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Frescas and T. de Lange (2014) A TIN2 dyskeratosis congenita mutation causes telomerase-independent telomere shortening in mice. 5: 323-329. J. Biol. de Lange and R. DePinho (1999) Unlimited mileage from telomerase? Biochem. Cell 14: 5060-5068. Veeneman, J.C. van Boom (1982) RNA splicing is required to make the messenger RNA for a Variant Surface Glycoprotein in trypanosomes. Jacobs and T. de Lange (2005) p16INK4as a second effector of the telomere damage response. 285: 1457-1467. Comparison of the human and mouse genes encoding the telomeric protein, TRF1: chromosomal localization, expression, and conserved protein domains. [14] This architectural change allows for TRF2 to sequester the ends of telomeres, which function to safeguard telomeres by covering overhanging single strands of DNA. Mol. Science 279: 334-335.X. Stone, T. de Lange, G. Ramsay, E. Jacobovits, J.M. T. de Lange (2018) Shelterin-mediated telomere protection. McMillan press. 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TRF1 binds a bipartite telomeric site with extreme spatial flexibility. Structure and variability of human chromosome ends. H. Takai, R. Wang, K. Takai, H. Yang, and T. de Lange (2007) Tel2 regulates the stability of PI3K-related protein kinases.

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