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All Rights Reserved. The International Double Reed Society has a good chart for where your fingers should go. So, the notation for a low E given by 1-2-3 means press down the first, second, and third valves. It should now be fixed. See more ideas about Saxophone fingering chart, Saxophone, Saxophone sheet music. Buy Saxophone Flashcards: Bassoon Fingering Chart. The D side key is pressed with the palm of your hand right below your index finger. Close-up demonstrations for all the notes of the saxophone’s 2 1/2 octave range. Regarding the Eb fingering, some older Conns (and Bueschers) have an Eb trill key that may work for you. The lowest note is B flat and goes up 2 and one half octaves to the top F. Everything above that top F is called the altissimo range which can be learned after you have really good control over the normal range. Find out about our very lively saxophone discussion forum at See Saxophone Transposition, Your email address will not be published. “How To Play The Saxophone – A Complete Beginners Guide”  —–>>>. This is the way your note from your transposing instrument (Bb and Eb saxophone) matches up with a non-transposing instrument like a guitar or piano (concert pitch). From … Subscribe to our email newsletter today to receive updates on the latest news, tutorials and special offers! want to make a donation? The Eb key is pressed with your index finger. In fact, you could take any of your trumpet music and play it on tuba. The difference is that tuba players actually read different music … Excellent. Thought I knew all the notes until I read the chart on upper and lower notes wow. I will be copying and pinning these charts to my walls. This is for your middle finger. The Star Spangled Banner. Tonic solfa notations and musical score. Can these fingering chart and it’s progression be sent to me via email. How the heck can I play e flat in the low register, do you have any alternatives? Otherwise this would be a good question to ask on the forum More than useful. Good catch! Great! Appreciate this site and Below that are the 2 half moon-shaped keys which are pressed using your pinky finger. Write me at [email protected] to learn more about it. Intermediate – Advanced, Arrange a one to one consultancy/lesson in saxophone, improvising, composing. The Saxophone is a Transposing Instrument. The notation of 0 m… The key marked 6 is for your 3rd finger. The left side of the chart corresponds to the back of the instrument (the side that faces you), and the right side corresponds to the front of the instrument, which faces your audience. I haven’t really been able to practice at my own pace. Odd that in many years nobody has noticed this! The key marked 4 is for your index finger. Fingering chart for the fifth value on the second note. Below that is the cluster, which consists of 4 notes, all of which are pressed using your pinky finger. Next is the key marked 3. You may need to find the right pitch by moving slide 1, slide 5, and so on. Plus, it shows which partial each note is on (a bonus for struggling tuba players). Fingering, transposing, Blues, videos, Vibrato, subtone, altissimo, embouchure, tuning, Licks & patterns. Where it gets confusing to some people is the transposition of your particular sax compared to concert pitch. Band in high school is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Below is the saxophone fingering chart. Um are these notes the actual notes (like concert pitch) or the transposed notes? Students are loving this new feature. Includes 3 videos and a fingering chart. Fir example, how do I play a “C”? We respect your privacy. Do well by publishing subsequent steps. $15.00. Tuba Fingering Chart 4-Valve.pdf This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The alternate fingering for third space C uses the left hand first finger with the right hand middle palm key, not the top one as you have indicated. Need help with your saxophone?

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