soundproofing vinyl flooring

Replacing vinyl flooring and soundproofing at the same time presents different challenges because it is generally glued down to a smooth surface. Our partnership with Soprema & Fermacell allows us to expand our portfolio with efficient and diversified acoustic solutions. Inspired by floating floors, planks or vinyl tiles offer many benefits. Vibration (noise) from footsteps is absorbed by the underlayment before it transmits to the rooms below. That sounds logical, even to amateurs. We back this up with a team of acoustic experts whom will help you reach your goals and rest easy regarding sound issues in your building. An acoustic membrane does not prevent the floor from contracting or expanding due to changes in temperature and humidity, even for a vinyl flooring (planks and tiles). Soundproofing underlays are particularly suited towards the reduction of impact sound, so if you’re wanting to reduce airborne noise too, we recommend visiting our soundproofing range. The installation can be floated ("click" system) directly on the substrate with our AcoustiTECH LV membrane. All right reserved. Our approach to sound-insulation is quite different than most as we ask questions about the nature of your building, your acoustic need or requirement and finally your budget. However, some limitations must be respected. Privacy Resilient Floor Underlayment is for use on concrete subfloors only; the product is glued down to create a solid surface for your plank floor. Soundproofing for floors, we offer a range of soundproofing solutions for timber and concrete floors. Before choosing this choice of flooring, learn more by reading our article. That is, it is less resistant to marks and scuffs of furniture legs and appliances. Reduce unwanted airborne and impact noise between floors by improving the sound insulation between floors, whilst highlighting the best soundproofing materials for soundproofing timber or concrete floors. An acoustic membrane does not prevent the floor from contracting or expanding due to changes in temperature and humidity, even for a vinyl flooring (planks and tiles). However, some popular beliefs, including their acoustic properties, are questioned. Even if your household doesn’t have pets or children, the simple act of walking across the floor in shoes is sometimes enough to disturb other people in the home. Luxury Vinyl Plank floors are still hard floors and will easily transmit footstep noise to the spaces below. AcoustiTECH specializes in acoustic solutions and offers the most effective solutions available for mitigating sound in multi-storey residential projects. QuietWalk Plus underlayment is an excellent alternative to Super Felt. The vinyl flooring industry has developed new wood/tile/stone plank floors that are both beautiful, and virtually maintenance free. Complete the form on right or call us at 888-666-5090 to discuss your project and we will provide a free consultation, and products that work, every time. A thin vinyl is more at risk of indentation than a thicker vinyl. How to soundproof floors from noisy neighbours with the Soundproofing Store's range of floor soundproofing products. That means that it isn’t hard to install on your floors and ceilings and that you can also wrap it around your air vents. This type of installation is more resistant to lateral displacement and the presence of water because the adhesive acts as a sealant at the joints. Foam backed or peel and stick products are not recommended on Privacy Resilient Floor Underlayment. QuietWalk Plus. Privacy Ultimate Underlay provides a cushioned underlayment that breaks the connection between your hard floor and the subfloor below. Please check your email address or contact us. The finished floor can be installed floated or glued directly on the underlayment. Tile floors and wood floors need different soundproofing products; we provide products that are specifically designed for each type of floor covering, not a one-size-fits-all product that comes from a big box store. Privacy Resilient Floor Underlayment is a composite product that combines cork and rubber to absorb footstep noise. Finally, choose a high-quality vinyl, with a thickness greater than 3.2mm. Written by However, there are effective acoustic solutions on the market to soundproof this type of floor covering.

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