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The ND96 filter All models are fully broadband multi-coated, feature blackened lens edges, internal baffling and are parfocal. Please note: Solar observing is dangerous and can be hazardous to eyesight. Super-Plossl Eyepieces Consider buying a secondhand Meade 8-24 zoom (essentially the same as the more expensive Televue 8-24 zoom) or the Baader Hyperion zoom. Feel free to consult with one of our eyepiece experts today about your current collection and what options may be available to enhance the performance of your telescope. Take full advantage of your telescope with this 13-piece Zhumell 1.25" Eyepiece and Filter Kit! The UHC filter is the best all-around dark-sky nebula filter. 82 Degree Super Wide Angle 1.25”. O-III filters work ideally with larger aperture telescopes in the 200mm and  larger range. Suitable only for CCD photography. A 42mm locking ring is also included as is a 42mm metal dustcap. safety film for solar observation. Baader Planetariums AstroSolarTM HyperFlex™ of the binary pair significantly exceeds the other in brightness. (1.25"/31.7mm format) with laser cut foam to take 9 eyepieces supplied with 2 keys. Suitable Super-Wide Angle, Multi-Coated eyepieces offer a generous 70 º apparent field of view, allowing more sky objects to be viewed at one time. All models are constructed with 7 lens elements in 4 separate groups. lens. Sky-Watcher - The worlds largest telescope manufacturer. #80A Blue (30% Multi-Coated, 70 ° Apparent Field. HyperFlex™ 7.5mm-21.5mm High-Performance Zoom Eyepiece, HyperFlex™ 9mm-27mm High-Performance Zoom Eyepiece, Sky-Watcher 12.5mm Illuminated Plossl Eyepiece. Supplied with storage case. It serves as an excellent filter to reduce glare and irradiation when Perfect for both astonomical and terrestrial observing, these fully-coated Dual speed push-button operation (fast & slow). Safety is everyone's responsibility - please read the safety notes supplied with the product carefully. Threaded to accept standard 1.25” filters. red-orange features on Mars, while reducing or blocking the transmission, Each position has a click stop. Available in two sizes, threaded to fit either standard 1.25” or 2” astronomical eyepieces. Each model features fold down/screw-off rubber eyecups and a generous 16mm eye relief, making them suitable for spectacle wearers. Available in two sizes, threaded to fit either standard 1.25” or 2” astronomical eyepieces. The O-III narrow band-pass filter isolates just the two doubly ionized oxygen lines (496 and 501nm) emitted by diffuse, planetary and extremely faint nebulae. Variable Polarising Filters 1.25” and 2” glass, superior multilayer coatings and edge-blackened elements deliver You can progressively dim the view when observing a bright object, such as the Moon or certain planets, to a level according to your needs, whilst increasing contrast, reducing glare and increasing the amount of detail that can be studied. transmission): A popular filter for the study of Jupiter and Saturn. These kits include products from brands you know and love such as Celestron, Baader, Stellarvue, Orion, Explore Scientific and our own High Point products. Four 1.25" Plossl Eyepieces Enhance Your View with a 2x Barlow Lens (Standard diagonals typically reflect 90-95% of light). These contrast-enhancing anodized aluminium, optical glass filters are designed to block out the wavelengths of light emitted by mercury-vapour light and other common causes of light pollution, whilst providing higher transmission at critical hydrogen-alpha and hydrogen-beta lines than competing filters. Views of galaxies and star clusters are also enhanced, but to a lesser degree. Erecting Prism (1.25"): Suitable for visual observations and for CCD photography. 