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This is the engineer’s high privilege. Attendees can improve collaboration and alignment in a. Collaborating with Lean Portfolio Managementto provide a high-level vision of enterprise solutions and development initiatives 2. This course is for senior technical contributors who need to understand the role of System, Solution, and Enterprise Architects in Lean-Agile enterprises. A 100% refund, minus a 5% processing fee, will be given to students who drop or withdraw from the EA Principals, Inc. class no later than the 21st day prior to the announced scheduled start date. Certification includes: Apply SAFe principles to managing trade-offs between functionality, cost, risk, and sustainability, Ensure designs can be implemented in small batches with continuous integration/continuous delivery deployment model, Communicate solution context and intent to Agile teams and trains, Establish intentional architecture guidelines and enable flexibility to allow emergent technology, Prepare architectural runway to enable delivery success, Steer architecture decisions, support risk and issue resolution, participate in Management Review and Problem Solving during Program Increment execution, Define, implement, and monitor quality practices, including CI/CD and DevOps, Ensure that technology decisions made within an ART work end-to-end across components in a Solution, Ensure that Solution complies with Portfolio technology strategy, Enable Lean-Agile transformations and coach Lean-Agile practitioners, Certified SAFe® Architect PDF certificate, One-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform, which includes access to the ARCH Community of Practice. If you wish to enhance your Agile skills and become a trained and certified SAFe Architect, then LeanWisdom has the right course offering tailored for your specific needs. A Certified SAFe® Architect is an effective leader and change agent who delivers Agile Architecture to enable the creation of business value. SAFe defines three architect roles: Enterprise, Solution, and System architect, that address these concerns at their respective levels (program, solution, and portfolio). Can't find what you are looking for? Note that attending the course does not guarantee passing the exam. The enterprise architects’ role in SAFe® is to provide architectural governance, technical direction, collaboration iteratively, and a complete solution deployment strategy across SAFe® value streams at the portfolio level, creating enabler epics, which are large chunks of work made of several user stories, to enable desired business and technical changes. SAFe is provided by Scaled Agile, Inc., where our core belief is simple: Better systems and software make the world a better place. The exam is designed to measure knowledge and skill related to the job role. Then it moves to realization in stone or metal or energy. If you are having issues with our website, Contact our Webmaster. Then it brings homes to men or women. EA Principals is one of the first training providers accredited to facilitate this training course. How do you scale agile Students need not reregister; however, they must notify EA Principals, Inc. (by email or telephone), so the registration fee for the makeup class can be waived and class logistics provided. Develop and communicate architecture vision and intent, Plan architectural runway to enable delivery success, Architect for continuous delivery and Release on Demand, Lead and coach architects and team members during Program Increment (PI) Planning and execution, Provide leadership during a Lean-Agile transformation, Leading as an architect during a Lean-Agile transformation, Eligibility to take the SAFe® 5 Architect (ARCH) exam, One-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform, A SAFe® 5 Architect digital badge to promote your accomplishment online, A one-year certified membership as a SAFe® 4 Architect, which includes access to the ARCH Community of Practice, Access to a variety of learning resources to support certified professionals during their SAFe journey, Amplify your employment and career opportunities, Enhance your professional brand with a globally trusted certification. When you complete this course, you are also entitled to receive a Certification of Completion upon request. PDF Architect's powerful Edit feature allows you to make modifications directly within your PDF file without the need to export it or copy the content to another format. The benefits of becoming a SAFe® 5 Architect certified Professional with EA Principals include: This training course is only available as a in-person classroom training course. Key areas of  competency include: applying SAFe principles to develop and maintain Agile Architecture and release on demand, leading and supporting Solution Trains and Agile Release Trains, extending the principles driving continuous flow to large systems-of-systems, and enabling improved flow of value. The SAFe® framework has done the most to identify the role of Architecture within an Agile environment. It is beneficial for those who attend this course to be familiar with Agile principles and practices. Call (703) 333-6098 or Contact Us. Engineering is a great profession. Each package includes a … The SAFe® for Architects course prepares System, Solution, and Enterprise Architects to engage across the organization as effective leaders and change agents who collaboratively deliver architectural solutions. Upon successful completion of this exam you will receive your SAFe® 5 Architect certificate.

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