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Although, optical compressors tend to compliment ballads and folk vocals quite well. This filter imbues each octave with equal energy, instead of half the energy as the next lowest one. Compared to the two aforementioned, it sounds smoother, perhaps more subtle and more full bodied in my opinion. One of the iconic features of the 1176 is that when you push in all four ratio buttons in at once, the results are aggressive and musical. Hear the difference with audio examples. Well, hardware compressors are broken down into different topologies (types) that make use of unique internal designs. An optical compressor’s input signal illuminates a light source—the more powerful the input signal, the brighter the light will shine. The Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A is a wildly famous electro-optical compressor/limiter with tube circuitry that applies gain reduction with zero increase in harmonic distortion. In the Compressor Types – FET, Opto, VCA and Vari-Mu video, I create a parallel channel using a Hip Hop drum beat. Shop our pick of the best reverb pedals for your 'board; Play with time courtesy of the best delay pedals; A boutique hand-wired guitar amp retailing for two grand plus may have all the natural compression you need, but for the large majority of us guitarists, a pedal to squash and sustain your clean tone can be the difference between a decent guitar sound and a seriously great one. This is the compressor I have used the most on my mix bus in … For an affordable hands-on experience, these emulations are worth considering. VCA (stands for voltage controlled amplifier) compressors are perhaps compressors with the fastest response of the attack and release parameters. The four types of compressors you should become familiar with include VCA compressors, optical compressors, FET compressors, and tube compressors. Coming from the digital audio world, this might seem a bit odd. Becoming familiar with the sound of compression, typical of different compressor topologies, will allow you to make more well-informed decisions when choosing between compressors when mixing and mastering your music. As the light source illuminates, the resistor causes the compressor to apply compression, and when the light source dims, the amount of compression applied is reduced. “4 Types of Analog Compression—and Why They Matter in a Digital World,”, UAD Plugin Emulation A/B Audio Comparisons - API 2500 Bus Compressor, UAD Plugin Emulation A/B Audio Comparisons - SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection, UAD Plugin Emulation A/B Audio Comparisons - Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection, works with the electrical field as a whole, UAD Plugin Emulation A/B Audio Comparisons - Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection Sound Examples, UAD Plugin Emulation A/B Audio Comparisons - Manley Variable Mu Overview, Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Plug-In Audio Examples, sign up for a free online music production lesson, 4 Tips For Music Producers Who Collaborate. VCA compressors, or voltage controlled amplifier compressors, use a control signal to dictate whether or not gain reduction is applied to an audio signal. A jack of all trades, the Distressor is the first hardware compressor that many audio engineers incorporate into their studio. Plugin companies often create hardware compressor plugin emulations that provide you with the sound of famous hardware compressors within your DAW. If you’re looking for an incredibly versatile hardware compressor, I personally recommend Empirical Lab’s EL8 Distressor. The VT-737sp tends to be described as “glossy,” and since this is the most-used vocal compressor in my mixing arsenal, I can confirm that. What are VCA compressors? It can sound really cool for example to use a compressor to really stomp on a … This compressor is frequently used to compress pop, hip-hop, and R&B vocals. Tube compressors also tend to provide a slow response to transients, relative to other types of compressors. Based on the topology that a compressor belongs to, you can make a few assumptions about the character it will impart on the signal you compress. They are usually cheaper than tube or optical compressors. Optical compressors, or opto compressors, rely on a light-dependent resistor and a light source to dictate the way in which compression is applied. Putting the 1176 into this state is commonly referred to as “all button mode” or “British mode.”. Learn about 4 of the best digital audio workstations (DAWs) for music producers and discover which DAW is the best fit for you. When you engage the compressor’s Dist 2 mode, you apply tube-like 2nd harmonic distortion to your signal, while in Dist 3 mode, 3rd harmonic distortion is applied—similar to tape distortion. The uncalculated nature of the LA-2A is exactly what makes it desirable. Join the Black Ghost Audio group on Facebook to connect with musicians and producers looking to network and pay for your freelance services. ... DBX 160 VCA Compressor. Some compressors make use of tubes to color the signal running through them, but tube compressors specifically make use of tubes during the gain reduction process. Leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding this article. There are no attack, release, or threshold controls. Let me break each of them down for you so you can see what key aspects make them each so unique. Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor: The grand master of VCA compressors. If you don’t want to spend $4,000+ on an LA-2A, Warm Audio and Klark Teknik have each designed their own compressor based on this iconic unit, at a fraction of the cost. When I pair my Shure SM7B with this channel strip, there’s very little processing I need to apply in-the-box to get that polished “radio-quality” sound. The Studio VCA, for example, has a distinct Focusrite-like look behind it, while the Vintage VCA is eerily reminiscent of an SSL compressor. Hear the difference with audio examples. This compressor is designed after the legendary center section module from SSL’s G-Series analog console of the 1980s. The result is a “punchy” sound that lacks the undesirable “pumping” effects that other compressors often provide. This concept is simple enough, but the compression applied by one compressor isn’t necessarily going to produce the same results as compression applied by another compressor. For mastering purposes, this isn’t typically something you’re looking for, but FET compressors tend to suit a wide variety of aggressive rock and rap vocals. Reviews Jul 2020; link. The result of this is that optical compressors tend to sound quite musical and “smooth.” To control sharp transients, an optical compressor is likely not the first choice for most audio engineers. Since forming this link simply involves plugging in a few cables, you can start with one Distressor, and then integrate an additional Distressor later on as budget permits. Another unique feature you’ll find on the API 2500+ is the ability to toggle between two types of compression modes, which include Old and New. These types of compressors, unsurprisingly, rely on tubes to tame dynamics. Discover which microphone is right for you. Oops! If you’d like to learn more about the differences, this Universal Audio article provides a comprehensive overview of each revision. So you may now be asking yourself what these circuit types are. The preset uses the new Classic VCA compressor model which is a heavy nod to the dbx 160 hardware compressor (note the lack of attack and release controls). Check your inbox to get started. Additionally, we’ll take a look at a few popular hardware compressors and the companies emulating them the best.‍. Manley Lab’s flagship Variable Mu Stereo Compressor Limiter is a go-to mix bus compressor for many engineers. By learning to differentiate these circuit types, you will gain far more control over your mixes. Aren’t they all just doing the same thing?

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