risk (volatility) than we are willing to stomach as risk averse investors. There are people out there who believe – or at least claim to believe – that the stock is worthless. They even steamrolled right over “the rona,” having gained +262% since news of the pandemic first struck. Forty-three percent of those losses occurred in just over five weeks of trading with $3.71 billion in mark-to-market losses in June and $4.08 billion in July, the firm found. Got a confidential news tip? "The reason behind Tesla's short squeeze is obvious and straight forward, large mark-to-market losses are forcing out some short sellers as they hit their loss limit thresholds," Dusaniwsky wrote.

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