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Metairie, LA 70002, Stein's Market & Deli Many international students utilize Tulane’s shuttle services to shop. Metairie, LA 70002www.traderjoes.com, Whole Foods However we have provided you with some resources to help you start your search for housing and understand what you need to do next once you find housing. Finding a place to live in New Orleans isn't difficult, but it does require advance planning. There is a very good free university shuttle system between the two. Write down everything inside and outside that may be broken, damaged, or out of order. New Orleans, LA 70115www.breauxmart.com, Rouses Security/Damage deposit: If a landlord agrees to hold an apartment for you, you will probably have to pay a deposit. More resources from Housing and Residence Life (HRL) can be found here. Check the RTA website for bus route information at www.norta.com. Any held deposit will be returned when service is discontinued. If the deposit is not enough to cover provable, unreasonable wear, you may also be responsible for additional charges. New Orleans, LA 70119www.laidealmarket.com, (504) 485-6494 2712 N. Arnoult Rd. The deposit will be returned as a credit on your bill between 11 and 13 months after service is established, if your bills are paid on time. Only deal locally, face-to-face — follow this one rule and avoid 99% of scam attempts. (504) 833-9240 3901 Banks St. The off-campus community that surrounds Tulane is student-friendly. When buying new items (such as a stereo, computer, or clothing) always save your receipt. Take pictures. 2949 Veterans Blvd Facebook is another option that many students use to find roommates. When paying your deposit, take the following items with you: Social Security Card if you have one. Is the outside well lit? Usually you will have to pay for electricity, gas, water, telephone service, and cable. That information will make it easier for you locate it on a map. The lease should be written. Are most of the houses occupied by their owners? Inspect the apartment: Thoroughly inspect the apartment with the landlord or real estate agent before paying a deposit. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! 1(800)368-3749http://www.entergy.com/, Sewerage & Water Board New Orleans, LA 70125, (504) 835-4638 Are the houses and lawns in the area well kept? You will find a large selection of products and you will be bombarded with advertisements encouraging you to buy all sorts of goods. Magazine Street New Orleans, LA 70119, (504) 309-5401 215 and 216 numbers are advertisement numbers. Tulane Classifieds has 75,738 members. Some useful Facebook groups include: Incoming and Current SPHTM Students Facebook Page; TU Off-Campus Residents Association; Tulane Classifieds; Tulane Off-Campus Housing Off-Campus Housing. Dial (504) 988-5555 for the Tulane University Downtown Emergency Line. 1713 Lake Ave. (504) 527-0771 What to do at the end of the lease: Always give written notice that you intend to vacate the premises. Consider asking the landlord to sign a separate lease with each of you reflecting the individual shares of rent. We are here to help make your college career a little smoother. A deposit may be kept only if you do not pay your rent or for unreasonable wear or damage to the property. Tchoupitoulas St. & Jefferson Ave. Never assume that utilities are included unless it is written into the lease. 333 Canal St. (504) 895-2966 New shops and restaurants open all the time, and existing ones may move locations or close. (504) 861-4488 Kay Jewelers Outlet, Sunglass Hut, Clarks Outlet, Coach Outlet, souvenirs, restaurants, clothing stores, boutiqueswww.riverwalkneworleans.com, Canal Place Shopping Center Apartments with the notation "University Area" should be located close to the Uptown Campus. In many cases, this will be the entire deposit. New Orleans, LA 70115www.wholefoodsmarket.com, Breaux Mart & Sandwich Shop, (504) 827-2804 Off Campus Housing. Japanese, Korean, Chinese This notice must be given before the expiration of the lease, usually 30 days in advance. If you vacate the premises before your lease ends, you may be responsible for paying the rent for the remaining month(s) and/or lose your deposit. Use this link if you suspect you are infected with COVID-19 or have come in contact with someone who is infected. Most housing is within easy biking or walking distance of campus, and our University bus system serves most of the city, so most off-campus housing is within a few blocks of a bus stop. Your apartment should be at least 1 meter off the ground. New Orleans, LA 70119, Kased Brothers Halal There are many clauses and statements that do not benefit you and that you may be agreeing with for not requesting all the information, and not taking advantage of all the resources. Metairie, LA 70003, (504) 885-6561 Now, you need to ask yourself these basic questions: Making a list of everything that you are looking for in your new home (ex. New Orleans, LA 70123 2925 Bienville St. Available in the newspaper box in front of Bruff Commons Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday. Check to see if you have to be present in order to allow the landlord into your apartment/house. New Orleans, LA 70116, Nor-Joe Importing (504) 780-8588 (504) 522-4142 3233 Magazine St. Shopping is a major hobby of many Americans. New Orleans does not have an integrated public transportation system that will easily transport you to areas outside of the city. You can be charged additional fees for a late rent payment. Bulletin Boards or notice boards around campus are also a place to look for items that students might be selling. Metairie, LA 70002, Crescent City Farmers Market In order to get the gas, electric and water service turned on and in your name, you will have to call the utility company directly or visit their website. These stores have a reputation for selling inferior goods. Blocking the use of these numbers is a free service. Are there any broken windows, damaged walls or floors? 2105 W Esplanade Ave # A If something is not working, notify the landlord immediately!

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