shearing romney sheep

The use of legume and herb forage species to create high performance pastures for sheep and cattle grazing systems. This would usually entail farmers forgoing the winter shear and only doing a full shear in summer and crutch. 233–236. Friday, January 10, 2014. The long, lustrous fleece, hanging in separate locks, also makes a white or natural colored Romney fleece especially attractive to those who practice the ancient art of handspinning. A crossbred ewe lamb selection intensity of 50% was sufficient to eliminate shearing expenses after seven years of the transition when utilising fully shedding Wiltshire rams. Her 50 or so adult Romney sheep come into view after walking through a short hallway. Therefore, we assumed that the selection for higher shedding scores in lambs in January would result in a permanent increase in shedding scores for crossbred ewes, as is shown in Table 4. Shearing Expenses up 25%. ; Cranston, L.M. Tierney, M. Easy care Merinos through cross-breeding with Wiltshire Horn sheep. [. In. Subscribe to receive issue release notifications and newsletters from MDPI journals, You can make submissions to other journals. It took 12–15 years of crossbreeding to achieve a fully-shedding third or fourth cross flock. ; writing—original draft preparation, L.J.F. ; Kenyon, P.R. Breeding ewes to first lamb a year earlier would reduce the generation interval and produce more crossbred ewes each year. These assumptions of possible changes in lamb production during and post-transition were not included in the model, and more data from Wiltshire–Romney sheep farmed in New Zealand would be helpful. There is potential for any production gains from hybrid vigour to be lost post-transition. ; Kuehn, L.A.; Lewis, R.M. Scobie, D.; O’Connell, D. Breech bareness reduces flystrike in New Zealand crossbred sheep. Genetic relationship between wool shedding in ewe-lambs and ewes. It was the second-to-last competition of the pre-Christmas phase of the season, ahead of the new Whangarei A and P Show Shears next Saturday. More data on the performance of shedding sheep in New Zealand would improve the accuracy of model predictions. ; software, L.J.F. In Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production 10, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 17–22 August 2014. Ewes of the desired final cross were assumed to be bred with rams of a similar cross, either ⅞W⅛R rams or Wiltshire rams when the desired final cross was ⅞W⅛R or straightbred, respectively. Twice yearly shearing may seem like making hard work of sheep farming, but for Castle Douglas-based Romney breeders Marcus and Kate Maxwell it’s made flock management far simpler and improved ewe performance to boot. Many are considering if changing to a self-shedding flock, such as a Wiltshire, is a better way forward. Conceptualization, S.T.M. Farrell, L.J. With a pre-selection average ewe lamb shedding score of 2.5 and an applied selection intensity of 50%, 20% of first cross ½W½R ewes in the flock had a score between 2.5 and 2.99, 68% had a score between 3.0 and 3.99, and 12% had a score greater than 4.0 (, The first cross ½W½R offspring had an average pre-selection shedding score similar to their parental average, and the shedding score increased to 3.14 with an applied selection intensity of 50% (, Some New Zealand Wiltshire sheep are descendants of crossbreeding of fully shedding Wiltshire Horn and non-shedding Poll Dorset breed sheep; therefore, some New Zealand Wiltshire sheep may not fully shed their fleece [, A normal distribution was assumed in this analysis for the shedding scores of crossbred ewe lambs prior to selection for shedding. In Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production 52, New Zealand, January 1992; pp. Updates will be posted on Cabin Hollow Metal Art FB page. Considering the current low prices for coarse wool (fibre diameter > 30 µm), a grading up transition to a shedding flock may eliminate wool harvesting costs and increase sheep farm profit. Economically, crossbreeding to a shedding flock compared favourably with farming a full-fleeced flock. On this late September Saturday, Jim Baldwin, a seventy-something-year-old professional shearer from the Ithaca area, is hunched over a sheep, shearing a year’s worth of wool of its body.,, The Romney breed remains a favourite of fibre enthusiasts who can get their hands on the fiber. The constraining of the total annual sheep feed demand during transition to between 55% and 65% of the total farm feed from a base level of 60% would likely minimise disruptions to an on-farm beef enterprise. [, Scobie, D.; Bray, A.; O’Connell, D. The ethically improved sheep concept. The sheep enterprise was the focus of this research, with the proportion of feed consumption accounted for by sheep used to estimate operating expenses and farm area applicable to the sheep enterprise. Lamb growth rates were assumed to average 100 g/day for all crosses [, The annual sheep enterprise cash operating surplus (COS) was used as an indicator of changes in profit and was estimated from gross sheep enterprise cash income (sheep and wool sales) and sheep-related operating expenses. Slee, J. Birthcoat shedding in Wiltshire Horn lambs. [. ; Tozer, P.R. Buick now has 24 open final wins to his name, including four national lambs titles and two Australian crossbred Warrnambool Romney Shears titles. [. This study used a simulation model to explore changes in the sheep numbers of different crosses, production, cashflow, and profit during the crossbreeding period.

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