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Log In Sign Up. ABV: 7.7 Our latest creation is now available in cans at your local retailer and on draft at your favorite bar!”. Ratings Community Events Places Forums. Brewed as a traditional European pilsner, this is what beer tastes like pouring from the wooden vats used to make lager beer for centuries. Delicious IPA Stone Brewing IPA - American 88 | 2,788 ratings. Notes of grapefruit and pineapple complement this delectably balanced beer. The malt body helps hold the beer, and it finishes sweet with a slight bitterness; the hops flavor comes across as fruity with hints of blackberries, melons, and lemon.”, Overall: “A classic West Coast–hops hit that’s enjoyable and full-bodied. However, the gluten aspect isn’t the only area where Stone is experimenting here. Stone Brewing certainly seems to be one of those that hits that mark for me and one of their more recently released IPA’S is yet another wonderful reminder of why I keep buying their beers. Download on. Follow us. Roasted Chicken, Huevos Rancheros, sharp cheddar, Lemon soufflé. IBU: 80, “Lemondrop and El Dorado hops provide spicy, herbal, citrusy hops aromatics balanced with light-toasted malt. Balanced with a hint of dankness, this hazy beast is the ruler of its realm. A touch of fresh lime juice perfects this most delightful beer. Explore. Forums. Galaxy, Ella, Vic Secret, and Wakatu hops and Norwegian kviek yeast give this monster DIPA a cretaceous amount of tropical fruit and citrus notes. Score: 88 with 2,788 ratings and reviews. A hop bill that leans heavily on Amarillo, El Dorado, and Mosaic hops for tropical notes of mango, orange, and papaya, plus a hit of lactose to add some sweetness. Tropical, mango, citrusy goodness from Mandarina, Amarillo and Cashmere hops. Amazing American hops character with bright citrus, pine, and dank flavors and aromas.”. About RateBeer. Stone Delicious IPA Review I think everyone has a few breweries that just seem to match up with a personal style of beer that each consumer likes. For our third release in the “Monsters and Myths” DIPA series, we brewed a hazy DIPA exclusively with Australian hops. Just a hint of malt caramel sweetness peeks out as it warms. Rising Haze IPA is our first widely distributed hazy IPA. There are very intentional layers of aroma and flavor at work in this beer to create something honest and interesting. We taste: juicy pineapple, candied peach and a hint of white pine. Events. Fresh Haze IPA from Deschutes Brewery is their hazy twist on Fresh Squeezed IPA. Delicious IPA - Mandarina Bavaria Hops Stone Brewing IPA - American ... BeerAdvocate is the go-to beer resource for millions of consumers each month and the benchmark for beer reviews. Stone Delicious IPA is a tangible example of why continual IPA and hop exploration are so fulfilling. Chicory Root has been added to bring some balance to the body of the beer without affecting the calorie count. Vigorous dry-hopping adds a second phase of haze, propping up the oils of El Dorado and Citra hops. This one was all about packing as much unique and, you guessed it, delicious flavor into a glass as humanly possible, regardless of oomph or octane. Share Tweet Submit Pin. Last update: 11-27-2020. Combining our brewery's super soft water, traditional floor malted barley and the finest German hops, this unfiltered keller pilsner is crushable. Delicious IPA is a IPA - American style beer brewed by Stone Brewing in Escondido, CA. Luna Jo has complex flavor of toffee, dark chocolate, and coffee are all wrapped up in a crisp and refreshing Mexican style dark lager. The best new craft beers available in a beer store near you. Our little cousin to Sip of Sunshine IPA has a juicy, fruit-forward character layered with tropical hop flavors and bright floral aromas. Places. Download on. App Store. is impossibly delicious. Your email address will not be published. Sponsored content. Our scores. Drink Reviews. Time spent in these barrels imparts an oaky character and subtle notes of blue agave. Stone Brewing Delicious IPA scored a 93 in a blind taste test by BJCP judges for Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine. Get the RateBeer app. Complex hops aroma with bright citrus, grassy, orange, grapefruit, and white wine notes. Refreshing and citrusy, Stunner takes you places even when you can’t go anywhere. “WOWZA! Little Sip IPA quenches your thirst as you reach the summit of your favorite hike and keeps you company while you mow the lawn. Hops flavor reminds many of a lemon Starburst candy! We took our Two Roads Persian Lime Gose, brewed it with agave and aged it all in authentic tequila barrels from Jalisco, Mexico. The flavors of the hops and malt worked well with a bitter drying finish that helped cut the sweet. ... How We Review. A soft, juicy and hazy pale ale, Haze Charmer is here to cast its spell on you. Get the best brewing tips, techniques, and recipes in your inbox. The orange citrus sweetness explodes in your mouth and the almost creamy-like body keeps these lingering flavors around long after each sip. Salud! … Log in, “Arrogance did bred a beer of lemony sprawl, a summer glass to be enjoyed by all.”. Rising Haze is double dry-hopped with hops such as Citra, Mosaic, and Galaxy added last to provide a tropical top note. This may very well be your new desert-island beer! We did not know how relevant that concept would become. The result gives you a taste of the tropics in the comfort of your own home. Google Play Store. Juicy and tropical notes are lifted to new heights by the addition of our iconic wood-aged sour for a flight of refreshing acidity. Each sip delivers notes of juicy pineapple, fresh grapefruit and candied peach balanced by a hint of white pine and low bitterness. Filed Under: Beer Reviews Tagged With: american ipa, beer review, california, delicious ipa, ipa, stone brewing About Our Team Nicoli Carr has been tinkering with homebrewing for over 10 years and graduated from the American Brewers Guild (CBA) Craft Brewers program in 2014. What the brewers say “Lemondrop and El Dorado hops provide spicy, herbal, citrusy hops aromatics balanced with light-toasted malt. The same is true of this, our latest IPA, but we gave zero thought to any acronyms. The most comprehensive ratings and reviews of beers from around the world. Medium-body with a bitter, dry finish.”, Aroma: “Peach schnapps and orange juice braced with pine tar. This spectacle of haze-craft features a lupulin-laden power-combo of Citra, El Dorado, Nelson, and Amarillo hops, resulting in a glorious detonation of tropical fruit and peach character that’s like summer vacation in liquid form. With only 100 calories, 4g of carbs, 4% ABV and a crisp, light finish, this full-flavored yet crushable, citrusy hazy pale ale will make you say…WOWZA! Beers from Around the World: Imported Beers Worth Trying, Your 2020 Gift Guide for the Avid Homebrewer, Polaris: Germany’s High Alpha Special Flavor Hop, Tropical Fruitiness With a Kick; Noticeable Notes of Lemon; Slight Maltiness Before the Swallow; Finishes Crisp, Bitter & Citrusy. The concept behind Stunner is simple. Ratings. Plenty of in-your-face hops aroma.”, Flavor: “Very tasty hops profile full of grass and resin and mint with a full puckering bitterness. Biscuit malt sweetness adds a backbone. Lots of sweet juicy orange and pineapple—fruity juiciness.

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