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Sabor a Mi has started a GoFundMe account to raise money to help those who have been affected by the violence. Three children from the same family were wounded in the gunfire, and the youngest, 1-year-old Sebastian, later died from his injuries. Police say that on Oct. 16 an unidentified person in a white Kia Soul or other box-shaped SUV was traveling west on Guadalupe Road when the vehicle stopped in the roadway near Dobson Road and fired into a crowd of people eating outside from food trucks. Stay safe, love your neighbors and know that each and every one of us has the power to make this a better, more peaceful world. "She'll be asleep and she'll start talking in her sleep about things that the officers were asking her that night," he said. Sally Holderbach and her boyfriend had just placed an order for tacos and ramen at Sabor A Mi when shots rang out around them. Most importantly if you were in the area or have any information that can bring the perpetrators to justice, contact the Mesa police department. "I didn't know at first it was a drive-by, I thought that maybe the guy was in line just spraying people or whatever and I thought he was walking around so I was fully preparing myself to have to come face to face with whoever was doing it," she continued. Before them lay bundles of "get well soon" balloons tied to a donation box. “Both of our employees who were shot are the sole breadwinners for their families, one has four kids and a wife to support; the other has a seven year-old daughter and a husband.”. They make sure to look up occasionally, in case any of the kids or father Gerardo Duran comes to the window. “I will never forget what I saw that night,” said the owner. Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning. This is so awful and unimaginable. Abelardo Duran, who lives in Texas, drove 24 hours straight to see his niece and nephews, whom he hadn't had the chance to meet before moving away eight years ago. New to ArizonaShooting.ORG or Firearms in General? "That's been something that's been really hard on me is seeing his face in all the articles because I saw him there the whole night," Holderbach said of Sebastian. Roselyn Ramirez attended the food truck event with a family friend, the mother of the Duran children. More than a week has passed since a gunman sprayed bullets into a Mesa parking lot where people had gathered for dinner from food trucks, killing a 1-year-old boy and wounding six other people. “She was right there, she can't stop crying, she's so scared. The Arizona Republic talked with some of the people who were shot and their family members. “As a parent, you can’t help but feel responsible,” she said. 'WE ARE ALL A FAMILY':  Local vendors, family friends host car washes for victims of Mesa shooting, For 26-year-old Saul Ramirez, capturing the person who shot his 9-year-old sister wouldn't take away the pain he and his family feel — but he said it would give them "peace of mind.". There is a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the shooter. This is a devastating blow to the community, but Sabor a Mi is making an effort to help the victims and those affected by what happened. Chrystal Madrid was shot three times during the incident, requiring her to have part of her colon and spleen removed, according to a GoFundMe for her created by Jennifer Yarger. Subscribe to azcentral today. "He was just this really cute, cheerful baby running around with his mom; it's just really sad.". Friends, if you can help financially, please do, if not, please keep these innocent victims in your prayers. This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: 'A senseless act:' Mesa shooting victims and their family members talk about horrific night, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Millions of workers poised to lose access to paid leave as virus spikes, Hong Kong Suspends Classes; South Korea Measures: Virus Update. and "Have you eaten?" The aftermath of the drive-by shooting left seven people injured, including two employees of Sabor a Mi. Both of their employees were gravely injured and needed emergency surgery for survival. This is so awful and unimaginable. Ramirez got on the next flight to Phoenix and planned to remain in the Valley until Sunday to help his family deal with the aftermath of the shooting. We can't even fathom what went down that evening and it pains us that this is the world we live in, but we are so proud of our friends at Sabor a Mi for having the strength to rise above the tragedy and help those it has affected the most. ", “There’s no soul, no humanity in whoever pulled the trigger,” said Abelardo Duran. “The stuffed animals he had slept with, his toys – they were all there waiting for him.”. While waiting, she called family members to tell them she loved them. Tragedy Strikes Local Food Community - You can help, We can't even fathom what went down that evening and it pains us that this is the world we live in, but we are so proud of our friends at. He said he's also overheard her talking in her sleep, though, which brings him to tears every time. The strength displayed by Sabor a Mi is admirable and they aren't going to let this random, senseless act keep them down. Sadly, the youngest victim, a one year-old baby has since passed away. “This was just pure evil. The couple quickly sprinted toward Holderbach's car when the pain of being shot in the foot finally set in, she said. The food truck Sabor a Mi has set up a Go Fund Me Account to help families of the victims. She described Madrid as "a phenomenal girl, a hard worker" who was saving up for buying a house with her husband next year and was working at the food stand as a second job. Two of the adults shot worked for the food truck, according to the page. Following major medical procedures, Madrid is now recovering from both physical and psychological trauma. “They could have decided to put the gun down or shoot at the sky, but now our nephew is gone.”. BrieAnna J. Frank, Chelsea Curtis and Salma Reyes, Arizona Republic, 'A senseless act:' Mesa shooting victims and their family members talk about horrific night. "We all just went through a big death of my dad ... and so I needed everyone to know that I loved them because I didn't know if it was going to be my last time telling them that," she said. Holderbach was taken by ambulance to a hospital, where she received a tetanus shot, stitches, a boot and crutches. While police are still searching for the shooter, families of the victims are focused on their loved ones who are still recovering. “Nobody should ever have to be in these circumstances. The people at this event were just minding their own business and this happened and to make matters worse, many people are now making this situation political and Sabor a Mi owners disagree - “This isn't political or about race,” they said. "Unfortunately, she remembers it all," Yarger said. Roselyn has at times talked lucidly over the last few days, he said, mostly to describe the pain she's in. They need to regroup and rebuild and then will come back stronger than ever to bring their amazing tacos and birria to their fans. "She's a total sweetheart.". Madrid did not immediately respond to multiple requests for comment. Ramirez said his sister has proven to show strength beyond her years while grappling with a situation no 9-year-old should face. They have set the goal high so that they can help the victims as much as possible. Your one and only food guide for all things food related in Arizona. He hopes that she'll eventually be able to get back to her hobbies and living her life the way it was before the shooting, though he worries that Roselyn will deal with psychological trauma far longer than physical injuries. “I'll never forget what I heard, the screams. Ramirez lives in Utah and wasn't notified about the shooting until the following morning, after Roselyn had already undergone eight hours of surgery. “It's not in our culture to give up and the community has been so overwhelming with support, telling us not to quit doing what we love,” they said. "They don't know if there's going to be any permanent damage, it's kind of just like a wait-and-see thing; hopefully, I don't have nerve damage or something in the long run," Holderbach said.

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