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The Natural Confectionery Co. Australia Marketing Director, Candy, Biscuits & Meals Lauren Fildes says, “We couldn’t ignore the requests from Aussies asking for a Vegan-friendly option. This list is not a health food list by any means but read on if you want a list of accidentally vegan lollies available from A-Z. Our online lolly shop delivers Australia-wide! Mylk Bar Vegan Sweets has all the best vegan candy and lollies in Australia! Vegan Treats Delivered Australia Wide! Vegan Lollies You Can Buy In Australia. Biscuits … Cochineal and carmine (made from crushed insects). Accidentally Vegan Foods of Australia. This might be handy to send to grandparents who like to treat your little ones. Products that are not labeled vegan or marketed specifically to vegans. But, which ones are vegan? This list does not include all of the other lollies at cruelty-free supermarkets and websites. Coco Pops. It’s common knowledge that a lot of lollies, especially the softer ones, have gelatine in them. Vegan Lollies and Treats Online *Please check ingredients on packet before eating, manufacturers are at liberty to change ingredients at any time. We have a great range of vegan lollies at Flora & Fauna. Baked Goods. What is accidentally vegan? Posted by VEA / General Advice. Sour Patch Kids, Pauly’s Lolly Space Adventure Candy Watches & Rolls, Starburst Chews Fruit Flavours, Sours, Very Berry, Mini Chews, Strawberry & Melon, Tropical Smoothies, Swizzels Fizzers, Giant Fizzers, Giant Love Hearts, Double Dip, Parma Violets, Trolli Dino Rex, Sour Strips, Spaghettini, VegeBear’s Cola Koalas, Frooty Fruits, Fruit Jellies, Woolworths Homebrand Barley Sugar, Eucalyptus, Fruit Drops, Humbugs, Spearmint Leaves, Sour Straps: Fruit, Strawberry. Post Views: 15,914. This might be handy to send to grandparents who like to treat your little ones. Not only were they often damaged or disconnected but they required frequent maintenance and were responsible for a lot of unexpected downtime. We believe all lolly lovers deserve to enjoy The Natural Confectionery Co.’s delicious jellies, so we’re proud to be able to offer Australians a sensational new product that doesn’t compromise on taste.”. Retail World is the most trusted and respected source of information for the Australian grocery industry. Food. Wonkka Gobsmackers. The Natural Confectionery Co. is adding its brand-new vegan-friendly product to its popular confectionery range this August. The best Vegan Candy and Lollies in Australia delivered to your door! The Natural Confectionery Co. Vegan Fruity Flavoured Jellies will be available in Coles and independent retailers from mid-August and Woolworths mid-September with a RRP $4.00 for a 200g pack. Abe's Bagels. Original Oreos. Gelatine – made from collagen which is in the skin, bones and connective tissues of cows and pigs. PS. From gummy to fizzy to classic hard lollies to Bubs candy, we've got it all right here in Australia! So, there are plenty of options if you are looking for something sweet. The exciting launch of The Natural Confectionery Co. Vegan Fruity Flavoured Jellies will meet the needs of more than 500,000 vegans and 2.5 million vegetarians living in Australia, allowing more Australians to now enjoy the “delicious” The Natural Confectioney Co. taste. Remember those pesky trailing communication cables? The Natural (4X Bagels) Coles. Hersheys Chocolate and Strawberry syrup. The Showbags Bonanza Sale is available... more than 500,000 vegans and 2.5 million vegetarians living, Wireless technologies in production today, Out of home industry unites for global campaign, Romeo-Metcash partnership thrives in the market, The Natural Confectionery Co. launches vegan-friendly lollies.

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