2. The Skywatcher 8-24 Zoom eyepiece might be acceptable for telescopes with f-ratios f8 or higher, such as an SCT or Maksutov, but I would not recommend it for a fast Dobsonian. The narrowband UHC filter, like the O-III filter, isolates the two doubly ionized oxygen lines (496 and 501nm) in addition to the hydrogen-beta line (486nm) emitted by planetary and most emission nebulae. This kit comes complete with four 1.25" plossl eyepieces, a 2x Barlow lens, seven 1.25" planetary and lunar filters, and an aluminum carrying case lined with custom cut foam. Lightens These filters allow maximum transmission of the important wavelengths of H-alpha, H-beta and doubly ionized oxygen – the ones most commonly emitted by nebulae. increases contrast of Mars' polar ice caps, and increases contrast of The optical designer has succeeded to remove peripheral field curvature so now you can enjoy flat, virtually distortion-free images from the centre-to-edge of the field. and thereby increasing the contrast, of blue-green areas. Bright, light-polluted skies appear much darker, and the contrast between object and sky is improved significantly. Receive Exclusive Offers, Monthly Celestial Event Calendars & Access To Telescope Giveaway Contests! Enhances contrast of rilles and festoons in Jupiter's cloud belts, as All coupons, tax, shipping, store credit and gift cards will be applied during checkout. Typical Lead Time Is 7 - 14 Business Days But May Be Impacted By COVID-19 Supply & Demand Issues. (1.25"/31.7mm format), Five quality Plossl type eyepieces in 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm, 30mm. Description The Sky-Watcher 2″ Eyepiece and Filter Kit includes three 2″ eyepieces, a 2x Barlow lens to double the magnification of each, five 2″ filters and a 2″ mirror diagonal – that’s a whole lot of kit! A high-performance zoom eyepiece of top quality construction, providing a flat field of view and crisp, clear distortion-free images. It is inserted between the diagonal and the eyepiece. This filter permits superb views of objects like the Orion, Lagoon, Swan and other extended nebulae. 7-21mm Zoom Eyepiece (1.25"/31.7mm Format) For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Using this filter lets you make sure you only see kits that have the main accessories you need. Supplied with extension tube. vibration. The Celestron Accessory Kit includes five eyepieces, ranging from low to high power: 32mm, 17mm, 13mm, 8mm, and 6mm. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Rubber eyepieces are included for viewing comfort and to exclude extraneous light. UHC (Ultra High Contrast) Filters 1.25" and 2". Battery operated red LED illuminates the crosshair reticle. Jupiter and Saturn, while enhancing red and orange features. Suitable for visual observations and for CCD photography. diagonals offer correctly oriented images with excellent sharpness and and larger. Sky-Watcher Ultra-Wide Angle, Multi-Coated, Long Eye Relief eyepieces offer a generous 66º apparent field of view, allowing more sky objects to be viewed at one time. yield maximum astronomical viewing performance. Filter (24% O-III Narrowband Filters 1.25” and 2” Each eyepiece features a four-element design with a 52 degree field of view. Also improves contrast on reddish planetary detail. increasing the contrast of lunar features in telescopes 6" aperture upright, correctly orientated image for terrestrial observations. the intensity of sunlight by 99.999%. With larger aperture telescopes, observers will have a better opportunity to identify nebulae objects in the deep sky. for use with Newtonian Reflector Telescopes or Refractor telescopes. The zoom is super-smooth to operate and a pleasure to use. Sherwoods Photo Ltd Orders & Information Telephone 01789-488880, 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece (1.25'/31.7mm Format), Sky-Watcher 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece (1.25'/31.7mm Format). In eyepiece use you fit the nosepiece on the telescope side and the eyepiece holder on the other. Multi-Coated, 66° Apparent Field, Eye Relief 20mm (18mm Eye Relief),15mm (13mm Eye Relief), 9mm (15mm Eye Relief), 6mm (14.8mm Eye Relief). eyepieces unlock its potential!! The proven 4-element Plossl designs display edge-to-edge pinpoint imaging Ideal for observing emission nebulae or objects that emit in the H-alpha region. This filter blocks night glow and airglow, sodium and mercury emissions (but not UV or IV). For convenience, focal length positions of 7.2, 10, 13.5 & 21.5mm are engraved on the eyepiece barrel. Weight approx 190g. These bundles make it easy and affordable for you to experience the very best celestial views your telescope has to offer.

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