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However for eyepieces and cameras - I would really recommend the soft, packaging grade "gray" foam. Resource-sharing programs provide the opportunity to share knowledge as well as materials. The above view shows the business end of my DIY telescope, with lens hood in place. The case size is another consideration. Known to Fit: Coronado PST Telescope. Using a regular packaging grade "gray" foam with cutouts will allow you to pack much more equipment without compromising the safety and durability. This item is in stock and typically ships in 1 day or less. For all of my cases I simply bought two 1x2m sheets (2 and 4 cm thick) from a store which specializes in packaging. Hello Astronomers! Interesting talk on how this guy built a 32″ Relay Telescope and the Observatory that houses it. Therefore, one important … The problem is that transporting numerous accessories, while trying to keep them intact, can become quite a troublesome task. Especially if you keep them in a hard box and have to individually pack each item. In terms of time, price and volume utilization - a large and relatively flat case would be the best option. Some of the cases often come with "peel it yourself" type of foam, which in my opinion isn't all that convenient. In my opinion such case offers more then enough protection, unless you plan tossing your equipment into a lake or run it over with a car. The bottom and the top layers should be quite thin (I used 2cm sheets of foam) and the middle insert is the thick layer which will be cut and form the inner walls. Everything fits in there - OTA & mount (in the original padding), tripod, power tank, accesory case for the eyepieces & diagonal & whatnot. Ships in one day. Also I never forget anything, since an empty cell will always draw my attention. :) <3, You need to be logged in to leave a comment. SKU: COR-PSTC. So by using low cost materials and some handcraft work, I reached to make tree telescope cases by the cost of buying one. Close. This is the illustration of the padding method: After you cut the required foam rectangles and put them inside - you should plan the individual cutouts for each piece of your equipment (this was a task I actually enjoyed doing). It has a pull out handle on one end and wheels on the other so you can haul it around like luggage. Video of a super simple homemade telescope build with household items, pretty low power – but still cool because its very MacGuyver-esque haha. I've seen a 4" Takahashi refractor in a foam padded aluminium box dropped onto a solid rock - no damage was caused to the OTA, even the collimation remained intact. If you have a really expensive set of equipment - you might consider getting one. Each mirror is aluminized with reflectivity of 93% and hard over coated with protective over coat, ready for placement in the telescope tube. Place the eyepieces on top of the middle foam layer, position them in a way you would like them to be stored, and draw an outline around them. Astronomical Telescope Mirrors KIT 1/12 Wave are polished and figured to yield high level performance. When talking about taking care of instrumentation, we think on telescope cases for avoiding dust and sun exposure. This Instructable describe the planning, design, and parts of the scope, as well as the process of building The scope. Awesome project! When talking about taking care of instrumentation, we think on telescope cases for avoiding dust and sun exposure. Make sure that the outlined cell will be able to accommodate the widest parts, and keep the spaces between each section (walls) thick enough - I recommend at least 2 cm. Copyright © 2009-2020 Astronomers Without Borders, DEVELOPMENT OF FREE DESIGN PLANISPHERE - ASTROEDU - COCHABAMBA #IAU100, BEIJING ANCIENT OBSERVATORY - GABRIEL JAIMES. PM builds one and speaks to John Dobson, the man behind the plans, about the joys of DIY … GSO parabolic mirror set … The cardboard tube can be… Whether you join as a member or an affiliate (for groups or clubs), we all share the same sky, and in Astronomers Without Borders we also share our activities with each other. Eyepieces, cameras and various astronomical accessories are usually fragile and expensive items. It takes a lot of people around the world to make Astronomers Without Borders a reality, from the staff and board to volunteers in many countries. They are much cheaper and easier to come by. Plastic "toolbox" cases. DIY TELESCOPE CASES PROJECT Print; Email; Oct 17. To make the actual cuts you can use a sharp long thin knife, like I did. Astronomers love to share their passion, and we all have something to share. Case/Cover Dimensions (LxWxH): 19.25" x 10.75" x 8" - External. These are quite cheap but are much less convenient for foam padding due to their form factor and the lack of space for foam in their cover. Step 4—Attaching the Side Bearings and assembling the Rocker Step 5—The Pivot Bolt. Aluminium cases, such as the ones used for audio equipment (top left picture). Unit K Dartmouth, NS B3B 1R7 Phone: 1-877-913-9463 or 902-481-9260 It is not rugged enough for use as shipping case or checked baggage, but you could build a wooden case and line it the same way I lined the plastic one described here. The Astronomers Without Borders global community is at the heart of everything we do. Build A Mega Homemade Telescope – PART ONE . It is also cheaper and looks better. If you’ve ever been tempted to make your own hard case but have been put off by working out the construction, our How to project this month is a sturdy, self-built, wooden telescope case. I found out that by having all my eyepieces and accessores stored in a hard case with foam, fully padded individuall cells - I'm able to fully assemble my 10" equatorial telescope setup in about 15 minutes. Recycle a long cardboard tube from wrapping paper into a homemade telescope with these plans. I began building it in the spring of 2008, but the bulk of the work was done in July of 2008 with first light occurring on July 25. Step 6—Stain and Finish. Global Astronomy Month is the world’s largest annual celebration of astronomy. They are ridiculously expensive, extremely tough and waterproof. The top layer is glued to the case cover, the bottom layer to the case bottom, and the middle layer is glued to the bottom layer. Especially if you keep them in a hard box and have to individually pack each item. The method is to insert 3 layers of foam into your case. Learn more about Astronomers Without Borders and what the world's largest astronomy community - home of the world's largest community-based astronomy programs - has to offer. This year was suitable for developing proper astronomy projects such as Astrophotography, observation reporting and maintenance of equipment. Notice the simple attachment method used to affix the telescope to the pipe-fitting mount. Coronado Hard Case for PST Telescope - PSTC. Great to learn, and treat those indispensable instruments!

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