white guinea fowl keets

Raising guinea fowl starts with raising guinea keets – or young guinea fowl. Guinea Fowl Keet Colors. I have lavender, Pearl gray, Royal purple, coral blue, and 2 pied mixes. These feather near white until they molt. Two Guinea hens sharing a brood. Guinea Fowl Keets This family of insect and seed-eating, ground-nesting birds resemble partridges, but with featherless heads. Splash or pied keet. So long story short one of my broody chickens found a nest of 7 guinea eggs and decided to hatch them and a few of her own eggs. Raising Guinea Keets Six week old Guinea Fowl Keets. Now, I have no adult white guineas what so ever. 14 available They need to be protected from the wind and kept warm for the first few weeks. You can also raise guinea fowl from adults. ... smaller on each side. Growing Keets. My Guinea Fowl roosting with my hens. These birds need high-protein feed as youngsters, just as chicks do. Fully Pearled means spots appear over the entire body as your keet matures into an adult guinea. Close up of a Guinea Fowl. They require a brooder box and starter feed. Stunning blue Guinea. Yet one of the keets … A communal nest of Guinea hens. Soft tan color with pearling over entire body-Females darker than males. Lavender Guinea fowl. ... As I had been using 3 of them as encouragement for my ducks to lay, I had 9 left, so I placed them under her (White Feather), and threw in a few duck eggs as well as they take the same time to hatch. Give them time to dry and fluff and just look at the top of their heads. Buff Dundotte. Until they are five weeks old, you should feed them a high-protein ration of about 24-28%. Guinea Fowl Color Descriptions. ... Keets are near white with only a tint of bluish on their head and back. A white Guinea Fowl keet. Our first go-round with guineas we raised day old keets. Trying to decide what color keets you have? How to raise Guinea fowl keets is necessary as it’s a bit different from raising chickens. Keets in the incubator. We have done both. Guinea fowl eggs. Like most gallinaceous birds, they have a short-lived explosive flight and rely on … These birds are terrestrial, and prone to run rather than fly when alarmed. £5 each. Almost the same as the whites, but they do not have any black spots on the head as some of the whites do. ##### NOW SOLD ##### White Guinea Fowl Keets 2 days old, need heat. There are four main groups to narrow this ID down: Fully Pearled, Semi Pearled, Faintly Pearled, and Solid. If you decide to start with keets, you raise them basically as you would a baby chick or duckling. Dark gray background with white pearling on entire body. Notice signs of full pearling on older keet. Slate Guinea Fowl.

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