what is usually the first sign of lung cancer

: Lung cancer may not have symptoms early on. Approximately 90% of lung cancer cases and 80% of all lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking, making this the leading cause of this deadly disease. Bone pain is also common, because that’s where lung cancer … Chest pain that is often worse with deep. What Is Usually the First Sign of Lung Cancer? Heavy smokers are especially at risk, with 24.4% of males and 18.5% 0f women who smoke heavily developing lung cancer. It is extremely important to recognize early signs of lung cancer. Once lung cancer has advanced, it usually causes more noticeable symptoms such as back pain, headaches, weight loss, and fatigue. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer … So what is usually the first sign of lung cancer? What is usually the first sign of lung cancer? Lung cancer is a common disease today and ranks second after cardiovascular diseases among the causes of death. In the United States, lung cancer is the second most common cancer and the leading cause of death from cancer. The most common symptoms of lung cancer are: A cough that does not go away or gets worse. When the first signs and symptoms do occur, they may include cough, chest pain, weight loss, poor appetite, shortness of breath and other symptoms. In the first stages, there are often no symptoms, but early detection and … Stage 1 and Stage 2 Lung Cancer… Especially middle-aged and older smokers should have regular check-ups. Diagnosing lung cancer at an early …

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