skywatcher evostar 72

Sunday, 26 January 2020 | Nicholas. . 72 mm apochromatic refractor optical tube with 420 mm focal length (f/5.8) Matched lens assembly with single ED element Dual-speed 2” Crayford-type focuser Package also contains tube ring attachment hardware, a … I have looked at the William Optics 73mm (nice but a little expensive), the AT72ED II (Nice price but in red, already have too many red scopes), Orion ED80 (nice scope with FPL-53 glass, but a little on the big size for an 80mm … On the few clear nights I've had I've taken photos of Andromeda Galaxy, Orion Nebula, Horsehead & Flame nebula, Pleiades and planning more whenever we next get a clear night! - posted in Refractors : I am on the fence about buying a 72-73mm wide field APO doublet. Is the AT worth $69 more? Page 1 of 2 - Sky-Watcher Evostar ED APO 72mm f/5.8 Refractor...Good? Buy Sky-Watcher Evostar ED APO 72mm f/5.8 Refractor Guidescope (OTA Only) featuring For Autoguiding, Imaging, Observation, 72mm Apochromatic Doublet Lens, 420mm Focal Length, f/5.8 Focal Ratio, Extra Low-Dispersion Lens Element, Dual-Speed 2" Crayford Focuser, Cradle-Ring Assembly, Vixen Dovetail, Hard Aluminum Carrying Case, OTA Only; Mount and Tripod Required. I have my eye on this, in the past I have had this size by William Optics and also Stellarvue, both sold to fund other purchases, now several years later the need for portability arises and this small scope fits the bill, thanks for any help or info, Dave. This little refractor telescope is absolutely incredible. Sky-Watcher 72 mm Evostar APO Refractor. Sky-Watcher Evostar 72ED. If not, is the performance of the SW the same as the AT? Sky-Watcher EVOSTAR 72mm vs Astro-Tech 72ED II - posted in Refractors : I am looking for a small refractor for both visual and beginning AP. Does the SW have the same glass as the AT? As I read various forums it seems I need to buy a field flattener for it. Skywatcher Evostar 72ED - posted in Refractors : Just wondering how owners of the above scope have found it? Sky-Watcher 72ed field flattener - posted in Refractors : Hi Team, I just ordered Sky-Watcher EvoStar 72 APO Doublet Refractor exclusively for astrophotography with either Canon DSLR or ZWO ASI294MC Pro. I was leaning towards the AT72EDII, but the SW Evostar 72mm went on sale for $69 less than the AT.

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