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Drum Overheads 5. It can be bought even if you are not looking for a dupe of U87. Have you tried any of these microphones before? They were built by hand and weren’t manufactured with 100% accurate precision. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We all know about the holy grail of vocal microphones: the Neumann U87ai (Sweetwater). Deck out your studio instead of blowing it all on one mic! Neumann made another microphone, the U67. Percussion 4. Their whole mantra is focused on affordable, yet quality audio gear. This is considered to be the pinnacle of the U87. It absolutely is standard when it comes to recording vocals. You might be happy with the product if it suits your requirements, but if not, then best of luck to you. If there are dupes available, then why go through the hassle of purchasing the original when you can get almost the same performance at a lower price? The Neumann U87 is also extremely versatile. These four microphones are all very high quality and I willing to bet you can deliver a quality recording to a client using any of these. The specialty of this microphone is that it can be heard in thousands of recordings and is located in every other huge studio that is available in the world. It has an excellent finish to it. The P-87 was a bit disappointing, however. We set out to make this microphone have a sound that was similar to the U87(vintage) circuit. The Stam Audio SA-87 is considered as a pinnacle of the original U87. The tonal quality and detail were stunning. It has a beautiful mic. Orchestra / Ensembles 6. Alright, let’s dive in the best U87 clones. Stellar X2 Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser XLR Microphone, Rode NTK Premium Tube Cardioid Condenser Microphone, PAXCESS Electronic Drum Review – Updated 2020, It is a bright model just like the latest U87ai, You will face no problem brightening this one up, It is not that similar to the U87 as it claims to be, You might face challenges while installing it, It is a replica of the Neumann U87 Rev16 1979, It is not available everywhere in the market, There are not many pieces of it that are in perfect condition, It is not so great for installing in studios, If you compare it to the original U87, then you will find this one to be quite thin and very tiny. That being said, everyone’s voice is different. It is also an excellent clone of the original U87 and is being purchased by many people. Deck out your studio instead of blowing it all on one mic! Around 1950, Neumann released the pinnacle of condenser microphones: the U47. To help you more understand our process and how we work, make sure you take a look at the about us page. First off, the microphones listed are not going to be perfect recreations. Peluso P-87. The V67 is a great platform to mod because the front end of this mic is a copy of the Neumann U87 (vintage) circuit. Your email address will not be published. Voiceover (both commercial and narration) 2. Package-Type U87 microphone clone is not the legendary Neumann U87 mic.Neumann U87 microphone was first released in 1967. Foley In terms of build quality, the SA87 is killer. There are positive reviews from the customers who have purchased it. While I don’t have direct experience with the mic itself, the video below does it justice. If you want a standard while recording vocals, then the Neumann U87ai is the one for you. We all know that it can also be used as a drum microphone. The Neumann U87 is one of the most iconic and sought-after microphones of all time. The Warm Audio WA-87 is not based on the modern Neumann U87ai, rather it’s based on its vintage counterpart. I’ve been reading more and more positive press on Warm Audio each and every day. They’ve tackled many different classic preamps, EQs, and compressors already and now they have moved on the U87. It’s not exactly harsh, but definitely fragile and weak sounding around 10k. It is one of the most expensive clones of the U87 and the most disappointing one as well. All trademarks property of their respective owners, You will be surprised to see that there are many options for us that we can consider using to feel like we used the U87 only. This right here is the most affordable clone of the U87 that is available in the market. This product was launched in the year 1971, and it has made its mark among the individual microphones. This microphone takes very well to compression and EQ. It is a perfect fit. No matter which U87 clone one you pick, you will get an amazing result. U87 Clone Buyer’s Guide There is a great deal of choice for microphones on the market. Some people will thank us for this article because it is not every day that you come across dupes of the U87 that can be given to us. Don’t just use your U87 alternative on vocals! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Vintage U87 Circuit Clone Microphone Build At the heart of every successful recording studio is a closely guarded vault of high quality microphones. It is quite fragile as compared to the original, It is owned by a renowned company that manufactures microphones, It is a good condenser microphone as reviewed by customers, It is not that similar to the original U87, It can be used in various situations of recordings, The vocals can be easily cut through the mix, It is not recommended for true professionals, It sometimes fails to deliver as promised, It goes well with drum overheads and guitars, The original one is not available everywhere. The Warm Audio WA-87 comes in a very nice wooden box. Try it as a mono drum room. Peluso is a boutique microphone company that does make a lot of wonderful mics! Since 1967, the Neumann U87 has been one of the most popular vocal microphones available. Be sure to check back often to view my “Best of” blog articles where I review all of the latest and greatest drums and drum accessories. Neumann is easily one of the most recognizable microphone manufacturers around today: both for incredible quality and price. You will be surprised to see that there are many options for us that we can consider using to feel like we used the U87 only. Not one mic sounded the exact same. The high end of this product is extremely brittle. In the video below, guest vlogger Matthew Jenkins walks us through his build of a vintage-style Neumann U87 clone. If you’re not looking for a clone, I suggest checking out the Mojave MA-200. It is indeed out of the range of everybody. Do you own a microphone you think is similar to the U87? Included is a shock mount (with spare elastic bands), as well as a smaller microphone clip for those super-tight recording situations. It is easy to use. For those on the fence, it might be better for you to invest in another piece of gear instead. Required fields are marked *. I’ve been playing for twenty-plus years. It’s a solid choice for versatile recording applications. Since then it has gained for itself a place in the recording industry as a legendary microphone. This microphone comes with a velvet bag, a shock mount, hard mount, a foam wind screen, and a flight case. Mojave Audio is company owned by world-renowned microphone makers Royer. Vocals 3. This microphone can be heard on thousands of recordings and is in every large studio in the world. Things to Consider When Buying a Neumann U87 Clone, GetGood Drums: A Complete Overview of the 3 Drum Libraries, The Best Audio Interface For Recording Drums, 6 Of The Best Overhead Mics That Will Bring Your Drum Kit to Life, Moeller Strokes: How to Play and a Quick History, Sonic Rebel to Release New EP: Interview with Tammy Hurt. If you have a look at the best build, then you have yourself a winner. I’ve been obsessed with drums and percussion (especially all the gear) since day one of playing. Don’t get hung up if your U87 alternative doesn’t sound exactly like a real Neumann U87. It has its properties that you can analyze if you are planning to buy it. JJ Audio conducted extensive tests on this microphone and implemented changes to the circuit that improve the sound of this microphone. Hey there drum fans and drummers. We buy all the products we review at Drum Set Lab, at retail, to help ensure we are giving you an independent rating. The ability to match a high quality microphone to whatever is being recorded is of critical importance to the recording process. If there are dupes available, then why go through the hassle of purchasing the original when you can get almost the same performance at a lower price? Your email address will not be published. The original vintage model had a bit more of a crunchy high-end and isn’t as bright as the modern U87ai. Today we will dive in and find the best U87 alternative. It is another clone of the U87, but it is not so similar to it at all. You can also look for. We won’t accept any free units from anyone to make sure of this. You can also look for practice drum kits.

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