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This collection of four courses is designed to help you learn everything you’ll need to…, By peter pisani on 25 songs (5 NEW! September 22, 2016, Intro to Jazz Ukulele with Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel, Fingerstyle Ukulele Instructional Book (ebook), How to Start and Grow an Ukulele Group (ebook), Matt Dahlberg’s Ultimate Strum Course Bundle, Ultimate Strumming Course – Basic Strumming. If you’re having issues with purchasing a course, or would just like more info, feel free to email us. February 23, 2018, By terrywatson on Sarah will show you how easy…, 10 Fingerstyle Etudes for Ukulele was written as an extension of our previously published Fingerstyle Ukulele Book (also available in our store). I know that it was for me when I was learning. This webinar is also available in the UU+ library for UU+ members. While we don’t get a ton of questions about the…, (This is a replay of a live webinar) We get a lot of questions on chord melodies and how to use them, so in this webinar, Aldrine breaks down what…, (This is the replay of Matt’s live streamed Fingerpicking Workshop. ) Learn from some of the best ukulele teachers in the world! The Ukulele Handbook starts right from the basics: chords, strums, melodies, tablature, songs, music theory and more. Subscribe to our newsletter and always be the first to hear about what is happening. January 16, 2017, By karatekid357 on Don’t worry, this webinar will be a lot of fun as we go through some popular Standards and progressions. Ukulele Underground has 26,677 members. So, it appears that this was the 20th instrument made in November of 2009 We emailed G-String and here is what Derek Shimizu said, "that grade of koa would be premium/master grade stuff by today's standards. Learn to play ukulele Your way. September 28, 2016, By dana blouin on Search. Suite C Carrollton, TX 75006, Ukulele Underground - AG X AQ Ukulele Strings, Ukulele Underground - Logo Womens Tee (Baby Blue), Ukulele Underground - Logo Womens Tee (Pink), Ukulele Underground - Logo Womens Tee (Black), Ukulele Underground - Logo Womens Tee (Brown). In this webinar, Matt explains his ‘Four Finger Fingerpicking’ technique that he uses to be able to strike any…, Strumming can be hard. Quality Ukulele Courses from the World’s Best Ukulele Teachers Learn from some of the best ukulele teachers in the world! This book is specifically geared towards players who…, If you’ve ever had an interest in playing the blues, but found it intimidating this is the course for you. These webinars were previously only available to subscribing UU+ members but now can be purchased individually. New School Ukulele at its best! Folk, blues, bluegrass, gospel and more! These strings are designed to be warm, bright and responsive with unmatched sustain and intonation. Premium ukulele strings designed by Ukulele Underground's Aldrine Guerrero in partnership with Aquila Strings. Jason Arimoto is the premier ukulele blues player in the…, Our newest ukulele book and vital for every ukulele player. Head over to the Ukulele Underground Marketplace to find replays of Matt’s workshops. A comprehensive chord book for standard, English, or baritone tuned ukes. If you’ve been thinking about starting a group, or if you already lead one and…, This is a replay of a live-streamed webinar. If possible, please include ‘Marketplace’ in your subject line. in this 2nd edition) in tablature format with several pages of instruction, tips…, Learn how to play fingerstyle ukulele! Ukulele Underground Market. The book includes links to…, This step-by-step guide will take the mystery and stress out of starting an ukulele group. © 2020 Bandwear. Perfect for beginning…, Updated and expanded version of the Clawhammer ukulele instructional book by Aaron Keim. Ukulele Underground Market. Notify me when this product is available: Original Logo T-shirt in black for, Original Logo T-shirt  in Navy for Learn to play ukulele Your way. And while we’re talking about Ukulele Underground, be sure to check out the full session of Duos with Matt and Aldrine Guerrero. Whether you are an intermediate player looking for your first guide to understanding the fretboard or a seasoned pro…, Ever been intimidated by Jazz?

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