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I hope I hear back soon because it would be an early Christmas present if I find out I get into Vet School! I love your blog it has really helped me prepare for my interview. Whoa. It really helped that she actually graduated from SGU, and could tell me first-hand about her experiences. What is the difference b/w animal rights and animal welfare? They could even ask you to talk about what was going on during a time when your academic performance suffered a bit. Hey Jerika! Together on World Maths Day Y8 Maths, ICT and Arts Faculties students designed and created their own Mathematic board games. Here are some of the questions/topics we went over: Throughout this whole process, I felt as though we were having a conversation  rather than a question answer session. Right now I am waiting to hear back if I got in or not. How long did you wait from after your interview to get a response back? Thank you! I am currently looking into applying to vet school at St. Georges and was wondering if you remember around what your GPA was when you applied? Response # Responders; Positively: 3: Negatively: 0: No change: 1: What was the stress level of the interview? Here are the questions I studied and preparations goals: I hope this article helps some people. The purpose of vet school interview questions is to make sure that you fully comprehend the demands of a career in veterinary medicine, as well as the many personal and ethical challenges that you may face. I brainstormed for each of the topics for the essay, and practiced writing it. Omg she was! I compiled a list, and practiced answering them aloud. Let me know if you ever have any other questions!! How do you plan on paying for veterinary school? “The biggest thing is to find out if the student truly knows what they’re getting themselves into, that they truly know this is what they want to do,” Bates says. Veterinary programs may not expect you to understand how to handle such difficult situations, but they do want to know that you recognize veterinarians sometimes face moral dilemmas. I didn’t want to feel like I was playing dress up. Shocked. it was really accurate! Receiving an interview invitation is a sign that you’re a great candidate the program is seriously considering. I say give it a shot! TAGS: application process, vet school admissions, 8 Vet School Interview Questions You Should Prepare For, 6 Things the Top Veterinary Schools Have in Common, 8 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Veterinarian, What Is Vet School Like? In fact, the most recent data from the Association of American Veterinary Colleges (AAVMC) shows pre-vet students apply to an average of about five schools. Your blog happened to pop up and I’ve spent the last 20 minutes perusing your various posts about SGU. Make sure you’re choosing a veterinary medicine program that can help you achieve your goals by reading our article, “6 Things the Top Veterinary Schools Have in Common.”. Pre-vet students who get invited for interviews have already made an impression on admissions committees. Give Interview Feedback Review Your School. I just tried to be real, tried to be myself, and give unique answers to her questions. I have applied to St. George as well, only the School of Medicine. Dr. Horton and I agreed to meet at her small animal practice for my interview. It rebooted my optimism, and with that, my pessimism. They’re already familiar with your academic record, so they’re typically looking to gain a better understanding of how your personal qualities show you’re a good match for a career in veterinary medicine. I found out that Dr. Horton and myself have very similar ethical views (I made sure to study a lot of ethical situations because I knew these would be asked). This single opportunity reignited my passion for veterinary medicine, it made me realize that this is the only career path I wish to follow – wherever it took me. “I tell students to do mock interviews with their academic advisors, if they can, or with their friends or family,” Bates recommends. ( Log Out /  Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Man, oh man! Those words were spoken innumerable times throughout my senior year at DePauw. As blunt as this sounds, it’s an important question. You should dress business casual and pay close attention to the clock. It allows you to compare tuition and cost of attendance for different programs. I knew there was going to be an essay, luckily I had gotten the questions before hand. Before you get too worried, you should know there are a lot of common questions that nearly every program will ask. Where did you find good responses to ethical questions, or did you just decide the answers on your own? I ended up going with a tweed skirt, black blazer, white layered blouse, and some cute little heels with big ‘ol bows on them. Posted by Sutures and Sand in College Resources Tags: interview, SGU, SGU interview, St. George's, vet school, Veterinary school. This was happening. “Relax and be yourself,” Bates advises. If you don’t yet have a firm understanding of how much different programs cost, then take a look at the AAVMC’s Cost Comparison Tool. My mom and I went shopping for a skirt suit type of thing. It all just depends on how much you need to do to feel confident and prepared! Coordinating with colleagues, being socially perceptive, teaching others how to perform tasks, and engaging in active listening are all good examples. St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine; Veterinary School; Great River ; Individual Feedback 1 4 Responses. Go over your application… make sure they know you can handle being on an island far from home. Questions related to overpopulation of women in veterinary medicine, or overpopulation of vets in general. Good news for me I did not have any essay questions to answer! I have never had an interview like this before! What are the pros and cons? Hi, I was checking to see if your interview was for the school of medicine or school of vet medicine. Let me know how your interview went and if my information is still accurate! I hate being blind-sided, and I hate the unexpected. Did you read a lot about current veterinary events? (That one threw me off a little because I only prepared the personal ones) He was so great though it felt like a conversation more than anything and made me feel so comfortable! Your views on neutering, declawing, euthanasia, etc. We reached out to Jeffrey Bates, Director of Student Enrollment at St. George’s University (SGU), to help home in on some of the general questions you should expect. Hey, thank you so much for this post, I have my interview tomorrow and really appreciate the preparation! Practicing might not make you perfect, but it’ll certainly help you prepare. What do you think St. George offers that other schools don’t? “Our interviews are really set up for you to get to know us as well,” Bates explains.

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