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Overall, the Evostar 72ED DS-Pro was a satisfying, lightweight scope to use. Inside is plenty of room and cut-outs for other equipment such as diagonals and eyepieces. On another night, using our AZ-EQ6 mount, we imaged M81 and 82, using 12×120-second exposures showing how wide the view was. This little telescope is light weight and small that makes it very portable telescope for those who like travelling around. New 72ED Doublet Refractor from Sky-Watcher This high-end Evostar-72ED features a doublet objective lens with one Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass element. With 8mm plus Barlow I saw cloud bands on Jupiter plus 5 planets and Saturn with rings plus 1planet - it blew my mind. As a relative newbee I feel a pro now. 907 2895 01, First Light Optics Ltd All rights reserved © 2020, We use cookies on this website. Telescope feels well made and my only complaint is the dovetail bar is too small as it should come with larger one when bought new and this the reason why I give 4 stars. Sky-Watcher Evostar … The shipment from UK to Sweden was like Speed of Light..ordered friday morning got wednesday at 12am, beat that! Aluminium Carrying Case (with compartments for additional accessories) - Approximately 28x52x17cm. Small apo class refractors such as the original Equinox 80ED used to be quite heavy for their size but the latest small scopes from Sky-Watcher and other manufacturers have brought the weight down considerably and the 72ED DS-Pro is no exception. Items well packed, waiting for clear skies and other parts. This high-end Evostar-72ED Apo features a doublet objective lens, with one Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass element. You are free to manage these via your browser settings at any time. Sky-Watcher's Evostar 72ED is a good bet. Now where's those nebula? Choose your book when you subscribe to BBC Sky at Night Magazine today! One thing to note: the standard 9mm Sky-Watcher 1.25-inch fit eyepiece often supplied with many of the company’s scopes would not come to focus but we had plenty of other options and all our other eyepieces focused fine. Each air-to-glass surface has multiple anti-reflection coatings applied to ensure optimum light transmission, approaching 99.5%! Noting that Arcturus was well above the horizon, we sought out the globular cluster M3, and were rewarded with very satisfying views using the 10mm and 6.4mm eyepieces, while the Eskimo Nebula, NGC 2392, over in Gemini was a lovely, if small sight, in the 10mm. This little refractor telescope is absolutely incredible. The result, when stacked, was amazing. It weights around 1.95kg with rings and dovetail but without any other accessories. We also used our GPCAM 290C, which gave a closer view of M82 and took 90×40-second exposures showing pleasing detail. Plus, it’s only 42cm long, so it’s a very short tube system, and the dew shield is removable, all of which adds up to a great get-up-and-go-anywhere telescope, perfect for taking on holiday for viewing and imaging under far-flung dark skies. The optical tube weighs less than your average Chihuahua, just 1,955g. Perfect guiding with the Evoguide50 guidescope.. Exposures of up to 10 min or more are now possible On my NEQ6 Pro mount. Overall, the Evostar 72ED DS-Pro was a satisfying, lightweight scope to use. The dew shield is of the fixed variety but can be taken off for lens cleaning. Saturn and Jupiter rose after midnight. We approached the review in two stages, with a visual performance test and tour first, after which we did some deep-sky imaging using both a Canon EOS 50D DSLR and a GPCAM2 290C camera. Fantastic value for money! camera rotator. i have a skywatcher 200pds and i wanted a small refractor, after lots of reading i settled on this amazing scope, i bought this in December last year and it hasn't let me down. What you get is a tube-only system with a finder shoe bracket, tube rings and a small Vixen-style mounting bar, along with a dual-speed Crayford anti-backlash focuser. The bar can attach to a standard telescope mount via a Vixen saddle or, for lightweight tracking mounts, the bar has two 1/4-20 tripod threads giving flexibility for mounting. The 72ED DS-Pro is also an ideal companion to Sky-Watcher’s Star Adventurer travel mount that we’ve reviewed in the past (see issue 113 and issue 143 for the mini version). I highly recommend flo. With our reliable 26mm eyepiece we found Regulus pin sharp across three quarters of the view with some distortion towards the edges. The objective lens has Sky-Watcher’s Metallic High-Transmission Coatings on all optical surfaces for good control of colour correction, giving a greenish hue to the front surfaces.

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