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Subscribe... 2. He is very wise and seasoned in his life. Ariel, however, hears to conspirators plan, and wakes Gonzalo with a warning of the danger he is in. What does Trinculo think he has discovered when he first meets Caliban? (d) Peace. Susan Hilferty, Costume Designer, states that stage makeup is the most personal to an actor. 0. As Prospero reminds him in Act I, scene ii, Ariel fell out of favor with Sycorax, and she imprisoned him in a “cloven pine.” Ariel remained stuck in the tree for twelve years, during which time Sycorax died, abandoning Ariel to an eternity of pain. Not affiliated with Harvard College. Can you give a reason why Shakespeare begins this play with a storm? Because of Stephano's generosity with his "celestial liquor," Caliban takes him to be some sort of benevolent god; much to Trinculo's disbelief, Caliban actually offers his service to Stephano, forsaking the "tyrant" Prospero. As in Act 1, there are a number of allusions to proverbs in this act as well, one of which appears in line 136. (c) Harm. For example, when Sebastian and Antonio are plotting to kill Alonso in Act 2, Ariel interrupts the action to tell the audience that his master can foresee with his art—made possible by his magic—Sebastian and Antonio's murder plot. Your IP: Quiz Flashcard. Start studying The Tempest Act 2. Caliban, as a native, is seen as a "monster," not only by Prospero, but by Trinculo and Stephano also; their contempt for dark-skinned Caliban is analogous to Europeans' view of "natives" in the West Indies and other colonies, and Shakespeare's treatment of Caliban provides some interesting social commentary on colonization. Why is Alonso feeling depressed and sad? 3. "Look how well my garments sit upon me, much feater than before," Antonio brags to Sebastian; Antonio's lack of remorse over his crime, and his arrogant claim that his power is just because he uses it better, foreshadow a confrontation with his brother Prospero, and an eventual fall from this ill-gained power. However, Ariel's involvement in this conspiracy shows it to be part of Prospero's plan; Ariel makes all but Antonio and Sebastian go to sleep, and then causes conspiratorial seriousness to settle on them as well. "The Tempest Act II Summary and Analysis". Gonzalo tries to console the king over the loss of his son, saying that his "hint of woe is common," and speaking about all the people who share his "theme of woe". In Hamlet, Claudius bandies about similar language when soothing Hamlet, mentioning the "common theme" of paternal death, and begging him to cast off the "woe" that burdens him. • ... What is the best reason for the many speeches Gonzalo gives in Act 2? Act 2, Scene I. Upon finding Caliban lying on the ground, Trinculo calls him a "dead Indian"; indeed, in Elizabethan times, natives were brought back to England from foreign lands, and their captors could earn a great deal of money exhibiting them in London. 80% average accuracy. 3. Compare The Tempest to one Act 2 begins with a speech by Gonzalo that sounds similar to Claudius' speech to Hamlet in Act 1 of that play. "His project dies" if Antonio and Sebastian's deviant plot is not made; and here, Prospero again shows himself to be a manipulator of the play's events, influencing the course of the play from within. There is great dramatic irony in this situation, and in the fact that Prospero causes his brothers to do the very things that he condemns them for. The Tempest E-Text contains the full text of The Tempest. 8 months ago. Act 1, scene 2 Analysis Prospero tells Miranda their history as a way to inform the audience of this important information. Difficulty. Antonio and Sebastian detach themselves from their party through their mocking wit. The presence of a conspiracy against the throne and a plot of murder creates another similarity; and Sebastian reacts to his brother's ambitious vision as Macbeth reacts to the witches-- that is, with thoughts of murder. Several allusions to The Aeneid are sprinkled throughout the play, Antonio and Sebastian's debate about the "widow Dido" and the uniqueness of Carthage among the most prominent of these. 9th grade . While the others are plotting against Prospero, Gonzalo continues to be loyal to him and cares about Prospero’s well-being. A strange seriousness, of Ariel's doing, falls upon Antonio and Sebastian. In addition, the audience needs to know what events motivate Prospero’s decision to stir up the storm and why the men onboard the ship are his enemies — several share responsibility for Prospero’s isolation. How do Antonio and Sebastian react to Alonso’s depressed mood? Gonzalo's speech recalls many of Thomas More's ideas from his book Utopia, and summons up the spirit of Renaissance political idealism with his ideas about reform.

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