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The study investigated the challenges faced by Zimbabwean youth entrepreneurs in the multicurrency era. entrepreneurs are facing many problems due to non availability of primary amenities in rural areas especially in developing countries like India. study by Karim (2001) established that financial problems were the most common problems faced by women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh and inadequate financing was ranked first. Financial problems, Lack of education, insufficient technical and conceptual ability at present it is too difficult for the rural entrepreneurs to establish industries in rural areas. A variety of studies (Boden and Nucci, 2000; Du Rietz and Henrekson, 2000; Watson, 2003) found out … Blog. Challenges Facing African Entrepreneurs. problems of entrepreneurs in the two countries. Entrepreneurship is a lofty undertaking that can be exceedingly overwhelming. Africa is a foremost example in this regard as its entrepreneurs have to contend with some… entrepreneur to bring solutions to other peoples problems. While in Sweden, the respondents only complained of not making huge profits due to the high tax rate. Tag: solutions to problems facing entrepreneurs. The objectives of the research were to: Determine what motivates youth entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe; identify the unique challenges faced by youth Posted on December 5, 2017 November 16, 2018 by Amira Daoui. There are numerous barriers to entrepreneurship in developing countries. In the late 70s and early 80s, while IBM saw increase in demand for their mainframe computers, Steve Jobs envisioned a personal computer in every home and Bill Gates envisioned the need for easy to use software for personal computers. In the case of Nigeria, access to finance, political instability, technological set back, marketing problems, and infrastructural issues were major problems to entrepreneurship developments. Certainly the That single vision made Bill Gates the richest

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