skywatcher skyliner 350p flextube goto review

Skyliner-300P FlexTube Auto review - Telescopes - Reviews - … Then, you can manually move the scope to your target, or slew to it with the motors. This is no doubt to ensure that the 300P’s axis motors stay accurately installed. How long will it be before we see the next step in the Dobsonian’s evolution, with the addition of Go-To? We were able to catch subtle details in deep-sky objects with fine adjustments made to the Crayford-style focuser. Overall, the Skyliner put in a premier performance, but the real delight is its tracking, which keeps objects in view for pretty long periods of time. All that’s left is the 9×50 straight-through finderscope to assemble and the hand controller to install. The FlexTube Auto’s tracking motors are a fantastic addition. It arrived in three huge boxes, one containing the OTA, one the 14" mirror and one the parts for the Dobsonian mount. At high powers we noticed a slight jerkiness to the views as the motors adjusted the position in both axes. There was a bit of play, but it wasn’t a major problem. This was so that the tube could cool down to the ambient temperature and stop the eddying air currents in the tube disturbing the view and affecting performance. Sky-Watcher 17Ah Power Tank Recommended. Our rating . The finderscope gives a bright, wide field of view for initially locating objects. The Moon fitted in the 25mm eyepiece’s view with room to spare and revealed impressive detail and sharp relief in the craters of the lunar southern hemisphere. Fortunately, there were no apparent defects in any of the mirrors. When John Dobson created the telescope design that bears his name, he would scarcely have imagined how it would evolve thanks to Sky-Watcher. The Skyliner 300P’s auto tracking feature is an accomplished addition to John Dobson’s great design. This gives you all the pleasures of viewing the night sky with a large telescope without the drawbacks of setting up a large and heavy equatorial mount. We could make out the two stars with their Airy discs (ring patterns surrounding them) overlapping during moments of steady seeing – astounding! With the resolution test criteria truly met, and with sky conditions on the night seemingly exceptional, we pushed the envelope by dropping our own 5x Powermate Barlow into the optical train with the 10mm eyepiece. Milky Way bulge imaged in survey of 250 million stars, SkyVision 12-inch T300 Compact Dobsonian review, Sky-Watcher Stargate-500P SynScan Dobsonian review, Sky-Watcher Heritage 100P Tabletop Dobsonian review. A 12-inch mirror collects 44 per cent more light than a 10-inch, but if the optical surfaces are poorly figured or out of alignment then that extra light could be wasted. It is positioned close to the focuser but doesn’t impede it, and it’s easy to look through without having to crane your neck. This wasn't difficult, just nerve wracking.First light was at a reasonably dark sky site and I was simply blown away.Get the Dob base horizontal (use a bubble level and some wooden chocks to get this) and the OTA horizontal and pointing North (Home position). And with its tracking motors, we could take decent images of the Moon and planets, despite the fact that long-exposure imaging has never been the domain of the Dobsonian in the past. Sky-Watcher Flextube Dobsonian: SkyLiner 400p GoTo - User … We were impressed to find no collimation issues, even after repeated setups. Messier 13, the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules, was stunning with the 10mm eyepiece, with innumerable stars surrounding its densely packed core. Home  >  Telescopes  >  Skywatcher  >  Dobsonians, Model:  skwatcher_350p_goto_dobsonianPart Number:  10227, 355mm (14") f/4.5 Parabolic GOTO Dobsonian. 907 2895 01, First Light Optics Ltd All rights reserved © 2020, We use cookies on this website. Tracking is fine for observing, keeping Saturn in the FOV for an hour at x100.A good observer's "light bucket", but Dobsonian mount is not suited to more than simple Lunar astrophotography.This 'scope is a keeper.Tom, First Light Optics LtdUnit 7 Budlake UnitsBudlake RoadMarsh Barton Trading EstateExeter, DevonEX2 8PY, Company No. The 'scope can be moved and set up by one person, but it is at the upper limit.Overall it is an excellent 'scope, with good optics, awesome light gathering and accurate goto. The new Skyliner FlexTube Synscan Dobsonians finds over 42,900 celestial objects and automatically tracks them as they move across the sky. I bought this from FLO when it was first available in the UK. For more about how we use cookies, please see our. The new Skyliner FlexTube Synscan Dobsonians finds over 42,900 celestial objects and automatically tracks them as they move across the sky. The 400P with FlexTubes retracted. The OTA weighs about 17 kilos. Slewing to an object on the opposite side of the night sky no longer feels like watching a kettle boil. M57 seems to have colour and the "ring" has structure - it isn't a simple ring.Views of lunar craters are simply awesome!This 'scope can be used for simple astrophotography of the moon or planets. Dobsonian telescopes are great light-gathering instruments, but their drawback has always been the need to move the mount manually to keep objects in view. Saturn was also a beguiling sight, revealing two belts, a very thin ring system and, on one night, seven of its moons. We had no problems using batteries, which lasted for several nights. The days of pushing a Dobsonian around the sky are numbered. Simply push the tube close to the object and let the computer do the rest of the work. Hi, ... Ook in de enkele review die ik gevonden heb, wordt niet over een balansprobleem gesproken. The 300P comes with two eyepieces, a 25mm and 10mm 1.25-inch fit that give 60x and 150x magnification respectively. The deep sky was equally striking. The Skyliner’s 1,500mm of focal length collapses down to just under a metre thanks to its telescopically extending trusses, making it extremely portable for such a large instrument. The patented dual-encoder design allows you to manually move the telescope anytime and to anywhere you wish - with no need for realignment. 355mm (14") f/4.5 Parabolic GOTO Dobsonian . To power the system there’s a battery holder that takes eight size D batteries, or you can plug it into a power pack, neither of which are supplied. I can fully resolve M13, right to the core. Now it has added auto-tracking motors to the FlexTube design, taking the Dobsonian on its next great leap forward. Loaded with magnification equivalent to a 2mm eyepiece, we sought out Zeta Boötes – a double star with just 0.7 arcseconds of separation. Sky-Watcher’s latest Dobsonian telescope can track the stars so that the views through its huge aperture stay in the eyepiece, Price: £1099.00Aperture: 305mm (12 inches)Focal Length: 1500mm; f/5Eyepieces: 25mm, 10mm; 1.25-inch fitFinderscope: 9×50 straight-throughMount: Motorised DobsonianWeight: 40kgSupplier: Optical VisionTelephone: 01359 244200Website:

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