smith river fishing spots

There is access to the river all along this road, with the main access at Simpson Camp or the county park. Moseley Hole(1)and Piling Hole(2) can be reached from this area by the levee system. … In February, Steelhead is still biting left and right. These holes can also be accessed through Jedediah Smith State Park on the other side of the river. Going right onto Douglas Park Rd leads to Stout Grove. Further upstream are Woodruff Hole & Riffle(5), Bailey Hole & Riffle(6), and Rooney Hole & Riffle. Note: Public access to the river from Bailey Rd has been fenced off. Just about this whole seven mile stretch is excellent fishing water. The next areas to fish in this area are Cattle Crossing (3) and Rowdy Hole (4). Quality large and smallmouth plus Crappie. There is a road along the south bank that turns off at the south end of the 101 bridge. Find more fishing reports in California. Access to these spots is accomplished by taking Sarina Rd, just north of the town of Smith River, to the river. Stout Grove has good parking and toilets. If you know where to go, you can easily come face-to-gills with a 50-pounder, and that’s where the fun begins. You have contacted us immediately after booking with all the details of the other deal To the south is Hiouchi Trail head that provides walking access to Bluff Hole(18) and Park Hole(19). Deep holes are found here, where the water hits large rocks or the bank, holding both steelhead and salmon. Because Smith River is well-known for its abundant resources, you can find plenty of fishing charters running trips out of nearby towns. A little further upstream on 197, is Ruby Van Deventer State Park(13). If you have a fishing experience on the Smith, please E-mail me your story so I can share it with other visitors to this site. Just west of Hiouchi Bridge on 199 is a gravel road that leads north to a gravel bar. Access to Early Hole and Walker Hole(16) can be achieved from Walker Road off Highway 199. The Salmon extravaganza is in full swing and the number of fish in the river is remarkable! Slowly, but surely, the Chinook fall run is approaching, which means that some serious fishing action is at hand. There is nothing to show. Read Fishing Reports. From here a trail leads down to the river where Sophie Hole(20) and Whitehorse Riffle, just upstream from Sophie Hole, are accessible. Within the first upstream mile on this road are access roads to a gravel bar. The largest king salmon caught in the Smith River was an 86-lb. The conditions of your booking with us still allow penalty-free cancellations and You can park at the State park and walk about a 1/2 mile to the river. The Smith River, located in Martinsville - Henry County, Virginia, is known for its native brown trout fishery. In the ocean, Chinook Salmon are slowly preparing for their pre-spawning trip upstream. As spring approaches, the Steelhead winter run on Smith River is coming to a close. The fishing season on Smith River is open for most of the year, aside from a short period in spring. All rights reserved. As always, care should be taken when wading any area. Try hitting the nearby Klamath River for some action. Trips vary from 4–9 hours, and bear in mind that a longer trip will give you the chance to explore more remote fishing spots. following conditions are met: Ask anglers of Northern California where to go to catch your share of good Salmon, and a lot of them will agree – what you need is a Smith River fishing trip! Followers 1702 Catches 362 Spots 643 Spring has definitely come to Northern California, and Smith River fishing is on the slow side these days. Whether you fish from the bank or from a boat, chances are you’ll be able to hook a fish that can weigh anywhere from 5–15 pounds. Nine miles upstream from Camp Baker, you will find the Smith River Access Site which is probably the easiest point of entry for wade fisherman. Many locals agree that November is THE month for Chinook Salmon fishing on Smith River. The mouth of Myrtle Creek can also be accessed at this spot. modifications. Don’t worry though: as the Chinook leave, Steelhead will be back with a bang and the fishing adventures continue! There is some good fast water at the bottom of this road. Typical fish run 5 to 10 pounds but monsters still show up, including the 45lb, 10oz state record! Around this time, you can see more and more massive Kings roaming the river, and the fishing is only getting better. The Smith River is California’s premier steelhead fishery and the only river in California where anglers are allowed to keep a wild fish. A large gravel bar is located here with the best area to fish being the long glide available from this bar. From the gravel bars one can access some good holes and riffles. Upstream on this road is access to the gravel bars along the river. The other deal is bookable online and is still available when we check. Traveling upstream on 199, through the town of Hiouchi for about 1/2 mile, turn south on road that crosses Neils Christensen "Slant Bridge". including a link to the offer on the website and the exact price being quoted. Further down this road you come to the South Fork of the Smith. Access to these areas is accomplished from the boat ramp off Fred D Haight Drive and walking this stretch.

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