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Test Your Well Water Every Year - It's Simple and Inexpensive. Test … Health Metric is another multipart water testing … PRO-LAB total water quality test kit is the most complete and accurate instant water test available to the consumer. To find a certified water testing laboratory in your area, visit this page on the U.S. EPA Web site, I consider it the best water test kit for city water. Add these low cost self-testing products to any lab test order. Sign up to receive updates and access to exclusive offers! If you want to test for other substances in the water, the county health department should be able to provide a list of area state-certified drinking water testing labs. A competent home inspector closely inspects your home’s structure and foundation, looks for termites and signs of problems like mold, checks the wiring to ensure it’s in good condition, and investigates the HVAC system, among other items. Determine what testing your water needs. Tap Score Water Test Kits combine certified laboratory analysis with unbiased water treatment recommendations. A home inspection should tell you the true condition of a home. Routine water testing is a simple and inexpensive measure you can take to ensure that your water supply is safe and to protect your family's health. Other Popular Collections Radiological | Microbiological | Rainwater. But this treated water runs through potentially miles of pipes throughout the distribution system - some of which may contain lead and copper, not to mention many systems are very old and thus starting to develop cracks which could potentially expose this water to other contamination. DIY Add-Ons. BROWSE. Enjoy easy sampling and excellent customer service. JOIN. The presence of nitrate in well water also depends on the geology of the land around your well. Thank you! Health Metric Drinking Water Test Kit. BROWSE. If you have a private well, the Department of Health strongly recommends that you test your water for bacteria and nitrate at least once per year. General tests for well and spring water. Click here to check availability and price at Amazon. For local risk-factors and single contaminant tests. Home ; Test My Water; Example; Contact; About 0 Home Page; City Water Tests; Well Water Tests; Specialized Tests; DIY Add-Ons; How it Works; Tips for Taps Blog; About Us; Contact Us; Water Tests for Wells and Springs. Specialists at the testing … Public water suppliers (city water) are responsible for testing the water quality as it leaves the water treatment facility. Specialized. Your local county health department can provide you with … Check your water quality with the Health Metric kit from Amazon. BROWSE. A nitrate test is recommended for all wells. Nitrate in your well water can come from animal waste, private septic systems, wastewater, flooded sewers, polluted storm water runoff, fertilizers, agricultural runoff, and decaying plants. Your State Laboratory Certification Officer also can provide a list of certified drinking water testing labs. Based on the risk identified, unique testing may be required. Protect your … The First Alert Drinking Water Test Kit will give you reasonably accurate water quality readings, particularly for bacteria, chlorine, lead and pH. PRO-LAB total water quality test kit test the following: bacteria, lead, pesticides (Atropine/magazine), nitrate, nitrite, iron, total chlorine, pH, total hardness, total alkalinity, copper. Search Tests by Contaminant . Contacting the ISDH Certified Drinking Water Laboratory in your area is the best way to make sure you understand the proper analysis and method to collect your water sample, how long it will take the laboratory to return test results, and the total cost for sample analysis.

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