rode ntg 3 vs deity

And the rode records 2 versions - one normal levels and the other at - 20db in case of clipping. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'4kshooters_net-box-3','ezslot_5',143,'0','0']));Being a filmmaker often means being a one-man band. Posted by 9 months ago. In this test, Parker started up with a test in a neutral location, a huge empty room, so to test a neutral sound. Hier hat Rode einfach alles eingepackt. Keep in mind that it takes much less to get out of the spot with that. Gefunden habe ich es aber erst hier im Rode VideoMic NTG! Well, here the price tag on the CMIT shines and gets a reason to be. The head trio stays the same. or am I paying more for the name than the quality of it? documentary, couple of shorter films and some ADR and FX recordings with it. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'4kshooters_net-banner-1','ezslot_6',145,'0','0']));Clearly, this mic with its supercardioid/lobe-shaped polar pattern yields precise directionality and keeps a leap in front of the others. The positioning of the mics, in fact, has been done in order to anticipate the possible moving of the subject. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The price difference between the Rode and the Deity is almost 1/3th. Press J to jump to the feed. Have not tried the deity though. Still, the CMIT seems to have a little advantage over the others. Filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, editors, vfx gurus, composers, sound people, grips, electrics, and more meet to share their work, tips, tutorials, and experiences. The best compromise if the CMIT is overkill to you (or if you simply can’t afford to invest 2K on a mic) is the NGT-3 which seems to be a good all-rounder, followed by the VMP+ that pulled out a significantly better performance then expected by its form factor. I also am looking to upgrade my video mic pro to the Deity pro. Alles auf der Suche nach dem "Perfekten On-Camera Microphone". The MKH-416 gives big feedback on bass, and that brings him last on the podium. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This allows us to introduce an important factor, that is the kind of voice you’re going to record, meaning that not all mics will be good with all voices. This time, none of the challengers seems to give a good performance. The test has been conducted in various different situations, trying to single out the best mic for each situation. Not sure about the VideoMic NTG, though. That being said, most of the mics did well, with the Deity S-MIC2 staying a little bit behind seeming to pick up much more than the competitors. No doubt the good performance of all the booms is due to the setup. It may come as a surprise (if you think about it it really is not) but the CMIT 5U had the worst performance. On this occasion, the crew simulated a wide shot, when the sound guy is forced to keep the boom quite far away to stay out of the frame, in this case, 5ft away. Indoors again. The NTG3 definitely is pro quality. The NTG-3 and the CMIT-5U seem to have the biggest consensus, with the latter having a little bit more of a higher quality sound, although not much, and that is somehow to be expected. Which one do you guys recommend? And when you are shooting, who takes care of the audio? If in fact, a mic like the MKH-416 has an excessive bass, it would be probably the best to avoid it if you’re recording a talent with plenty of bass to begin with. A small room with reflective surface gives a nice set to test how the rivals will deal with echo and reverberation. Hey there! A place where professionals and amateurs alike unite to discuss the field. So, all in all, what shall we get from this testing? I'm not selling anything, just thought that was super important info. Did you end up buying it and can you confirm that it works? BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Question. Now, seasoned filmmaker Parker Walbeck comes to help us with a comparison between some of the most used shotgun mics in the market. How much noise will it pick up outside of the direction we’ve aimed to? Which one do you guys recommend? Hi all, I am considering to buy my first shotgun mic for run & gun shooting like weddings. That’s right, it’s still you! The funny part is that the NTG-3 is as good as the 416. The Ultimate Mic Comparison – VideoMic Pro vs NTG-3 vs 416 vs S-Mic 2 vs CMIT 5u, You Can Now Use Vimeo to Collaborate with New Video Review Tools, Adobe Announces a New Collaborative Feature Set for Premiere Pro CC 2020, Working with Compound Nodes In DaVinci Resolve 12.5, DJI Mini vs Mini 2 – Everything You Need to Know, Sony A7C and A7III – Gyro vs IBIS vs Warp Stabilizer, Panasonic S5 5.9K ProRes RAW Recording Now Available with the Ninja V, Rode VideoMic Pro with Rycote Lyre Shockmount (, Rode NTG3 Precision RF-Biased Shotgun Microphone (, Sennheiser MKH-416 Short Shotgun Interference Tube Microphone (, Deity Microphones S-Mic 2 Shotgun Microphone (. That was the decision changer for me. This allows us to introduce an important factor, that is th… I own the NTG-3 and I've done one 74 min. Get the ULTIMATE RESOLVE COURSE BUNDLE for just $97! CMIT-5U, MKH-416, and NTG-3 gave the best results, while the VMP+ beats the S-MIC 2 that ended up last on the list picking up too much of the ambient with a very thin sound. I just got the Deity D3 Pro and it's a HUGE improvement from my VideoMic Pro. I have the second newest rode shotgun mic, and am very happy with it! RODE VIDEOMIC NTG vs DEITY D3 PRO. You go for your scouting, you do the planning, find talents, prepare the gear and finally shoot. Archived. As filmmakers our attention often dwells more on the imagery, on the filmic part of the shoot, sometimes forgetting how much audio is important and how our audio gear could save a scene or an interview and make the difference between having the job done or instead throwing your head on the wall not knowing how to get out of  difficult situation. In this test, the talent (Parker in this case) kept moving forward and backward just as often happens on set. RODE VIDEOMIC NTG vs DEITY D3 PRO. Learn more. I was under the impression that the Deity didn't work as a USB mic, and that the port was just for charging. If you place your boom too close to talent, maybe just outside of the frame, you may increase the risk of losing him from the sweet spot for the microphone, if you anticipate that the subject may move a bit, it’s better to back off a little to increase the chance to keep him in focus. This is one of the most important factors we usually check when evaluating a mic: how focused is it? eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'4kshooters_net-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_8',146,'0','0']));Time to get outside again. To me, the 416 sounds good and I definitely think that it's a good mic. I am considering to buy my first shotgun mic for run & gun shooting like weddings. Limited Time Offer! I've also used two NTG-3s to record the on set ambience sound in stereo. The deity d3 pro can also run usb just an FYI. Let’s get a look at the results. Good for podcasting/vlogs etc. 4. So let’s get to it. The MKH-416gives big feedback on bass, and that brings him last on the podium. I just found out the ntg can run as a USB mic too and when you use it that way you can connect your headphones to the audio jack. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'4kshooters_net-box-4','ezslot_4',144,'0','0'])); In this test, Parker started up with a test in a neutral location, a huge empty room, so to test a neutral sound. That is due to the fact that it’s extremely focused, so if you’re not skilled with the boom pole, you might get some mixed results. Ich habe viele Mikrofone durch… vom Rode VideoMicro über Lavalliere und auch das Deity V-Mic D3 Pro.

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