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2. Anyway, I will read this over a few times before I begin and go from there. After three years, I decided that my ukulele needed a proper bag. She likes much brighter colors and designs than I do, which seems to fit with the overall sound and personality of a ukulele. on Introduction. From the center line, measure up the half gusset width and draw a line parallel to the center line. Jul 14, 2019 - Inspired by Me: Handmade Ukulele Gig Bag (Finale) on Step 12. Head to the ironing board and fold under and iron both sides of the opening. Saved from I still carry my Fender Jazz Bass in a hard case but it's a pain on public transport! We've renovated the house recently and ended up with a stack of roman blinds for windows that aren't there anymore. It also could be easier if your fabric is too thick to serge all four layers at once. Posted on March 8, 2018 by Kathy Green March 7, 2018 . Perhaps I will modify your instructions for a smaller guitar and give it a go. Did you make this project? Idk if id trust my les paul in it tho but it would be cool for taking an acoustic on a campout. My layers were pretty thick and it took a lot of pins. Pin and/or baste one side at a time, the main body piece to the long edges of the gusset. She'd been practicing on a restrung guitar for a few weeks to learn the chords. Jan 7, 2018 - Hi there! This is the red line in the photos (the inner most curved line). This is a bit of revisionist directing but it will be easier I promise... 3. Then trim off the excess gusset. From shop Rabbit2018Design. 1) For the bass gig bag I serged each outer-liner pair all the way around. Sew down that side, across to the first side and to the middle. A few years back I made a more fitted case using the zip and side panels from one of those freebie conference courier bags and even though it is a tighter fit, zips are doing fine and no scratching. If your shape is not symmetrical AND there is a front and back to the fabric you are using, make sure that the pairs of outers and liners "mirror" each other (front to front). For this project I raided my wife’s fabric stash. I then flipped the case over and did the other side of the zip. Reply This is fantastic! This isn’t necessary, but the once the zipper is inserted, the stitches between the zipper stops will be removed, and longer stitches are easier to take out. 10 years ago I suggest making the pattern first and then sourcing materials. In terms of positioning, I just used a comfortable school-type backpack for measurements. Center the zipper gusset piece at the front end of the main body piece. You're going to make the case inside out so the seams are on the inside. Lay your instrument on your inner fabric and draw around the body. Once trimmed, serge (or zig zag) around what you have just pinned and trimmed. it was really a mandolin bag but served the purpose. Since she doesn’t sew anymore, I consider her stash fair game now. It will be a little tighter fit when it is turned "right side out" so don't trim too much now. Reply Thanks so much, and keep on playing! You can see that I first drew a widened part for the head but because the opening is at the other end, the head has to go through the neck part so the whole thing needs to be sized for the head to fit through. Now you need to add an allowance for the thickness of the instrument. If I do build up the motivation to make a variation on this, I'll be sure to let you know (perhaps even post an Instructable or slide show). Now you have a basic outline of your instrument. The only problem is that I have nothing to carry my ukulele with to the music studio! I can’t actually give you a pattern for the gig bag. Seam allowance is 1/2” throughout the bag. Take the half gusset width from above (mine is 1.75”) and add 1” for seam allowance, for a total of 2.75”. 50 Free Quilting Patterns you Have to Make - Hobbycraft Blog. Fabric and batting requirements, as well as zipper length, depends on the size of each instrument. Nothing gets you more excited for warm weather than the intoxicating strums of the ukulele. I added 3/4.” Even though I will be sewing at 1/2” seam allowance, I want a little bit of extra room to account for the batting once the bag is finished. 1. If you are unhappy with the fit, you can always invert it and make adjustments. Magical, meaningful items you can’t find anywhere else. Now you can turn the gig bag outside-out. I used these for the liner fabric with the cotton facing the instrument because it was soft and padded. For the baritone uke,  I put two rings so you could sling it over a shoulder. I made marks on my pattern and then measured the distance between the marks to determine the zipper length. Press the seam open, and center the zipper over the seam on the wrong side of the fabric, right side down. In fact, I think writing up this Instructable took longer! I love the little red marks on the standard presser foot. After three years, I decided that my ukulele needed a proper bag. 9 years ago We'll call it the "instrument outline" With a curved ruler, measure from your center line (the black line in my example) along the outside curve of your bag line (the purple line in my example). Now flip it over and do the same on the other side. In the photos this is the black line on the bottom of the pattern. This measurement is actually longer than we need this piece to be, but I’ve found that when easing a straight piece to a curved piece, it’s nice to have a little extra length (any extra will easily be trimmed later). When you get to the ends, if the zip goes past the original mark, you can pick open the seam until it fits. Beginner chords are easy to learn, and unlike a guitar which is relatively large, ukuleles are the perfect size. Draw out your dimensions on paper and cut out the pattern piece. Watch for it to be featured at It doesn't matter which piece of fabric as long as it isn't the outside face of the outer fabric. 9 months ago. Yeah, I've been a freelance tailor/seamster for 6 years now. If you are terrified of zippers, you could use velcro or buttons or holes with shoe laces. Like your re use of old curtains.. this is exactly what I will use with an old mattresss protector as lining. on Step 12. SINGER, HUSQVARNA VIKING and PFAFF are trademarks of KSIN Luxembourg II, I signed up for a ukulele lesson this Saturday because I've had this in... .. Cut 2 of gusset strip piece in lining fabric. Because the bag is sewn more like an envelope (2D) instead of a box, the zips are kept away from the instrument. Take your time and make sure you are getting through the outside, the folded under part, and the zip. Bias tape: 3 yards, extra wide double fold 1/2” For the body,  draw a line that distance out from the instrument outline. I suggest placing your instrument inside the bag, zip it up, and grab the top along the zipper gusset at various places and lift up the bag. DIY Ukulele Kit Build Your Own Soprano Ukulele Kit Handmade 21 Inch Hawaii Ukulele DIY Kit for Boys Girls Kids Teens Adults Beginners Amateur School Project Art Project. 4) I ended up top stitching both sides of the zip (like in step 10) to keep the fabric from interfering with the zip but at least it was already sewn together so not nearly so tedious. I made a gig bag for my acoustic electric bass a couple of years ago so I thought I'd document the process this time. Anyhow, thanks for the inspiration! You’ll want to pair each exterior piece with a lining piece, wrong sides together, with batting in between. You know the type that you get free with your "welcome pack" at conferences (and only use it while you are there). Share it with us! Cut 1 of main pattern piece in exterior fabric. If you caught me hand sewing something.... that'd be a different story. Top: Liner with instrument-touching side up Fair enough. The corners will be a little bit awkward to sew, but they aren’t really visible inside the bag, and with a little finessing, can be covered with the bias tape. I signed up for a ukulele lesson this Saturday because I've had this in... Jan 7, 2018 - Hi there! 10 years ago

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