velvet apple in kerala

But this is not the worst, it is very difficult for the stomach, even healthy. The tribal people of Cebu island in Philippines used to grow a type of fruit trees .. Read More . Learn / Earn Money Auto Tech Careers Education Agriculture Youth Environment Science … The peel of the fruit contains many other biologically active substances (vitamin P, tannins, antioxidants, etc.). Diseases of the digestive tract – you should not “lean” on the fruit with gastritis and colitis in the acute stage, pancreatitis and cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia. Velvet Apple Inventory, lb : 0. For the first time learned about this fruit in the Philippines. As a result, they will naturally shine and delight volume. ENT diseases – regularly eating at least a small amount of fruit, it will be possible to increase the body’s defenses and speed up recovery from sore throat, chronic tonsillitis, bronchitis and other inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. When used in large quantities, this fruit is quite capable of causing an allergic reaction, manifested in redness, itching and inflammation of the skin. Most should be attentive to children under 12 years old, who are especially prone to this. Learn Money Education Agriculture. At the base, the fruit is covered with a stiff cup. It is an endangered tree species and protected by Philippine law - it is illegal to export kamagong timber from the country without special permission from the Bureau of Forestry, Department of Environment and Natural Resources. SAG Mart is always ready to present the true and best information whenever you find Apple stores. Velvet Apple is valued as a source of B vitamins, calcium, iron and protein. PRINT. Top covered with yellow, pink, orange, brownish or purple-red skin. Bad hair – velvet apple will stop their loss, activates the renewal of the bulbs, moisturize and eliminate dandruff. Its edible fruit has a skin covered in a fine, velvety fur which is usually reddish-brown, and soft, creamy, pink flesh, with a taste and aroma comparable to fruit cream cheese. The fruit is not only nutritious, but also has a healing effect. Inside the fruit there are brown wedge-shaped seeds that are covered with light membranes. To date, fruits are growing in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Antilles. It is an easy way to locate Apple stores in Kerala by getting their full addresses and contact details. On the tree, the fruits are arranged in pairs. Before you use the fruit, they must be cleaned from the skin, because the hairs contained on its surface can irritate the skin and the mucous membrane of the mouth. This fruit is recommended for use in diseases of the cardiovascular system, including hypertension, they are shown in diabetes, dysentery, diarrhea. [2] It is indigenous to the Philippines,[3] where kamagong usually refers to the entire tree, and mabolo or tálang is applied to the fruit. For example, in some countries of Southeast Asia, dysentery and diarrhea are usually treated with the help of the juice of unripe velvet apple fruit. Views Columns Features Special Pages Interviews In-Depth Social Politics Web Exclusive Cartoon. This fruit will be ideal for snacking between main meals, as it quickly satisfies hunger and gives you satiety for a long time. Velvet Apple or Mabolo (Diospyros blancoi) – because of the rough surface of the fruit is also called shaggy. All this over time pollutes them and impairs blood flow, which leads to constant dizziness and in some cases heart failure. Here you can get all the information about velvet apples. Trees that were planted by seeds could take 6 or 7 years to give out fruit, but trees that were propagated by cuttings produce fruit in 3 or 4 years. EMAIL. Mabolo. In Guiana, velvet apples is considered one of the best medicines for hypertension and other diseases of the cardiovascular system. Broths and infusions of bark and leaves of velvet apple are indicated for eczema and other skin diseases, for stomach cramps, severe coughing, bronchitis, and also as a febrifuge. News+ Kerala India NRI World Columns Features Offbeat Good News Crime. If you do not want to spend most of the next day or this day in the toilet, you should not eat velvet apple along with milk or cold water – there should be a difference of at least 2-3 hours between their methods. The use of velvet apple as a medicinal plant has its own characteristics in individual countries. How many of you really know about velvet apples? The leaves are used for food. Description/Taste Velvet Apples range in color from golden-yellow to orange and purplish-red. Tags : Velvet Apple. They have a darkened, permanent calyx at the stem end, and are covered in tiny, brown hairs. Top covered with yellow, pink, orange, brownish or purple-red skin. Diospyros discolor (commonly known as velvet apple, velvet persimmon or mabolo tree) is a tree of the genus Diospyros of ebony trees and persimmons. At the base, the fruit is covered with a stiff cup. Its native land is Philippines and it is also found in India (In Kerala) and Sri Lanka. It is a dioecious tropical tree that grows well in a diversity of soil, from the sea level to the 2,400 feet above sea level. This apple is recommended for people with high blood pressure, prone to diseases of the cardiovascular, digestive, hematopoietic, endocrine and immune systems. But they are grouped together by 4-8 pieces.Oguta meet and seedless fruits. High pressure – with the help of Mabolo, you can alleviate the course of hypertension of any degree. For this reason, the level of glucose in the blood can jump sharply, which in certain situations leads to loss of consciousness or even coma. Plant this tree to prevent soil piping and mudslide . but you can’t call it juicy. Like many other very hard woods, it is sometimes called "iron wood" because its wood is iron-like and nearly unbreakable. To poisoning, of course, the situation does not come, but the feeling will not be the most pleasant. Allergy to orange and yellow fruit – if it occurs on oranges, lemons, grapefruits, then, most likely, there will be a red rash all over the body. As a result of his purification, the condition of patients with colitis and gastritis stabilizes, and often leads to such a problem. Velvet Apple (Mabolo) fruits are oval or flattened in shape, 5 to 10 centimeters wide. Also known is the use of velvet apple as an anti-inflammatory, cleansing, sedative, tonic and regenerating agent. Trace elements also exist, they are represented by iron, which 100 g contains only 2.1 mg. Also, there are digestible carbohydrates in the form of mono- and disaccharides, for each 100 g they account for 15.2 g. Saturated fatty acids supplement these nutrients, however, their content here is minimal – 0.1 g. Velvet Apple is usually grown as a fruit tree.

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