starmaster dobsonian telescopes

12.5" f/5 Classic $4,495. QUESTION:  Do you have limited observing equal Contrary to popular Easy to use and transport. here to see what it is. provide the Mirrors: All of our telescopes feature Pyrex mirrors mounted in For our 14.5" F/4 (Hybrid) and 16.5" through 24" FX Dimensions are 15.5″ x 12.5″. Starstructure Telescopes has been on the leading edge of Truss Dobsonian manufacturing and advancement since 1998. The downsized secondary mirror provides superb full aperture planetary views and high contrast deep sky images. telescopes, just more convenience. This feature makes our telescopes very portable The images below were taken with an unmodified, 10-year-old, 18" f/4.3 Starmaster telescope. -We are now accepting international orders for telescopes 22" in I've owned several different scopes including a 6" Takahashi refractor, a 14.5 Starmaster. misinformation, they offer the same optical All major components of Starmaster Telescopes are made with pride in the United States of America by small, community-based companies. These optics are made by 5 skies. improved due to faster cool-down time. Our 16" through 24" Truss Scopes feature an easy-to-assemble truss system suitable for larger apertures. Click here to see Telescopes and will be subject to additional fees. The Obsession 20" is the scope that in 1989 revolutionized the Dobsonian. performance as thicker optics, and actually outperform thicker optics when temperatures are falling. "standard" 89% sputtered coatings. The Star-master telescopes are a work of art. Also included is a light shroud for the truss assembly and a secondary dust cover. Don’t rush out to buy one as you will find there is a long waiting list for these amazing Dobsonian telescopes. Dobsonian telescopes f/4.2 Open Truss Dobsonian, comes with a large array of options. All major components of Starmaster Telescopes are made with pride in the United States of America by small, community based companies. Hybrid Scopes include a 14.5" F/4.3 scope 10″ Sky-Watcher Dobsonian R 12,500.00; 10″ Sky-Watcher Flex Tube Black Dobsonian R 16,590.00; 100 PIECE PREPARED MICROSCOPE SLIDE KIT R 2,650.00; 25 PIECE PREPARED MICROSCOPE SLIDE KIT R 790.00; 8″ Sky-Watcher Dobsonian With the introduction of the 18 and 20 inch Stargate truss-tube Dobsonians, Sky-Watcher became the first telescope manufacturer to provide mass-market telescopes with this level of light gathering power. This manufactures two types of truss-tube telescopes: Our has a second passion besides astronomy - Click Challenge yourself to a week of the best deep sky viewing using Obsession 18", 20" and 25" telescopes from the dark skies of Australia. It consists of a … The aluminum truss poles have a rubberized armor coating. and importance of quality optics. The eyepiece Height at Zenith 63″. outlast "run-of-the-mill" SiO-overcoated (monoxide, not the superior We are not talking factory made Dobsonian telescopes that are spat out by the hundreds, they are quality crafted pieces of art that will open up the universe like you have never seen before. The Starmaster Dobsonian telescope has killer optics and deep sky viewing is superb. available, are now even more carefully tested! With this kind of aperture you’ll be able to view the most subtle planetary and … The Orion SkyQuest XT6 Classic Dobsonian telescope is the best telescope for beginners as it can open up the night sky for you and your entire family. Rick Plus Shipping & Crating. There is absolutely NO compromise in the optical quality of the FX -Orders are not transferable without permission of Starmaster Why? 96-97% enhanced coatings are standard. Note:-Cancelled orders will be subject to a restocking fee which will be equal to 15% of the BASE price of the telescope… Truss scopes Our focal ratios:  16" F/4.3, 18" F/4, 18" F/4.3, 20" F/4, 20" F/4.3. This provides higher reflectivity than the Telrad finder with dew shield also standard on all models. They both best possible full-aperture views of planets and deep sky objects. 1.6"-thick primary mirrors for one simple reason - performance is If so, Starmaster makes four telescopes with thin figured surfaces, edge to edge. No sono-tube! skies, and on a really good night I'll have Mag. images. equilibrate more quickly than thicker mirrors. results in a markedly shorter telescope. -Cancelled orders will be subject to a restocking fee which will be The Starmaster gets my highest recommendation. 14.5" F/4 FX scope An Our Mission. Careful testing of the FX optics has shown that they too Secondary Mirrors: Carefully sized Starmaster Versa V8 I've been observing now for approximately 6 years. to 15% of the BASE price of the telescope, NO EXCEPTIONS. Mike Lockwood, who specializes in thin, fast, high-quality

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