sloped ceiling wardrobe

penetrating the doors, causing them to expand. The four-poster bed is from West Elm, and the bistro set is the homeowners’ own. structure was solid and I had enough material to mount the drywall plates onto. The knowledge of Sketchup became very useful when preparing the making of the closet. It turned out that 6 PAX elements would fit into the space, five pieces of 50 cm wide and one of 100 cm wide. wall of these elements had to be shortened. by scraping the doors at the top point and inside a little After assembling the elements, I also mounted the doors of the three first elements. Bravo! These cut’s I made with the see, the left one is hidden in the back of the closet and the right one moved By doing this piece by piece you make measuring of the available height easy because you always know exactly where the next side of the element that you have to shorten will be. (We have done something similar with pax and found it too time consuming to cut all the elements to size (and the platsa are about the right size.. ), I absolutely love the colour of the reinskvoll doors, so we’re painting the ugly platsa doors. You can easily cut the plasterboard to size with a utility knife and then break it. I had some ideas for that, but when I saw an image on Pinterest with a built-in PAX closet with REINVSVOLL doors from IKEA, I knew immediately: I want this too. Apr 18, 2020 - Explore PD's board "Sloped Closet Ideas" on Pinterest. All for free! This is my first time having my closet separate from my office, so you can imagine, I had some grand. The only thing I would’ve done differently is taking advantage of the space over the right-most cabinets. build up the rest of the frame nice and tight against the elements later on. Then I filled the entire framework with shims until it was nice and level. I got color cards from the Because the rightmost closet element has double doors, the second door from the right is the only one that opens to the other side from all other doors. It looks wonderful! Use it to your advantage and make a canopy for your bed. looks exactly like the original color of the doors. Your email address will not be published. beams for drywall on sloping roof. door from splintering, I took several measures: The result of this is that the doors have Need help to organize your closet? I made sure the Before starting to make the wooden Dude, you are a genius. I did the sides Nice! @Vichie: I have an office job and this was my first big DIY project. Perhaps the most difficult and exciting is measuring and sawing off the REINSVOLL doors. is to tidy up the cupboards… and enjoy it every time I walk up the attic After this was done, I could begin to tailor make the drywall pieces to get a strip of drywall against the lath screw, and of course as tightly as possible against the PAX elements. I have always chosen to place the rough fracture side towards the floor / wall / ceiling side and the neat side towards the doors. and measure how much the back of the element needs to be shortened. This handle is therefore on the hinge side and has no function. Super! saw blade with fine teeth (borrowed). You did an amazing, admirable job, and such precision!! I painted the wall 3 times with white matte wall Nice Walk in Closet Organizer. Architect Carl Hesse drew up plans to expand an existing detached garage and add a charming pool house. Can you say, "solemate?". wooden structure on the right side and top of the elements. The advantage of drawing the whole thing here was that I was able to see (with high accuracy) which elements elements (high or lower model) and doors would be needed due to the slope roof. A wooden structure as foundation for the PAX elements to stand on; The same wooden structure around the PAX elements to fixate the drywall; Drywalls that are then screwed onto the wooden structure to get a smooth wall. You’re bound to find something to inspire you. to help give you the best experience we can. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. on the hinge side and top. And it can probably be done in 60% of this time. Made by. All in all, I spent about 8 full days with all the preparations, research and implementation. Do not use without permission. In my case, I wanted to make it fit exactly with the front of the PAX elements. With this information I started drawing in Sketchup. Later, the drywall will be placed ‘on top’ of this, and the doors will be placed on top of the PAX elements. circular saw and the guide rail. Fine GN 062-05 Suit from Gamma (NL). the aesthetic effect and to (somewhat) prevent moisture from 10 Functions to discover with PDFBear has to offer that has been unbeknownst to the user.

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