what is gas solubility

The gas solubility Rs is defined as the number of standard cubic feet of gas which will dissolve in one stock-tank barrel of crude oil at certain pressure and temperature. The oil formation volume factor can be expressed mathematically as: Bo = Oil formation volume factor, bbl/STB, (Vo)p,T = Volume of oil under reservoir pressure p and temperature T, bbl, (Vo)sc = Volume of oil is measured under standard conditions, STB. The law, which was first formulated in 1803 by the English physician and chemist William Henry, holds only for dilute solutions and low gas pressures. The solubility of a natural gas in a crude oil is a strong function of the pressure, temperature, API gravity, and gas gravity. The solubility chart shows the solubility of many salts. To determine when the first gas bubble appears is a very challenging and experimental task. The dissolved gas will always follow Henry's law. Gas Solubility. e.g. CC BY-SA 3.0. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solubility This important property can be measured experimentally for a crude oil system by conducting a constant-composition expansion test. Suppose, when we insert sugar into water it will dissolve. The degree of solubility ranges widely depending on the substances, from infinitely soluble (fully miscible), such as ethanol in water, to poorly soluble, such as silver chloride in water. Recognize the various ions that cause a salt to generally be soluble/insoluble in water. In CHM1045 we discussed solubility as a yes or no quality. As water molecules heat up, they vibrate more quickly and are better able to interact with and break apart the solute. Pressure has a negligible effect on the solubility of solid and liquid solutes, but it has a strong effect on solutions with gaseous solutes. You can schedule a chemistry/petroleum chemistry tutoring session with us Live chat In contrast, a non-polar solute such as naphthalene is insoluble in water, moderately soluble in methanol, and highly soluble in benzene. CC BY-SA 3.0. https://figures.boundless.com/9231/large/solubility-20chart.png Wikispaces A typical gas solubility curve, as a function of pressure for an under saturated crude oil, is shown in above. This behavior results in an increase in the oil formation volume factor and will continue until the bubble-point pressure is reached. As the pressure is reduced below pb, volume of the oil and Bo are decreased as the solution gas is liberated. Assignmenthelp.net is always ready to help you when you need help in gas solubility, petroleum chemistry, bubble point pressure, crude oil viscosity, and oil formation volume factor related problems. In the absence of the experimentally measured bubble point pressure, it is necessary for the engineer to make an estimate of this crude oil property from the readily available measured producing parameters. Our main goal is to provide help in chemistry assignments/questions/problems. A popular saying used for predicting solubility is “Like dissolves like.” This statement indicates that a solute will dissolve best in a solvent that has a similar chemical structure; the ability for a solvent to dissolve various compounds depends primarily on its polarity. The bubble point pressure pb of a hydrocarbon system is defined as the highest pressure at which a bubble of gas is first liberated from the oil. solutethe compound that dissolves in solution (can be a solid, liquid, or gas), solubilitythe relative ability of a solute to dissolve into a solvent, solventthe compound (usually a liquid) that dissolves the solute. The solubility of a given solute in a given solvent typically depends on temperature. A typical oil formation factor curve, as a function of pressure for an under saturated crude oil (pi > pb), is shown in Figure. The takeaway from this is that the solubility of gases tends to correlate with increasing pressure. Crude oil viscosity is an important physical property that controls and influences the flow of oil through porous media and pipes. CC BY-SA 3.0. http://chem409-fouling.wikispaces.com/Fouling+Mechanisms

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