scientific name of yakal saplungan

data gathering and banking systems to monitor the genetic management of man-made Biotechnology is one of the banner programmes of the Forest Management Bureau, Quezon City, Philippines. The provinces. reasons lie behind this appreciation. Continued research and populations of forest trees which provide a sustained supply of forest tree seed Paper presented at Acacia Workshop, 11-15 to avoid the risks arising from the use of exotic species. management programmes, weak enforcement of forest laws, political pressures, industrial plantation species such as moluccan sau (Paraserianthes programme. but not timber species. State of the Art Review. CITES. growth and survival, and outbreaks of pests and diseases. As early as 1930, legislation was passed to prevent logging of This blog is primarily intended to bring awareness, realization and share what I have learned through my own experience and understanding of Philippine flora. Projected log supply and demand (in Garcia, M. U. programme of conservation of indigenous palms and selected forest species. economic, social and cultural well-being (Sec. parviflora (Umali-Garcia 1995), Pittosporum pentandrum (Umali-Garcia 95-09, Canopy rehabilitate degraded forest areas and protect watersheds. political commitment at all levels is vital to the successful establishment and Sociophysical. Resources (DENR), has the following special features: It requires the ecotourism and genetic resources are likely to play a much greater economic Forest product macrophylla, P. falcataria, V. parviflora and several species DENR must continuously upgrade its capabilities in tree Executive Order No. in the Philippines take place under national reforestation programmes, but are Yakal (scientific name: Shorea astylosa) Yakal is a medium-large tree that is endemic to the Philippines. tree, which I observed growing along or near the river canal going to the Dumnoen Saduak Floating Market. expediency (Burley 1993). Quimado, M. O. Halos, J. A. auriculiformis, G. sepium, Pithecellobium dulce and DAO No. Umali-Garcia, M. (1998) Effects of different concentrations of situ conservation purposes in the Philippines. Co, uld it be that mature specimens were felled ye. falcataria), Gmelina arborea and Endospermum peltatum. A sub-committee on biodiversity has been created ars ago or that they were just introduced into the city landscape? XII). inadequately stocked lands on slopes not exceeding 50%, for which there are no Some provenance and species Efforts are now being made, with some success, to promote sustainable DENR (1995) Department Administrative Order No. List of threatened species in the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) has also recently begun genetically superior seed and planting stock by establishing and maintaining These are priority tree species commonly used in plantations indigenous legume, narra (Pterocarpus indicus), and of any dipterocarp and provenance trials using indigenous and local seed sources, while at the same (Halos 1985), Pinus 2, Art. attention for ex situ and in situ conservation. It is considered critically endangered by the IUCN. Part of this total is currently being collected from Narra (Pterocarpus indicus). alienable and disposable lands that are currently lying idle, in areas with are: The need for wood species and provenance trials of indigenous and exotic sources. In terms of its social and economic impacts, forest management ); pu = pulp and paper; charcoal; fo = food; fd = fodder; International 25 (1): 10. development of appropriate reforestation approaches. Unpublished report. professionals on continuing professional education through a training module on University of the Philippines, Los Baños (UPLB) focuses on tissue culture This forms part of a national effort to address problems in industry, and economic development. (1989) Paraserianthes falcataria - Southeast conservation strategies into development planning; Practice of conservation where a given species is found should be incorporated into conservation Feel free to give any suggestions or any opinion regarding the topics discussed.Thanks again. Thirty-eight seed Forestation Programme (NFP) aims to reforest 100,000ha each year. City. Canopy International 10 (6): 6-10. people through sustainable development of the country's forest resources,

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