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Introduction. “You need to get your voices out there for patients and the profession,” Essentia Health Duluth RN and MNA member Emily Kniskern told students and faculty, adding that legislators often are not familiar with nurses’ issues. “As nurses, patient advocacy also means being engaged in the discussion of healthcare’s future and using our voice to guide the decisions that will impact the future of patient care,” Cain said. Nurses serve as patients advocate by advocating improved health care practices that relate to control of infections and patient care environments as well as access to care. Last week while assisting a patient with his wash (which is often a time when I learn the most about a patient) he told me he hadn’t slept well that evening as he had visited the bathroom over 10 times in the night. A panel of former legislators provided the insiders’ perspective and gave advice on lobbying at the Capitol, including the importance of nurses telling their stories. This carries a responsibility for us to make sure we take all patient’s concerns seriously and act on/escalate anything that, using our theoretical knowledge, may be of importance to their care. When I recognised Oxybutynin as an anti-muscarinic (which would improve his feelings of urgency), his face lit up. Below are direct statements of some participants: A union dedicated to advocating for nurses, patients, and quality care in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Iowa, Home PageMNA Blog » Nursing students learn key role: advocating for patients away from the bedside. When it comes to patient care, nurses consistently play the role of advocate as they support each patient’s emotional well-being, contribute to the healing process and speak on their patients’ behalf. He also suggested trialling Oxybutynin. Why do nurses sometimes fail to advocate on behalf of patients whose best interests are being compromised? Create a free website or blog at Students heard from MNA nurses who gave real-life examples of advocating for patients at the Capitol and in the community. Nurse patient advocacy also includes speaking up while serving on committees or councils to solve problems and ensure patients receive the best care possible. But, speaking up is our duty. The doctor was much more amicable and smiled and said he understood and would consider what could be done. Advocating for patients is a vital part of the Nursing role and we can see advocacy in the NMC code in various different guises (see 3.4, 4.1, 8.6, 8.7 & 9.3). By Barb Brady MNA Communications Specialist More than 500 student nurses from schools throughout Minnesota learned the importance of advocating for patients at the bedside and in the public arena at MNA’s Student Day on the Hill on April 4. Nurses advocating for patients can become involved with their professional organizations, volunteer to serve on a board or in other ways influence policy makers. Nursing leaders can advocate for staff by actively involving staff in decisions that directly affect the practice environment. Students and new nurses are excited about the profession they have chosen. This project was funded by the Learning Enrichment Fund. MNA is your resource for union, practice, education, and advocacy information. I have a feeling, he may not have expected me to possess such knowledge. I have often found, our position as Student Nurses affords us a certain advantage when it comes to patient’s openness right from day 1. Not exactly the response I was hoping for, but I explained my concerns from a Nursing point of view and emphasised I am aware that his furosemide was prescribed for a reason and it is entirely his decision, I just wanted to advocate my patient’s best interests. So many speech bubbles but 1 shared goal – patient’s wellbeing. Advocating for patients, in my opinion, is one of our most privileged roles and one we should take very seriously. They see practicing nurses as role models and mentors. Reflecting on this scenario I am really pleased with the outcomes we achieved. Then send us an e-mail to find out how your voice can be heard on the MNA Blog! Student nurses said afterward they found the day a rewarding experience and were excited to go out and advocate for patients and the nursing profession! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Many nurses think of advocacy as the most important role we play in patient care. Nurses have an opportunity for advocacy when involved in teaching nursing students and new nurses at the bedside. This patient was due for discharge in the coming days so this was concerning for me. There's no better feeling than advocating for your patient and seeing the sincere look of appreciation on his or her face. Nurses are the superheroes of health care. For example, if a patient receives an inaccurate diagnosis, unsafe accommodation, or unclear instructions for self-care, the nurse must alert the doctor or medical facility and communicate the issue. Nurses advocating for patients, a tenet of professional practice, can be exhibited in different ways. Nurses can act as mediators between patients and doctors who may have overlooked certain patient needs or solutions.

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