what is the meaning of eugene

It is composed of the elements ευ “good, well” and γενης (genes) “born”. The name Eugene is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "wellborn, noble". In 1932, 131 times as many baby boys than girls were given the name Eugene. Conductor Eugene Ormandy, born Jeno Blau, November 18, 1899 - March 12, 1985, Budapest, Hungary. Baby names that sound like Eugene include Eugeen, Eugan, Eugean, Iason, Jakeem, Jaquan, Jaquawn, Jasmin, Jáchym, Jochem, Joquin, Ogaan, Ugone, Ushma, Yaaseen, Yachin, Yackim, Yakim, Yakum, and Yaseen. It may give you some insight about your new baby. Nach Portland ist Eugene die zweitgrößte Stadt des Staates. The baby name has since experienced a marked loss in popularity, and is in recent years of occasional use. Playwright Eugene O'Neill, born 16 October 1888 - 27 November 1953, New York, New York. View the Eugene Name Popularity Page to see how the popularity trend for Eugene has changed since 1880, or to compare the popularity of Eugene to other names. Learn about nautical flags and see your name or message written in nautical flags, on the Eugene in Nautical Flags page. Children named Eugene are often proficient and diplomatic but most of all they are read more >>. The names Eugen, Eugeneia, Eugenia, Eugenio, Eugenios, Eugenius, Euginia, Euginio, Evgeniy, Evgeniya, Evgeny, Evzen, Ewane, Jeno, Yevgeniy, Yevheniy are all forms of Eugene. Eugene has predominantly been a baby boy name, though in the past century it has also been used for girls. 370.000 Einwohner (Schätzung 2016, U.S. Census Bureau). It is composed of the elements εὖ ( eu) meaning "good" and γενής ( genes) meaning "born". Eugene is a classic favorite. From the Old French form of the Greek Eugenios (from eugenês, with the elements eu "good, well" and genos "birth, origin"). In Ireland, the name has been used as an Anglicization of Aodh and Eoghan. E ugene as a boys' name is pronounced yoo-JEEN. Eugene falls into the classic name category. Variants of the name Eugene include Eugenes. See also the related categories, prince (king), english, latin, youthful (powerful), noble (honorable), brilliant (wise), europe (continental), greek, saints (catholic), french, george, and literature. Would you like to fingerspell the name Eugene in American Sign Language? Some famous bearers of this name include: Eugene Bossilkov, and Eugene Delacroix. [ 2 syll. Military Leader Prince Eugene of Savoy, born 18 October 1663 - 21 April 1736, Paris, France. Eugene is generally used as a boy's name. Less than 5 girls were given the name. The meaning of Eugene is "well born, of noble birth". Eugene [ juːˈdʒiːn] ist eine Universitätsstadt im Westen des US-Bundesstaats Oregon mit 156.185 Einwohnern (laut der letzten Volkszählung 2010, Schätzung 2016: ca. Scientist Eugene Garfield, born 16 September 1925, New York, New York. It is derived from the elements 'eugenes' meaning well born, noble ; 'eu' good, well ; 'genos' birth, descent. † Pronunciation for Eugene: Y as in "you (Y.UW)" ; UW as in "two (T.UW)" ; JH as in "joy (JH.OY)" ; IY as in "eat (IY.T)" ; Z as in "zoo (Z.UW)" ; EH as in "ebb (EH.B)" ; N as in "knee (N.IY)". Also sometimes used as an Anglicized form of Irish Aodhagan and Eoghan. At present it is still somewhat popular as a baby name for boys, though it was in more widespread use previously. Eugene has the diminutive (nickname) Gene. In 2018, its usage was only 0.013% and its ranking #862. In literature, Eugene Marchbanks is a youthful poet in George Bernard Shaw's play Candida (1898). Just for fun, see the name Eugene in Hieroglyphics, learn about ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics and write a Hieroglyphic message. Variants used in English include Efigenio, Eoghan, Eugan, Eugean, Eugeen, Eugeni, Eugenie, Eugenio (also used in Italian and Spanish), Eugéne, Evgeney, Evgenie, and Ugene. Dancer Gene Kelly, born Eugene Curran Kelly, 23 August 1912 - 2 February 1996, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Eugene is "noble aristocrat". eu-ge-ne, eug-ene ] The baby boy name Eugene is pronounced as YuwJHIY-N or -uwZ-EHN †. All rights reserved. Definition of Eugene: well born, of noble birth. Want to know how your name choice may effect your child? Details of famous persons named Eugene:Author Gore Vidal, born Eugene Luther Gore Vidal, Jr., 3 October 1925, West Point, New York. 167.000). What does Eugene mean? The contraction Gene, and the pet form Gino are other English variants. In 2018, its use outnumbered Eugene's by 37 times. Eugene is a classic that has rather lost its way. The name had not been popular in Western Europe in the Middle Ages until it was promoted by the brilliant and upright Austrian field marshal Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663-1736), who defeated the French forces of Louis XIV. At the height of its usage in 1928, 0.850% of baby boys were given the name Eugene. Its ranking then was #20. Copyright © 2009-2020 Baby Names Pedia. Meaning of Eugene: English form of Eugenius, the Latin form of the Greek name Ευγενιος (Eugenios) which was derived from the Greek word ευγενης (eugenes) meaning “well born”. In contrast, the year before it ranked 818 in baby name popularity for boys with 274 occurrences. On the one hand, it's a grandpa, even great-grandpa name that hasn't been one of the cool kids recently—or to quote Jim Carrey, who bears this name in the middle spot, "You can never get too cool with a name like Eugene." Foreign variants of Eugene include Egen (Scandinavian), Eugen (Czech, German, Romanian, and Slavic), Eugenios (German), Eugenius (German), Eugeniusz (Polish), Eugène (French), Eugênio (Portuguese), Evgeni (Russian and Slavic), Evgenios (German), Evgeniy (Russian), Evgeny (Russian), Evgueni (Russian), Evguenni (Russian), Evzen (Czech), Ewan (Scottish), Geka (Russian), Gencho (Spanish), Genek (Polish), Genio (Polish), Genya (Russian), Iukini (Hawaiian), Jano (Hungarian), Jenci (Hungarian), Jeno (Hungarian), Jenõ (Hungarian), Jenö (Hungarian), Jensi (Hungarian), Jewgeni (Russian), Owain (Welsh), and Owen (Welsh).

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