roberts chicken salad nutrition

Always fresh, always delicious. Gluten free with zero grams trans fats, our Classic Premium White Meat Chicken Salad … Supplement place listed Pret a Manager Chef's Italian Chicken Salad (pictured) as the fifth least healthy salad because of its 612 calories, 7.3g saturated fat and 9.1 g sugar Asian Chicken Salad. August 14, 2016 . Pick up a tub, and see … Prepared by: Tammy Roberts, Nutrition Specialist, University of Missouri Extension. Classic Premium White Meat Chicken Salad. Our mouth-watering Classic Premium White Meat Chicken Salad has a fiercely loyal and distinctly devoted following, and with just one taste you’ll see why! With the chicken salad in high demand, Robert’s struck a deal in 2008 with grocery store chain Harris Teeter to sell their chicken salad in all of their stores throughout the country. 4 bone-in chicken thighs, about 1½ pounds or 1½ cups cooked chicken Yield: 4 servings (2 cups per serving) Salad. Roberts BBQ is now hiring Full Time Cashiers – Hours are from 10am – 9pm Weekdays and Saturdays – Starting pay is $9 per hour – Please apply in person during the day except between the hours of 11 …

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