smoked beef rump roast

Rub the roast on all sides with mustard and then season liberally with the Texas Rump Rub. A rump up to 6 lb. Originally from Croatia, Zinfandel is now best known as a California grape. Smoked rump roast is the smoky version of roast beef. As a side note: I also tried smoking a top round roast when testing this recipe. A similarity between the brisket and beef roast, is they both tend to be a tougher cut of the cow. Prep Time 30 min. Place the uncovered pan with the roast in it on the smoker, and cook for about 3 hours until the roast reaches 135°F for medium-rare doneness. Sounds like the perfect meal, doesn't it? Just did this on my Trager...turned out amazing. Smoking a rump roast on an outdoor cooker produces flavorful, tender beef with a tantalizing, smoky aroma. Your email address will not be published. All Rights Reserved. Personally, I recommend cooking a rump roast to 135 degrees. Pour the broth into a roasting pan and place the roast in the pan, fat side up. Otherwise, stay up to date by getting each new post sent directly to your inbox by subscribing today. How many other smoked meats can make such a claim? Cook for 1 hour and 45 minutes, or until the internal temperature reaches 135 degrees (or your desired level of doneness). Roast the coloured peppercorns and allspice in a pan over a low heat until … Smoked rump roast is the smoky version of roast beef. Home / Recipes / Beef Recipes / Smoked Beef Rump Roast. For the adventurous, however, rump roasts are an affordable option to make smoked beef. Print. 02. I used a light coat of olive oil and seasoned 4 hours prior to cooking . As Billy Mays would say, "But wait! Let rest for 10 minutes and then slice into thin slices for serving. Trying this recipe on my gravity fed smoker. If you wish to serve your rump roast like deli roast beef, there can be no substitute for a good deli slicer (affiliate link). Sprinkling a little salt on the slices … can take up to three to four hours to smoke and require basting once per hour. We recommend you keep an eye on cook time and temperature to make sure the meat…. Inexpensive, lean, and flavorful. 03. Spicy & Smoky Rump of Beef . Without a deli slicer, you can still carve up a roast with a sharp knife, and have a very enjoyable meal. But it will be just as good. Because this is a relatively short cooking time (for a smoker at least), I recommend keeping the smoker loaded with wood chips to ensure plenty of smoky flavor penetrates the meat. I would guess 30-60 minutes. Let the roast rest for 20 minutes, covered with foil, before slicing. If you cannot find rump roast at your local grocer, look for a bottom round roast instead. Use a digital probe thermometer that can stay in while cooking so you don't find out you cooked it too long. The rump roast is a tough, but lean, cut of beef found in the rear of the cow. If you act now, you can have this hot and delicious roast on the table in less than two hours! This post may contain affiliate links. Because rump roast slices up perfectly tender, it does not have to be cooked low and slow like a tougher smoked chuck roast. This smoked roast can be served with BBQ sauce, and your favorite sides such as coleslaw and macaroni salad. If desired, you can add chopped vegetables like potatoes, celery, carrots and onions to the pan for smoked veggies too! Once the meat reaches 135° remove from the smoker, and cover the roast with aluminum foil. You will never be able to hand slice meat as thinly as what a deli slicer can accomplish. This will be medium rare, however, the temperature will still rise a few degrees as it rests. 01. Your email address will not be published. It can be sliced thinly for exceptionally flavorful roast beef sandwiches, or carved slightly thicker and served like a traditional roast. When people think of smoked beef, their minds generally go right to brisket. If I wanted to low and slow a little longer, say at 200°, would that add another hour or so do you think? Another common name for the rump roast is "bottom round roast". Enjoy! The rump (bottom round) roast had a smoother texture that I enjoyed more, although they both sliced up very tender. There's more!" This fairly inexpensive cut is commonly used to craft deli roast beef. Smoked rump roast slices up perfectly juicy and tender, plus this lean beef roast can be smoked in under two hours! The big flavors of Zinfandel are awesome with smoked ribs slathered in BBQ sauce. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 Fox Valley Foodie on the Foodie Pro Theme. It can be sliced thinly for exceptionally flavorful roast beef sandwiches, or carved slightly thicker and served like a traditional roast. Rump roasts are very lean, so in this recipe, we put the roast in a pan with beef broth to help keep the roast from drying out. Remove rump roast from smoker and let rest for 10 minutes prior to slicing thin for serving. LGCM Texas Rump Rub ( or other paprika based BBQ spice rub), Sign in with Facebook, Twitter, or Google, Milwaukee Web Design and Digital Marketing by Regal. I use a basic seasoning rub heavy on the black pepper, which complements the beef nicely, however, you can get creative with your favorite seasonings, or use a BBQ dry rub. Two hours for a smoked roast? Add additional chips as needed throughout cooking to maintain smoke. Subscribe to and get each tantalizing new post sent directly to your inbox, along with my complementary eCookbook just for signing up! It's full bodied, high alcohol and packed with big fruit flavors. Can you do me a favor? The seasonings should stick to the rump roast perfectly fine, however, you can smear the roast with mustard to provide a sticky surface for seasonings to stick to. For the adventurous, however, rump roasts are an affordable option to make smoked beef. The thinner the slices are, the more tender the meat will be! Peel the ginger and garlic and chop coarsely, then work into a paste using a pestle and mortar. A smoked beef roast is a little more unusual than some of our other smoked meats; this meat cut, traditionally is served a bit rarer than briskets and ribs. Thanks to the Beef Council for the picture and let us know what your tips are for smoking beef! Heat your smoker to 225°F and use a heavy smoking wood like mesquite to produce smoke. Cooking Time 1:30 - 2 h BBQ Temperature 57° C ... Smoker box, beef blend woodchips Instructions.

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