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Discover (and save!) This should be corrected now. share. View User Profile View Posts Send Message Adventurer; Location: Kansas City, MO Join … For fans of Acquisitions Incorporated's "C" Team. Skip to Content. your own Pins on Pinterest I never noticed Ryan was using a commission I did for him for this sheet. Strix has pale skin, milky eyes, fluffy long black hair, small pointed fangs and two small brown horns protruding from the upper head, hidden when she has her hood up. Apr 15, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Frostman411. Didn't see these posted, so I thought I would put them up myself for anyone else who was interested. If you have links, please post them here. Donaar. By which I mean at least one hundred halflings all entered her name in our Winter Intern drive. your own Pins on Pinterest your own Pins on Pinterest A lot. I love that Ligotti is a "Staff of the Python"! Miscellaneous vials and trinkets hang from them. The Homeward Star constellation is of particular significance, as it indicates the galaxy where her family lives, and was the second constellation she was taught. Rosie. I didnt know that a robe of stars can take you into the astral sea, well that one might take you to some place entirely. The tree is getting a little lopsided as we focus on Rosie; /u/BobTGoldfish presented a novel case in that their character, Korben, is Beestinger adjacent. your own Pins on Pinterest Just remember not to be a dick. D&D Beyond Character Sheet. Discover (and save!) Pin Set K'thriss-Mas Set 2017 $30.00. T-Shirt Action Rosie Beestinger $24.00. Amy is also missing a lot of her things. It looks like Rosie is missing her Staff of the Master, but I assume that's because it's a custom magic item? Diath Woodrow; Evelyn Avalona Helvig Marthain; Force Grey . — Rosie Beestinger Why Be a Cartographer? Apr 19, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Joseph Triplett. Winter, right?! Discover (and save!) Apr 19, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Joseph Triplett. Terribly flattered. Nice Hat: Subverted as her witch hat is, like everything else she wears, on the ratty side. Ghostly Gaze. Rosie learned to navigate by the stars as a child, and is always able to tell where in the world she is. Didn't see these posted, so I thought I would put them up myself for anyone else who was interested. technically k’thriss’s can’t, as it’s an inferior copy, but otherwise the stats are the same. Apr 16, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by triantha89. T-Shirt Acquisitions Incorporated Oversized Classic Logo Scoop $24.00. If you look at the campaign it seems like they have been playing with sheets for a few other characters, including one for our revered Shadow Councillor... That's weird, Donnar seems to be missing the +1 Greatsword that Sorsha gave him. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. 42 yrs old Halfling, grandson to Rosie, mother is Calidora Beestinger, Rosie's daughter 12th level rogue, "retired" Amassed a fortune exploring ruins and bringing home treasures that were just "laying around where some bandit or unscrupulous person could take it." Jay and some other people were helping him on Discord. I really like how Ligotti is, himself, an item (Staff of the Python). your own Pins on Pinterest I love that K'Thriss is using Mary Cagle's portrait of him!! They all seemed a little nervous, and their handwriting was very shaky. He definitely did take though the Xanathar's guide invocation to see through walls and things. I'm not entirely certain. They don't have all their stuff on there yet. Walnut. 2 Your parent was a cartographer, their parent was a cartographer, and by the gods, you’re going to be one too. Apr 15, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Debbie Mills. Rosie Beestinger; Walnut Dankgrass; Driebus; Critical Role . Want to know more about the history of Acquisitions Incorporated? Last edited by Kyleh2486: Jan 30, 2020. Dice, Camera, Action. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Hah! Her black and brown tattered robes are held together by some leather belts and straps.

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