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When Jesus goes out into the desert in order to fast and get ready for his impeding crucification he is tempted by Satan to turn stones into bread so that Jesus can eat and satisfy the pain from hunger. At the same time tho... it seems like that power is tainted by something. Press J to jump to the feed. So in the blog of chapter 170-250 SIU says this: "The 'Fake being' is some 'mind-being' that mixed into Baam as he climbed the Tower and gained powers like Thorn. You're you be you. Still regardless of your explanation on what a demon is, I doubt the mind being are essentially demons. Also, the Eduan we see in the data world has underwent revolution, since data is recorded at the end of the Hell Train where that happens. The Enforcement Division has independent ranks and a command hierarchy. Baam is such a great combination of them both. Dude you seriously need to do some rereading. Now, something specific bothered me. Perhaps they feel the people need to be "culled" from time to time as aging has no significant meaning in the tower, there could be trillions of inhabitants for all we know. Now as we all have read (im hoping so) when baam was going through revolution he had the choice to accept the blue demon (his true power) but he pussed out cause he might have went full Zahard mentally so my question is this. Having encountered Hell Joe at one of the holes on his previous trip to the 43rd Floor, Urek deemed Joe to be suitabl… I always thought that Urek was the same as Baam - he got in the Tower, was able to use shinsoo freely w/o contract, but still got one afterwards. I know that but FUG fused it to him so he could ignite the thorn i posted abot that like a day ago, "Although, it is mentioned that the lobster was originally a demon that rivalled a god and is able to ignite the true Thorn. Regulars from the Great Families don't usually need a contract because they are included in their families' contracts. It utilizes just a part of the person's potential/powers and in exchange for that limited power it corrupts/partially takes over the said person's mind. I think it feels like the Red Thryssa because the power is actually more similar to the administrator, whos power most likely resides in Baam now, I think through the thorn he had. red shinsoo is i didn't choose this power , this power choose me. To be chosen, they must be very talented and be a Ranker. saying gold shinsoo would be the best contract he could get. Or something that surpasses all others? Or at least could be misunderstood by some (as I clearly have). I feel like he probably had feelings for Arlen as well. Zahard asks Baam is he looks like a man or a monster, and whenBaam freaks out he says that Baam sees the monster inside him. I also think that maybe all the other family heads succumbed to the mind being and only V., And probably Arlene, didn’t fall for it. Not the kind that gave Hoaquin his book or the one that was used as a bowl anyways. That was most likely Zahard's "mind being", the "false power" that Zahard accepted that Baam saw. The Tower wants to protect itself and it seems like the true powers of an irregular can be too overwhelming if not restricted... hence a danger for the Tower itself. were his words. And it had set ideals and clear vision on what Baam must do. Baam and his powers were compared to Zahard's and how he "gave in" to that power. If jinsung jr accepted the blue demon how do you guys think he would have measured against hell joe. Based on what we have been told about the blue demon. i see chasing power through souls is a spell a contract could be this spell even?. Your theory makes a lot of sense. Revenge? I also thought there was something darker about the "mind being" that was mentioned by Siu. 'that is here'. But Zahard seems to have been tempted by the same kind of "mind being" into following the same ideals/goals Baam's "blue demon" tried to talk him into. revolution is a choice. SIU is huge on biblical references so I wouldn't be surprised if we see the blue demon 2 more times. The blue demon is most likely a fragment of the God on the outside. Known Ranks: Commander, Vice-Commander (there might be more than just one). At that time it was still weak, however, Urek realised its power had properties similar to that of a Guardian. I'm actually a bit sad as this translation of the blog we got seems a bit... amateurish. Urek on the other hand is clearly talented out of his mind and needs training from nobody. Perhaps the killing fuels the Guardians. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. For example, Ren i… It's not the Red Thryssa that is within Baam, they just showed it because he said the power felt like it was the Red Thryssa. It is interesting though, the Blue Demon could be something that all Irregulars go through, and you can succumb to it (FH+Zahard) or overcome it Baam+Urek? You can see where Baam gets his absolutely irresistible charms from. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If this is truly a parallel of Jesus's temptation of Jesus, then the demon could not possibly be the tower protecting itself, it is Baam's fight with his inner demons to lose sight of who he really is -- Just as Jesus was tempted by Satan to lose sight of what his job was as the son of God. The Tower calls for an Irregular because it felt it needed something. The true power of Baam was many times more powerful than the mind being and it had no conscience. So it can't be the demon that was used as a bowl for the Thorn as it's one of a kind. On the other hand, the other family heads started to only care about power as they climbed the tower and gained their immortality from the guardians. The shackles part makes a lot of sense especially since Urek (whom I think hasn't made a contract with anyone & that's why he's so consistently powerful), upon hearing Baam was an irregular as well, drops everything 'important' that they were talking about & goes on to tell something like, (not exact, also don't remember the ch., sorry), "Don't worry about anything in this tower. Arlen was loved by V, Zahard and most likely Gustang as well. Jesus gets tempted three times and this demon is a parallel of the first temptation of Jesus - the desire to be satisfied. idk. Climbs the fastest, is undefeated, fights equally with Arie Hon WHILE still climbing. Glory? The way people speak of them... they were both amazing. We know nothing about the blue demon, at first we though that it was a "personality", some kind of thing that Baam created while he was climbing the tower, formed by every single thing he learned during that time, but then we saw Red Thryssa saying that he felt administrator power coming out of Baam when he talked with the blue demon. It's the same way the Red Thryssa saw Baam's mind being without it manifesting itself physically. This is the being which manifested a red exoskeleton around Baam to protect him from Wagnan's non-Shinsoo bomb early in the second season. My assumption has been that the demon is the demon which FUG bonded to Baam on the second floor, described as being "a demon equal to the 'God' of the Tower." Isn't it strange that Baam has never displayed the power he showed at the Crown game again after he received the contract? But that's not really an issue. Though the rankings also take into account popularity and prestige, so being the 'king' of the tower might have given Zahard a higher number. blue shinsoo could be contracted while red shinsoo is most untainted or the purest. and in the same chapter Baam sees the "monster" within Zahard. So I asked myself this: Why did that "power" have conscience in the first place? My argument is that Baam didn't surrender to it's power and he was able to "defeat" RT anyway, so this Blue Demon -if it's indeed a part of a guardian as I believe- would put RT in shame. I see the demon as a parallel to Jesus's temptation by Satan. I didn't mean it in a way that the Tower made Zahard stop climbing. This is why I don't like calling it a demos as confusion and misunderstandings are created. Or something that surpasses all others? Baam's true power was shown to be many times stronger than the mind being (when the mind being's powers were compared to a Guardian's by the Red Thryssa). Because the translation says that "being" that got inside of Baam gained powers like the Thorn. Glory? "Yu Han Sung said to Lero-Ro that the only known person to use Shinsoo without a contract from the Guardian and not from a Great Family is Urek." So I keep thinking that these mind beings corrupt the irregular it enters and it limits him.

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