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Maybe the planning wasn’t sufficient or certain members of the team aren’t performing at the level they need to. Do all of the teams have the right context for where we are as a team & company and the direction we need to head in? It doesn’t matter how strong you are technically, how great you are at hiring, or how well you partner with the business — if the trains aren’t arriving on time, then you’re failing to deliver on the core responsibility of a VPE. Every day the team makes infinitely more decisions than I do across all facets of engineering. While architecture and technology opportunities are valuable, there are many other dimensions in which to identify leverage. see more » Alternatively search Google for VP. Which are above or below industry standard? Keeping that well full is some of the best leverage an engineering leader can provide. That vision will give birth to the strategy for the functional department heads and their engineering counterparts, which will cascade down to the teams to be a lens for roadmaps, priorities, and implementations. I was no longer measured by individual contributor heroics or by how successful a string of projects were. Before we unpack what a VPE does, it is essential to understand the different roles within engineering leadership. Are our hiring priorities and plan right? The real job is laying the track. In fact, I’ve found the most success when there’s some collaborative overlap across teams focused towards a shared platform or outcome. While I impacted our processes and culture, my primary focus was influencing outcomes for our team’s projects, moving our tech stack in the right direction, and mentoring engineers. What do each of their funnels look like? I was measured by my ability to build high-performing teams and consistently deliver results for the business. APA All Acronyms. 2020. Academic & Science » Chemistry -- and more... VOYAG - VOYEURS - VOYG - VOYN - VOZ - VP-16 - VP-8 - VP-TA - VP. I focused a lot on team culture and hiring, which go hand-in-hand because you have to know what you stand for as a team before you know what you’re looking for. What does VP stand for in Medical? This limits agility and therefore impairs the ability to iterate and learn quickly. The VPE needs to focus on identifying trends like these to help orchestrate the harmony of the engineering trains. For teams to have true autonomy to make an impact in their domain, they need to be loosely coupled. Customer context. List of 969 VP definitions. Professional development during this time was straightforward: I aspired to become a better manager. Full stop. Construction VP abbreviation meaning defined here. Once this prerequisite is met, a VPE can work to expand the influence of their role to empower their teams to deliver bigger outcomes for the business. Technical context. Share VP in Medical page. Abbreviations.com. Get the top VP abbreviation related to Construction. "VP." When people ask me what a VP of Engineering does, I like to reference the analogy Mark Suster used in a blog post clarifying the difference between a CTO and VPE: VP’s of Engineering are essential to making sure the trains run on time. How will our engineering structure scale with our hiring plan? Ideally the engineers on that team should be partnering with their business stakeholder and cross-functional partner (Product) to identify the right growth opportunities and prioritize their roadmap to deliver the biggest return on engineering investment. While the scope of a VPE’s responsibilities are well defined, the role is more abstract than a director or lead. For example, if I were to spend time offloading my domain knowledge or experience during a 1:1 code review, the input/output would be linear. Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web. If you’re prospecting for conversion wins, then move fast and A/B test a quick MVP. Is this failure an exception or is this a trend across multiple teams? NASA, Exploration, Engineering. When teams become overly dependent on each other — especially for technical reasons — independent tracks of work start to congeal into a monolithic, waterfall roadmap. When you have high performing teams operating autonomously, be mindful of technical collisions and/or conflicting domain decisions. What does VP stand for in Engineering? Get the top VP abbreviation related to Medical. I also worked on our organization, communication, and transparency. Driving the train doesn’t set its course. Medical VP abbreviation meaning defined here. This root cause analysis is important, but a VPE should be the person weighing in on the 40,000 ft view. What is our current spend across channels? If it’s a trend, do the teams have the required context, resources, or cross-functional support? If instead I worked with engineering leaders across teams to set up cross-domain technical mentorship relationships, there should be an outsized outcome relative to my input force. If they’re pulling from an empty well of context, they won’t have what they need to make informed decisions and set priorities. I try to be at the center of all of this — constantly seeking the context I don’t have for strategic decisions made across the business. What is our CEO’s vision for the company and how does our CTO plan to enable that vision through technology? - VPA. Having been in this role for a while now, I’d expand that by saying: VP’s of Engineering are essential to making sure the trains run on time and identifying the best way to lay down tracks. For example, one of the teams I’m responsible for is the user growth team. Updated July 2020. I apply a standard principal with regards to this problem: “maximize cohesion and minimize coupling”. Since it’s our bread and butter, the most obvious opportunities will be technical. When I was a Lead Engineer, it was my goal to tackle challenges by thoughtfully driving collaborative efforts based on everyone’s strengths. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. Architecture, Engineering, Architectural. Web. . a blog post clarifying the difference between a CTO and VPE, How to Build and Maintain Strong Relationships In and Out of Your Current Workplace, 10 problems you need to solve before hiring people remotely, Why “Ignore the Haters” Is Bad Advice for Leaders, The Complete Guide on How to Receive Feedback, If You Have Employees, Your Company doesn’t Belong to You. Once I transitioned into Director of Engineering, my sphere of influe… All Acronyms.

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