should you grease non stick muffin pans

If you're not sure, err on the side of caution and avoid putting nonstick pans in the oven altogether. One day I was making blueberry muffins, and forgot to grease the pan before putting the muffin batter in. My mom sprays all her bakeware with Pam and she's an avid baker. Ruined enough pans with it - won't ever use it again. Keep these tricks in mind for your next round of baking. They should pop right out afterward. Brush the inside compartments of the muffin pan generously with a nonflavored vegetable oil or vegetable shortening. I recently bought a set of silicon muffin cups, which of course are reusable, but I haven't used them yet. I take the pans out of the oven, wait a few minutes, and then tip each one out. The next time I made blueberry muffins, I greased half the pan with butter, and didn't grease the other half. I spray PAM all over the top too. Butter and Shortening I always use liners in muffin tins.No spray, no butter, no grease, etc.Any drops of dough on the pan wipes off easily.I have the Wilton non-stick jumbo size, and love them.I like to use liners because it makes eating out-of-hand so much easier. Many recipes call for buttering a pan instead of greasing it. So again, for whatever it's worth,I stopped using Pam in my non-stick skillets,& now use a store brand spray. In short, whether or not you have to grease (or grease and flour) your cake pan really depends on the recipe you are making. Depending on your baking needs, consider the overall muffin pan size and the size of each individual muffin hole. Vegetable oil spray is the fastest and easiest way to grease muffin pans. If you absolutely cannot get a muffin out of a hot tin, place the pan on a wet towel for about 2 minutes. It makes it brown and crunchier. Learn the Pros and Cons of Using Muffin and Cupcake Liners for Baking, Tips for Removing Baked Goods From Muffin Pans. I bought a set of Wilton baking pans as they were a promotion. I have the Wilton 12-cup non-stick muffin pan. I baked the the muffins, expecting them to come out of the tin in pieces. Appreciate all the comments even though most of them were several years old . I prefer not to use liners even though the muffins may be easier to eat out of hand. I don't really like cupcakes but the liners would probably be better for them. Muffin tin, cookie sheet, 9x13 baking dish, etc. When it comes to greasing muffin tins, you have many options. There are many other ways to keep your muffins from getting stuck in the pan. -Grainlady I like the brownish crust on the outside of the muffins and don't find they crumble very easy anyhow. You may want to make a test recipe of muffins and see how well the pans perform WITHOUT greasing or lining with papers. I did a search before posting this, but didn't see anything. My other non-stick have the gunky coating on from using Pam. I let the muffins cool 5 minutes or more in the pan so I can use a plastic knife or spreader to remove them from the pan. You can test a single muffin or two to find the perfect time for your oven. Jude, you're like me!I don't bake a lot, and with my bran muffins I love the crust around the edges of the top, and the base being well done.Cupcakes need liners but neither of us care for those. Make sure to spray the entire pan, including the sides of each muffin hole, to avoid stuck muffins. I choose the ones with the most pastry.....I prefer pastry over filling. This is because the fatty cells in butter create a non-stick coat on your pan. ~ Teresa. Essential Pastry Tools and Baking Utensils Every Baker Needs, Silicone Bakeware: The Basics You Need to Know. I've found more trouble with muffins sticking when I try to make low fat varieties. Q: When baking bread in a non-stick bread pan do I need to spray vegetable oil in the pan first? On the stove, turn off the heat once the butter is partially melted. Be sure to place the muffin pan on a cookie sheet for stability. Instead, they came out perfect, all in one piece, with just a small prod from a butter knife around the edge. I haven't greased it since; I just bake, relying on the non-stick coating. When it comes to muffin pans, I would line them with muffin papers - no grease or spray should be necessary. In the microwave, melt butter in 5- to 10-second intervals and check the progress in between. Esther -- good information is never too old to be usable here. It has fewer calories than most other methods, making it ideal for low-fat or healthy muffins. Any shorter and they will stick, any longer and they will begin to get mushy. Non-Stick Pans - Even though they say 'non-stick,' many do require a light greasing and it will vary based on the manufacturer. And lo & behold, my currant 'cheapy' non-stick pan is lasting a LOT longer than others I've had in the past.Same brand. Where non-stick surfaces tend to fail is when people damage the surface, either with kitchen tools or improper cleaning methods. No pastry brush? I do this when I bake bread in a regular bread pan, but I wonder if the crust would get too dark, or be over-baked if I do the same with a non-stick pan. (I read the list of ingredients to make sure it differed). Just figure at some point or when baking some delicate item (who knows what might happen) it will start sticking. I disagree with the sales rep. After a time, no-stick, stick.I make muffins and popovers in my tins mostly. I threw out one mini muffin pan because I could never get it clean, but it was old and was starting to rust. When I do, I will post the results. Wad up a paper towel and dip it in the butter or designate an unused and washed paint brush (a 2-inch brush works great) for use in the kitchen. Over-baking is the primary cause of stubborn muffins, even with a greased pan. Get daily tips and expert advice to help you take your cooking skills to the next level. Loosen muffins from the side of the cup by running a butter knife carefully around the edges. If it does, it might be time to use baking paper to line it or look for a replacement. I've read even using oil in a spray bottle will still gunk the pans because it's the oil and the high temperature. I always use PAM. Sometimes flour it or dust with cocoa on something chocolate. That way, when you tip out the muffins, you will not touch hot chocolate and the chips will have spread out from the center somewhat. If it is say, a corn muffin or banana nut muffin, I use crisco. Hint, if you are putting mini chocolate chips on top of your muffins, place them all in the center, like a sunflower. How do you store your lemons / citrus in general? I imagine the no-stick pans would work for regular fat muffins. Non stick bakeware should not need greasing. Grease them with crisco and wash well....Pam baked on to that stickey goo. Melt a small amount of butter in a saucepan over low heat. Bread expert Elizabeth Yetter has been baking bread for more than 20 years, bringing her Pennsylvania Dutch Country experiences to life through recipes.

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