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#15 Messy Faux Hawk. Source. The faux hawk, also known as the fohawk, among the most popular fade haircuts for men. 13.) Learn how to do this fun style in under 5 minutes. CREDIT: @emilio_wrk. The faux hawk creates a fantastic hairstyle idea for men, because the faux hawk vest is stylish, edgy, simple to style, can operate at any given length and using a wide selection of haircuts. This Siren style faux hawk features chunky twisted pieces, a side braided ponytail, and a bold copper tone that screams Irish Princess. This style works awesome for long hair. #3: Messy Fishtail Faux Hawk. This hairstyle is for all. Source. Messy Curls Faux Hawk for Men. The bohemian gal can feel free to get her mohawk replica as messy as she’d like. This hairstyle respects all the rules of a faux hawk with the exception of the shaved sides and back. Faux Hawk Natural Hair. Source. To be precise, anyone can don this style. This is a classy version of the faux hawk that suits every face shape and hair type. After establishing the braided and pinned base, don’t hesitate to tease and pull wisps all around for a hopelessly romantic effect. Messy Faux Hawk. 27. It is one of the classic faux hawk hairstyles for men. 14.) While the hair is a little longer here, it’s still shortened towards the back and longer in the front, while the top is a mess of hair strands. Artsy Fade. Wear with a longer flowing skirt and loose top to re-create a smoldering, come-hither look. See the look here. As for the sides, shaving might not be necessary since you can style them flat using some strong pomade or clay. Wavy Faux Hawk. Don't forget to subscribe, like or comment! To pull off this look, try going with spiky textures for the hair on top to bring out the shape of the fohawk even more. Rooney Mara debuted a new messy faux hawk for Empire magazine that we're obsessed with. This is one of the glamorous faux hawk hairstyles for men.

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