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The Cactinauts on the seesaws were supposed to flash like the Sols in Hill Top Zone, and have a surprised animation when they're launched in the air, but in the final game they're completely static. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. codenamegamma got the LoveTester to spawn and work properly in this video, we can add it here if that's ok. The first printer has an opening at the top. If they're covered in ink, the printer drops down and tries to put the player...somewhere. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Plausible. These are on/off lights for both printers. A slightly different animation was eventually added to the game in the 1.04 update. A big stack of newspapers. Share your favorite GIF now. Photo . Two icons for a stage editor can be found in LRZ2/Objects.gif The "CVYR" graphic shows up in edit mode, but for some reason the white text isn't displayed, so it's just a black circle. Maybe it was supposed to be displayed after getting the Chaos Emerald and exiting the stage? Search, discover and share your favorite Sonic The Hedgehog GIFs. May 10, 2019, 10:37 PM. Unused animations for Sonic & Tails looking up and looking straight ahead while piloting the Tornado, akin to Tails piloting the Tornado in Sonic 2. This graphic is found in both the normal and special stage results. These early shield graphics are traced from the original Sonic 3 sprites, but with colors changed and more detail added. When winning, the red hearts would appear and you get 400 points. Graphics for an earlier version of Juggle Saw are in Sprites/PSZ1/Enemies-Old.gif in version 1.03. The prongs of the Big Squeeze mini-boss are supposed to light up when it's charging - there are four frames of animation for it in the sprite sheet. Leftover sprites were found in the game's sprite folder, showing sprites for Scrap Brain Zone. Or it could have gone on the HUD and shown the player's speed. An unused gold variant of the silver switches seen in Act 2. This image has been reconstructed to show what they may have looked like in-game. It was discovered that the tile set used in the Mirage Saloon inter-stage cutscene for Sonic and Tails in the Nintendo Switch version of Sonic Mania, was an earlier version to the one loaded over in the final game. Upload, customize and create the best GIFs with our free GIF animator! Different background graphics for the title screen leftover from the "Discovery" part of development, with a slightly more geometric island and graphics of a strange Model 1 Genesis with a 32X and a Model 1 Sega CD emitting a beam of light. This fireball from Hill Top Zone's boss in Sonic 2 was the original graphic for the burning logs in Green Hill Zone. In the case of Special Stages, it's impossible to get every ring in any Special Stage (The closest the player can get is in Special Stage 1, but even then, there's one ring floating in the air that's impossible to reach), and the Blue Spheres bonus stages don't have a results screen. Big printers on rails. GIF it. Because none of the zones' names include these letters, J, K, Q, V, X and Z all go unused. Unfinished graphics for Sonic on the title screen, missing several shades on the spines and gloves. The initial menus of early demos. This giant chain link is in Heavy Rider's sprite sheet. Added 6 years ago anonymously in gaming GIFs Source: Created with Pictures to GIF Maker. There's even more unused stuff for Blue Spheres that used Sonic 3 & Knuckles sprites, as you can see in these sprite sheets. Remove Ads Create a gif. Oct 9, 2017, 5:21 AM . This page was last edited on 15 November 2020, at 09:46. Leftover sprites from the Taxman remake of Sonic 2. Early hook graphics are left in the HCZ/Objects.gif file. Strangely, a Sonic 2 variant goes unused in its remastered version. Browse MakeaGif's great section of animated GIFs, or make your very own. A "HYPER" graphic is present in the result graphics, which means that the return of the Hyper form might have been planned. Share it. Oh well. There are two placeholder copies of Sonic's signpost art seemingly labeled "M" and "A". There are many wind tunnel sections in Act 2, but this object isn't in any of them. Unused in the original Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and also unused here. Because of the way Sonic's palette is set up, he's unaffected by the ink jars. From these sprites it's clear that he was meant to have one, where he uses his tails to dry himself off. Early unfinished graphics of the English text, pause menu, and save select/2 player race are in Data\Sprites\UI\ Sprites for an Act 3 are in the title card graphics. When Tails or Knuckles enters the jar, they'll be tinted cyan/magenta/yellow. An early pause menu, seen in some pre-release footage.

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